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Custom-Job: G3/MC51/MP5 Frontsight with ICS 74B Laser

by Arnie

G3/MC51/MP5 Frontsight
with ICS 74B Laser

by SecuriTUX


  • ICS
    Laser 74B
  • G3
    Frontsght (TM H&K MC51 with G&P (sold as TGS) R.I.S.)

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by the manual (Figure 1) of the ICS 74B laser, where this laser
is mounted into an ICS MP5, we decided to adapt it for TM G3/MC51
and MP5.

Figure 1: Manual for the ICS 74B Laser

you can find more information about the laser and the “ICS
AN/PEQ Battery Box”.

1 – Adapting the Frontsight
You need to drill a hole with
diameter 14 mm into the center of the frontsight. Afterwards
you drill the winding into the hole using a M15x1 screw tap.

Figure 2: M15x1 winding drilled into the G3 frontsight

the adapting the frontsight you have to make over the winding
of the laser by using a M15x1 screwplate. This has to be done
because the orignal winding has been painted with black color
after threading.

Figure 3: G3 frontsight with ICS 74B Laser

2 (optional) – Fine Adjustment

The gap shown orange in Figure 4 can be removed by filing/drilling
the inner diameter of the outer barrel. You need a drill with
diameter 15.5 mm and the bore has to be a depth of 2 mm. The
bore is shown as yellow area in Figure 4.

Figure 4: Detail: Gap between laser and frontsight Figure 5:
Detail: M15 and
outer barrel

There are two pitfalls:

bore in the frontsight has to be centered very price (maximum:
0.5 mm out of center), because the inner diameter of the outer-barrel
and the diameter of the battery housing of the laser differ
by approx. 1 mm.

you make over the winding of the laser be careful. The wire
of the pressure switch can be damaged, when the jaw chuck holding
the laser is not tightend enough. So the laser can slip and
the wire gets cut off.

This custom-job can be applied to all TM H&K AEGs (G3/MC51/MP5).
It was tested on a G3 SG1 and a MC51. It may not be applicable
to MP5Sx, MP5K and MP5PDW. So check the length and diameter
of the bore of the outer barrel first.

If you
have one of these AEGs, please send me an email with this measurments.

You can not use any type of silencer if you apply this custom-job,
because either the the laserbeam is masked by a silencer of
a diameter larger than … mm or you even can not attach the
silencer parallel to the laser. This depends also on the type
of silencer-adapter you use, because some types don’t leave
space between the frontsight and the silencer.


If you don’t like R.I.S. and other lasermounts, like barrel-clamp
this is the way you want to mount a laser. The laser is nearly
hidden and you don’t need any extra mounts.

direction of the inner barrel and the laserbeam can not be affected
by the flex between body/handguard and the inner barrel.

You have to work very precise and careful. Two expensive tools
for making the windings and a fixed drilling machine is required.

power of the laserbeam is not so strong like other lasers, beacause
of the small batteries. Lasers with larger batteries can not
be mounted this way, because their battery-housing has a bigger
diameter than the outer barrel.

Without the help of Rudi and his colleague this work would still
be pure theory.
© by SecuriTUX, 2003



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