Customise and personalise is the name of the game.

Some projects folks have started, and some will be started sometime....some may get finished, some may just get stored in the back of the cupboard.

These projects are listed here to help others, and hopefully inspire people to try something different. They aren't necessarily original, as we're sure many have been done before. These projects are just things that we have come across, and either started, or simply thought over.

Photo's of complete (or incomplete) attempts for any projects listed would also be appreciated for this page. As always comments are always welcome. Happy tinkering, and good luck!
Painting 101 by WhiteFeather
Para Ordinance P14.45 'Kestrel Special' by Corporate Black Ops
Converting Low-Cap Tokyo Marui AEG Magazines to Real Capacity
Metal Body, Wood Furniture, Toyko Marui G3 Custom
Sun Project GBB M16A1 Carbine review and modification journal
By Tom Goode
Custom Airsoft AT4
Wallace of AirsoftOhio
AKS-74U receiver
By nmcabecadas
Custom-Job: G3/MC51/MP5 Frontsight with ICS 74B Laser
by SecuriTUX
TM MP5 RAS EB Custom
by Arnie
Custom MP5k (pdw) battery-stock
by Eric -The Fixer-
M4- Finished - Left side
TM M4A1 - Full Camo Paint Job
by Dave B (
Rhox505's G36KE Conversion
by Rhox 505

The Complete Castor Troy
DumboRAT’s Face/Off Tribute

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Maruzen M870 EB Custom
by Arnie

Airsoft SA vz.58V
by Jan Chyba (aka Student) of Team URNA Pardubice

Dirty Deeds done DIRT CHEAP!
Pt 1: Drop leg pouches using PLCE"

project by HeadWreck

Dirty Deeds done DIRT CHEAP!
Pt 2: How to sling your FA MAS F1 with minimal fuss

project by HeadWreck

WA SV Healthcare
G et the best from your SV with Dr WA himself!
(articles by Matt)

SV TuneUp
SV Trigger Job
SV MetalSlides

Custom PSG1 Stock
Wallace of AirsoftOhio
Shoot and Scoot's L96 APS2 replacement stock
project by Warren
3 point Sling - 'HowTo'
project by Nial Orr

Project 'Jericho' (work in progress)

Covering the step by step building of a custom full metal EOD MP5/M203 combination by Arnie

Custom Tokyo Marui HiCap Shotgun Shell
article by Dragon1
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Starship Troopers MORITA

Project notes (currently a 'work in progress')
Matthew Bond's completed MORITA

A Tribute to 'Face-Off'

A Tribute to 'Face/Off'

Matt's personal project, a lovely custom gold WA SV replica.

Custom High Capacity Mag (BoxMag)

Ghillie suit

Please note, the image to the left is from

M41a Pulse Rifle Project Page

M41a Pulse Rifle

The ultimate CQB weapon ?

Apologies, the M41a page has some huge images on it. I have tried to get them as small as possible, to speed up download time.

SciFi Replica Page

Guns from the Hollywood movies that really should appear as airsoft replicas


MC51-K -updated 25/04/2001

I'm looking for help on building this weapon. Any help for construction / part details would be nice.

M4 Receiver (custom paintjob)

by Neil McAndrew


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