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Dirty Deeds done DIRT CHEAP! Pt 2: How to sling your FA MAS F1 with minimal fuss

by Arnie

“Dirty Deeds
done DIRT CHEAP! Pt 2: How to sling your FA MAS F1 with minimal fuss”
by HeadWreck

Riding hot on the
heels of the success of the first article in this series (well, that’s
yet to be confirmed anyhow, but my sewing machines hot if that counts),
I will also show the rest of my comrades (fellow newbies) how to sling
your FA MAS F1 and making it the easiest conventional sling to
use, that I know of anyway. And once again, pay homage to blue peter.



to stress the point of safety here, make sure the motor is set
to off, the barrel plug attached, and the trigger locked, throughout
doing this)

x 70” STRONG webbing strap

bought one with a ladder lock buckle already installed)

x side QUALITY release buckle

x loop
(plastic or any other material)

As u can see, cheaper than
buying a custom design one.  Remember your AEG probably cost u a bit,
so strong straps and buckles are advised here

Step 1.

If it isn’t already, attach
the ladderlock to one end of the strap and loop the non adjustable part
of the side release buckle through.

Step 2.

Loop it around the rear part
of the handle, if your right handed, make sure to do this exactly as
above, if you are left handed, loop it round the the way so the ladder
lock when tightened as it is in the second picture, is on the side closest
to your chest. Then loop the trailing edge through the rear sling mount
nearest you.

Step 2.

Next thread
the trailing end of the strap trough the loop and then through the other
end of the buckle, make sure the end is on the outside from you, and
that there are no twists.  Finished product is now in your hands. Note
how the sling angled down at the stock, that was a freak effect I did
not vount on, but it makes the sling comfortable to shoulder your rifle.

the sling on couldn’t be easier, it is designed to be put on and off
quickly, rather than fight against the strap and your webbing (like
my MP5 PDW is to put on and of.

REMEMBER. Always use good quality parts, especially the buckle
This lot here came to about £4 with me, and I didn’t have to loose the

That’s all or now.

Newbie Head Wreck
signing out.

article and photos

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Thursday, September 19, 2002 6:38 PM

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