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  2. Brigg

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    I ordered one of the standard black ones from KY during the brief period they were in stock, about two days ago. So hopefully i should have it reasonably soon, and hopefully it isnt garbage.
  3. Yesterday
  4. judgeman

    Smith & Wesson 76 GBB

    Holy *fruitcage* yes more of this please.
  5. i figured i should show this here since its been a while. This is one of my current projects, a gas blowback s&w76. So far its mostly done, but i need to get the has efficiency to be better on auto, and i need to have sling bars tig welded on. Its a fairly even mix of machined and 3d printed parts. I mostly used 3d printing for parts that would be very complicated to machine (like the loading nozzle, the magwell, etc). this way if i wanted to make a second one, it wouldnt be nearly as hard as starting from scratch
  6. Steven171090

    Nuprol AK Delta for sale

    Hi everyone. I’m selling my Nuprol AK Delta that I have recently purchased and used only twice. it comes with 4 magazines (2 mid cap and 2 high cap), along with two batteries. Works perfectly, just looking for more of a DMR. Paid close to £400, happy to take 250 all in
  7. Trying to find a tmc replica or real crye precision lap panel in multicam. Please contact if you have one for sale or know where i can get one. Cheers
  8. Last week
  9. vietnammarine

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    Oh, and also read somewhere, that some mags of the old model work, but some not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. vietnammarine

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    And KY Airsoft is already offering trademarked once. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  12. Fatk1tten

    Umarex g17 gen4, and crosman sbr

    And new bottle of Umarex 1500steel bb included for free when buy both
  13. Want to sell my glcok 17 and crosman sbr to buy an Kwa kriss vector The g17 is only bought last week. And the sbr was bought last month with 11 months warranty left. the g17 is £175 with no accessories and it only shot less than 50bbs since I bought. the sbr come with red dot, flash light, grip and sling. Paid £370, now sell for £320. by the way, both of them have original packages if you want to buy both guns, it’s £460 in total. and around 30 co2 for free The price is negotiable
  14. Hi there, I want to convert the barrel end of my original VZ61 to the mod M. Looking at the exploded view of the Mod M I will need vzm-28 vzm-30 vzm-33 vzm-35 vzm-38 vzm-45 I am new to airsoft. I cant find a way or place to order these parts. Can someone hook me up with a link or something of a place where I can get these parts? Thanks tons! Chris
  15. Hi there, I want to convert the barrel end of my original VZ61 to the mod M. Looking at the exploded view of the Mod M I will need vzm-28 vzm-30 vzm-33 vzm-35 vzm-38 vzm-45 I am new to airsoft. I cant find a way or place to order these parts. Can someone hook me up with a link or something of a place where I can get these parts? Thanks tons! Chris
  16. Wingman

    Threaded inner barrels

    P-38, ISSC M22 and I believe the Makarov do. At least on my P-38's and ISSC M22.
  17. Gigueand

    G&P HPA Carbines

    M4A1 is sold.
  18. harborne blue

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Phil has the best M4s. They also run perfectly - I have the welts to prove it.
  19. CatgutViolin

    Threaded inner barrels

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding here, but none of the WE P08, WE M9, WE G17, WE M712, and WE Desert Eagles I've owned have come with threaded inner barrels.
  20. Andy123

    WE Glock17 GBB

    WE Glock 17 GBB perfect working order no issues shoots perfectly at 305Fps, the slide has been resprayed with nuprol black. looking for £70.00 collected from Birmingham or £80.00 posted via parcel force 48hr tracked and signed for. my number is 07746673219 feel free to contact me directly
  21. My Paper Writer

    Looking for a good .30 BB to replace KWA brand

    homework help websites
  22. Unfortunately that's out of my field of expertise, however, would it explain why I didn't get an email for your latest reply, in this thread, but I received an email notification for this thread, which comes under all new post notifications in the Tech section: Cheers, Tom
  23. Wingman

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    It's going to look sweet. I'm on hold with ordering mine as I have not gotten over my present "love affair" with the Action Army AAP-01 and just ordered more stuff for them. Keep us up to date with how its working out for you.
  24. I was checking out the Arnies Supporters sites listed on the main page and it came up as Domain Seized by US Treasury Dept. I then went to their website itself and there is no such warning. Has anyone else noticed this and/or knows about this?
  25. Wingman

    Threaded inner barrels

    Yes, this has always been a nice feature of the WE pistols. The suppressor on the Mk III should be a good look.
  26. judgeman

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    Switched the grips on my real FN HP to a lovely pair of wood ones, so the WE will get my stock black plastic grips and provided they haven't changed too much, the C&S modified extended slide stop I have mounted on my first version WE HP
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