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Rain Ocampo MP5k

by Arnie


MP5k (Resident Evil)

history of the concept:
as projects go this one really isn’t that hard, but it does
provide a few cunning ideas for MP5k lovers that just can’t
get enough battery life for any upgrades they may want to do.

was a film that was much hyped, and was actually quite good
(well I liked it anyway, then again I like Sam Raimi films,
such as Evil
Dead I-III
.. so go figure ^_^). One key aspect that
had Airsofter’s hooked was the G36 in the promo posters held
by Alice(Milla Jovovich).

here’s the cruel twist of fate – one of the main problems of
staging a film with the main storyline being that an elite rescue
squad get trapped inside a facility underground with limited
equipment is that you don’t get to see the aforementioned equipment
much, especially when a lot of the supporting cast get nocked
off fairly quickly. Yes filmbuffs haven’t seen military personnel
die quicker than when the red suited guy with no surname asked
Captain Kirk if the planet they were going to was ‘safe’, just
before they beamed down.

short – all the people carrying G36s are on screen for a total
of about 10 minutes. Airsofters worldwide were dissappointed
in this, as they saw it as the film that would prod TM into
releasing their much hyped G36 AEG. This was a quite logical
parallel to draw, as TokyoMarui are well known to be technical/equipment
advisors to the people that write and design the ResidentEvil
video games (otherwise known as BioHazard in Japan).

the film did sell one particular idea to me, that of the Rain
Ocampo’s MP5k, or “Ocampo” as I’ll call it from now

anyone that doesn’t know Allen (aka DumboRAT)
and myself tend to chat about curious concepts and ideas, we
don’t do it the normal way though, no – we have conversations
on various Airsoft forums all around the world. Honest we’re
sane people! ;o)

what’s the concept?
The idea is actually pretty
simple. Take a standard MP5k and replace the endcap with
a custom version that has a RIS attached to it, such that
when the new endcap is fitted the RIS rail follows the
side of the ‘k’ much like one leg of a sliding stock.
Onto this RIS rail you mount a custom LAM unit (as seen
in the pictures below). This LAM goes pointing forward
but with the flat side against the ‘k’.

what this achieves is not only a rather unique fitting
system, but also increased battery capacity. You could
fit any LAM unit out there, such as the recent ICS
verison, and have an external battery pack on the MP5k.
Or you could have two batteries fitted, one internal and
one external, and swithc between them. Or you could have
a custom battery with half the cells in the K, and half
inside the fake LAM. There are numerous permutations available.
Don’t forget that you can also have a functional laser
unit built in too if you like.

started on the building of Ocampo already, as half of
the design can be done from stock parts. I acquired mine from
The list of parts is as follows (pictures her with permission
of WGC):
(images from WGC with permission)

30mm reddot
(I aquired one with a circular reticule,
but any of the 30mm range will suffice). The Walther reddots
not only come with a battery fitted, but they also have
the fitting rigs in the box too. Oh, they also come with
an extension pipe for the front section, thus lengthening
the scope and keeping out direct light.

of note – in some of the shots you’ll see the red LED
of the red-dot through the ‘business end’ of the scope.
This also happen on the version that I have – if you turn
on the reddot and look at the front you can see the light
from the dot itself (mounted on the side of the tube).

“Hurricane” MP5/G3 scope mount
. There are
a few different versions of this mount available. I went
for the Guarder one, as I’ve never been let down with
any of their products, and they certainly come out as
the best bang for the buck IMHO.

to form this mount comes with an allen key, and two bolts
to adjust the tightness of the top of the scope. The wheel
tightens up the clamp form side to side, and two threaded
bolts at the top ensure that theres no wobble at the top.
Be sure to adjust the bolts before you clamp on the scope
rings… As I found out you can’t get the allen key into
the holes if you clamp a scope on top. This was just my
own silly fault. Doh!

please note that you should only tighten this clamp up
to secure it, don’t tighten it up with clothmitten mits
like mine or you will simply crush the plastic reciever
shell. Yes the Guarder clamp, is very ‘vice-like’ in design.

mag clamp
. I’ve never been that impressed with ClassicArmy
kit, so I’d recommend buying the TM mag clamp.

an easy bit this, first get the clampout the box (probably
the hardest bit), stick two mags in either side of the
unit and tighten her up.^_^

been achieved so far:
Here you can see photos of the
standard bits and bobs assmbled into the first stage of the

hope to get some designs up for the LAM/RIS mount shortly, but
they’ll take a bit, as they need to be done in all three dimensions
which is never an easy thing to do.

Movie stills:
some stills from the DVD:



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