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  1. I don't see any difference except the optic itself is different but it's not installed backwards. That is an old configuration though, saying it's Dark Knight inspired is similar to that trend that occurred recently where this or that M4 or M16 was automatically 'inspired by Call of Duty'.

  2. I think that depends on what kind of game you play, and with whom you're playing. It's all about the tactics.


    I would say the gun looks ok Fox13, maybe a one pc. rail system to replace the one you have on there and maybe some rail covers. Other than that, - good to go.

  3. Should a 416 really be in the Armalite thread?

    I don't see why it shouldn't. You actually don't see a whole lot of Armalite trades in here, most are Colts, FNs, Barretts and other makes. The HK416 is built upon the Armalite Rifle design other than the operating system, it's not a subby like an HK5, it would normally fire a 5.56mm round, it's not an AK variant etc. etc. ...


    Actually Albert, I was talking about the gun itself. Did you buy all of the parts and assemble them or was it a CA, G&P, JG or otherwise at it's birth?

  4. MercilessPit: why not find a used convertible M4 barrel (10.5"-14.5") if you want a CQBR set-up for you M4?
    I've been considering that, but I'm hesitant because the G&P M4 RAS front end kit cost me what I consider to be too much to swap the barrel out that came with it. I also dig the trades on the barrel and I'm not ready to get rid of it. (yet?)


    I mainly only wanted the CQBR suppressed 'appearance' to be honest. Nothing really permanent. I've been considering the G&P Mk18 Mod 0 since it's relatively inexpensive but I'm finishing out my 6.8 and the money just isn't there for airsoft at this point in time.


    I just have to add that 6.8 ammo and mags are expensive as hell and with the threat of gun legality becoming a thing of the past, I'm spending a lot and stocking up.

  5. I've been wanting a CQBR for a long time now but I just can't see spending a ton more dough to get another gun and I don't want to sacrifice my m4's standard barrel with a 10.3" barrel swap. The main reason is because I've always liked the look of suppressed CQBRs. I cringe at the sight of a suppressor dangling on the end of a 14.5 or a 20 inch barrel.


    Anyway, I got tired of waiting and I got a hold of an old plastic suppressor that came with a gun I bought probably 6 years ago and modified it so that it would hide a portion of my barrel to make the gun look like a suppressed 10.3" barrel and came up with this:




    It's ended up pretty sweet, I spent a long time making it so that it'd screw on the existing threaded end snuggly and securely with no wobble and that it is 360 deg. plumb to the barrel, but it ended up looking more like a 10.5" instead of a 10.3" due to some faulty measuring on the length of the inside tube. It makes my A2 look like a suppressed Dissipator.


    What I'm wondering is if any of you guys knows of a specific metal suppressor that works like this one to hide a portion of the outer barrel. I'd like a straight one instead of this beveled one.

  6. Diemaco C8 Sopmod


    (If somone has a spare second, could you PM me how to get a pic on the post instead of using photobucket please?





  7. IMO, Aimpoints FTW.



    Looks great Crunchy, although it looks like your AP's sight picture is being masked by the PEQ. Maybe a taller mount if you don't want to mount the PEQ on the side rail. Though it really doesn't matter as you can still use an AP with the front lens covered.

  8. my bad dude,thanks for the info

    whats the model number for the a4 that can fire full auto then ?

    There isn't one.


    I was going to second what Joe said but he cleared it up already. The A3 was used only by a few NSW operators for a very short time in the early-mid '90s, and as Joe said, it has a fixed carry handle as the A2 does but full automatic fire capabilities.


    Oh, (edit) the blame goes to civilian firearms producers that 'jumped the gun' when they labeled their first flat top civilian ARs as A3s. The airsoft manufacturers just didn't know any better than those who took the civilian A3 as the military designation.


    One thing as Marines, we are subject to knowing the AR series (as well as our other weapons), it's modifications and it's alternations by force of habit/fidelity to our weapons.

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