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by Arnie

This is a section for new styled reviews as and when they are created.

The reviews are written by staff, friends, colleagues and readers who have been kind enough to write and submit an article about their own or submitted equipment.

The intention is to put forward a personal point of view, which will hopefully be informative and useful. If you have a review, and would like it to appear here, please get in touch with us on the contact us page.

Note: As new reviews are added this section will be further developed. Please remember that the old reviews page can be found here, and the reviews database for forum users can be found here.

intro ICS MS-36 Butterfly Holster

Lauched in 2010 the new holster from ICS allows you fit readily fit any reasonable size pistol to you leg.The new design allows the user to wear the holster on both legs meaning that it is therefore suitable for both left and right handed users.

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