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PSG1 Custom battery

by Arnie


project by
of AirsoftOhio

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did you do?
I custom squeezed a 2400mAh (sub-C size)
8-cell (9.6v) battery into the stock of my PSG-1. In total it took
me about two weeks (a few hours each day, maybe 20 25 hours in total)
to finish this darn thing. If you ask me – no, I am NOT going
to make another one. But here is the full detail for the project,
for those who is interested.

the beginning…
To start with I took apart the PSG-1’s
stock and found that there is some space you can utilize. And after
some careful measurement the stock is both thick and deep enough for
a set of custom Sub-C cells, so I want ahead and tear it apart.

The concept started with using some of the spaces that the cheek-piece
and adjustable butt-stock has wasted. The center-divider inside the
stock has to be taken out (sable saw…) and some heavy sanding
has to occur. I am not going into the detail here, but if you are
interested just email
. The custom battery has 3 cells on top and 5 cells on the
bottom, and a major part of the stock’s interior has to be taken
out as well. Since the battery will be non-removable after I have
completed the conversion, I created a 3-way wire that allows in-gun

The following
pictures should help you get a better idea of what I did. Again, if
you need additional detail (I doubt anyone would be stupid enough
to attempt this again…) feel free to email

Picture of the stock removed from the gun’s body
Interior of the stock before any modification.
You can also see the shape of the custom battery.
Modification required to the interior
How the pieces looks like when they fit together.
You basically slide this back into the gun’s filed down
stock. Note the black shrink-wraps, as the battery cover can
no longer be used, it is important to make sure the battery
(originally yellow) doesn’t stand out from behind.
Custom 3-way wiring for the gun. Note the fuse box is retained,
but only to the gun side — so if I try to fast charge the
battery (say, at 7-8 amps) it won’t blow the fuse.

I put the gun back together, you can’t really tell the difference
from a stock PSG-1, except the new battery charging plug (that white
piece under the stock in the next picture) and missing battery cover
(Second picture, you can see the last cell of the battery). One of
the draw back is that since the new battery took up so much space
inside, the cheek and butt plate cannot be fully retracted. It works
fine for me as I have a relatively long neck, but it won’t fit
comfortably for shorter people (especially female players). In addition,
if you try to turn the butt stock too much towards the inside of the
gun, it will damage the battery.

You can click on the above two pictures for an enlarged view.

here for a picture of the completed gun.)

With the new battery,
I can probably go for a full-week organized airsoft event (if there
is one that lasted that long) without needing to charge the battery.
Even my older 10.8v 600mAh battery lasted more then a day (usually),
and with the high capacity not only battery life, even ROF is not
a concern at all. As a matter of fact, when I first pulled the trigger
after the upgrade is done, the piston was withdrawing so fast that
I almost couldn’t hear the gears noise as it sounded more like
“zap” (which scares me). Also, for those who fitted a PSG-1
stock on their G3 for the look, now you can go full-auto with M150
spring upgrade without worring about battery life! Last but not least,
if that extra bit of juice does matter to you, you can always use
3000mAh Ni-MH cells insted of 2400 mAh Ni-CD cells as I used here.

Basically, the most important feature it gives me is the comfort
in knowing that I will NEVER run out of juice. As a matter of fact,
the last time I recharged the battery was when I installed it –
I think that’s about 5 games ago.

addition, this battery gives me a better response time (faster cyclical
rate…not exactly ROF since its semi-auto, but the same idea).
Even compares to the 10.8v 600mAh special PSG-1 battery, it will
draw the piston faster after every fire and will let me shot again
slightly faster if I missed the first shot (which happens all the
time… I am a lousy sniper). ^_^

the new 10.8v 1500mAh battery for the PSG-1 is more then sufficient
for a couple day of games. This is probably a exercise that is a
slight overkill… (p.s. Its will remain as overkill except if I
decided to convert the PSG-1 to full auto… then it can REALLY
use a large battery like this.)



– A slightly different idea to fitting a custom battery to the
PSG1 stock, – (again) rather ingenious actually. The site is in
Japanese, but the pictures speak for themselves (thanks go out
to Gabriel Capili for emailing in this link).

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