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Dirty Deeds done DIRT CHEAP! Pt 1: Drop leg pouches using PLCE

by Arnie

“Dirty Deeds
done DIRT CHEAP! Pt 1: Drop leg pouches using PLCE”
by HeadWreck

the Brit PCE webbing system great!  The stuff is dirt cheap and freely
available over here, and the pouches on it can be put anywhere.  Unfortunately
the highly fashionable drop leg pouches u see in HK shops are the opposite
in my opinion, so here is my attempt at one in the vein of blue peter. 
Introducing the DIY drop leg system!  But hold on it doesn’t stop here! 
We have also made up a drop leg holster that’ll hold your pistol securely. 
As seen in the next picture with dodgy lighting (which is why I moved
out on the patio afterwards) yes there is a pistol in there somewhere.

Both of these
modifications are simple to use and can be removed.  I shall begin with
the holster.


x 2”
belt (available anywhere cheaply, includes 1x
Side release buckle (2”), 1 x slide adjustment buckle (2”))

x 20mm strap
(available anywhere cheaply)

20mm side release buckle

x 20mm slide
adjustment buckle

PLCE holster
(I think, I am known to be wrong)

P99 with large grip is optional.

Right now we know
where we stand on ingredients we may begin.


First of, loop
around the non-adjustable side of the buckle and stitch it tight. Make
sure it’s a good stitch though and thread the slide adjuster once as shown


On the holster
(and on the ammo pouches) there are loops built in to take the 20mm straps
that PLCE equipment attaches to.  This is how we are going to do this. 
The next stage will to thread the 20mm strap through the rear of the loop
(side that will be closest to you), as it is shown above.


Now we thread
it back through the slide buckle on the top. Finishing off with the other
end of the buckle. As shown here.

Step 4.

now on to the leg straps. Like step 1 this is done as so.  U may notice
here I have just sewn the adjustable end in, my answer to that is, it
don’t really matter. This only has to loop round one thing. And then just
slide on the buckle

Now here’s the bit where I used my head for a change. 
To relieve my suffering fingers and sewing machine (or rather my mums)
I decided not to cut the belt and stitch it back, I decided to loop it
as above.  Clever aren’t I.


a refresher to save u people going back to the top, here is the picture
again, as u can see to make the ammo pouch, is exactly the same, except
u make two of those black straps, one slightly longer than the other. 
My only other advice is to use the pouch that belongs to the opposite
side when making this, which means if u like your ammo on the right, get
the left ammo pouch, then the angled strap will be at the front.

all or now.

Newbie Head wreck
signing out.

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Thursday, December 30, 2004 12:48 PM

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