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  4. This video (timestamped if I did it right) confirms something I was struggling to find out. The magazine cutoff is "temporary", so the second you remove the mag after it's empty, your gun will shoot again, and there's no procedure to reactivate after a fresh mag is put in like racking the bolt. Bit of a shame, but still better than no cutoff.
  5. I watched that video a few more times and as it turns out, there's no muzzle device, what I thought was some sort of flash hider was just his torch but at certain angles, looks like the muzzle. So he's actually doing it pretty much like mine. His shooting position in your particular screenshot kinda helps given one of the finger is wrapping around the optics mount to index your hand position, but yeah, I'd definitely make something to protect my hand if this was a firearm instead of airsoft, and if I shoot myself in the hand next week, I may make something for the airsoft version too lol
  6. I don't think a handstop on the underside of the frame does much good when this is the shooting posture: Like you said there is a muzzle device to at least add a bit of length, but Blobface doesn't have that. The act of bringing it to the cheek, getting your palm up top while keeping it away from the muzzle, and getting a shot off while under stress and time pressure just seems a little dicey to me, that's all.
  7. £500 Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  8. Raptor - Posts | Facebook Got my V3 upgrade which they sell as a kit through FB. Biggest change is the cup for a piston lid but they've also shortened the trench for valve knocker lock reset so it's not overgassed anymore which helps against cooldown. They also threw in a redesigned trigger bar. A common complaint with the original is the long pre-travel which you'd normally expect for a DA/SA gun. The new trigger bar has the break at around the middle, but as soon as the slide resets the sear, the trigger keeps going back like a long follow through which takes some getting used to.
  9. Last week
  10. The SPP, which was specifically designed as a pistol, has a prominent finger stop and an extended muzzle device to reduce the chances of you accidentally shooting your own fingers off. Since the KSC SPP was discontinued the best base for a SPP-like build is the railed MP9, because if you pull the bottom rail off, that finger stop is hidden under there. Here's a KSC/KWA lower: The real cheek pistol prototypes demonstrated have flash hiders or suppressors to get your fingers away from the muzzle a bit.
  11. Also TM's materials are gonna be way off compared to LCT or Real Sword... why can't someone just get it right all around lol
  12. It'd make for a nice receiver for a base and of course chopping the barrel is possible, but I'm pretty certain me and someone with a good workshop would have to rivet a new rear trunnion to get what I want and I have no idea how outer barrels/gas block inner diameters vary between brands in order to fit the 100 series type block with integral front sight. Doable with enough time, money and skill but you're talking about as big of a commitment to a build as I can pretty much imagine short of metal working something from scratch lol. TM I'm concerned r.e. the very Russian way these handgua
  13. This got me curious enough to look up... There's this and this which both say they are in stock, but it will be a real franken build. I'm also curious about NGRS AK-47, there's no reason for that to be the correct length but very little is known about that platform given the nicheness of model 47.
  14. Hm, well cheers guys definitely saved me leaping before looking and getting the wrong thing. I'm leaning more towards a Sureshot Armament setup than Zenitco to be honest, but overall if there isn't a 105 type gun out there yet that has the proper receiver length I'll have to either put this on hold or limit it to an indoor only style of build setup (for my personal needs). Is there even a way to get Real Swords anymore? In my head I thought NPO made an conventional calibre AK setup, but apparently not at the moment. Kalashnikov have put out videos promoting airsoft releases multiple ti
  15. The lack of any sort of guard against putting your palm over the muzzle is a little worrisome. Well, less so for airsoft, but under stress it could be an issue. Otherwise I like the idea. It reminds me a bit of the old Skorpion machine pistol, where the 'stock' is actually intended as a cheek brace due to its short length.
  16. If anything, it's just another way of keeping our interest in the hobby alive. Good in my book.
  17. I have nothing against P90s, in fact I have the GBB one and will be buying the Krytac one too It's not every day we see entirely new and bizarre shooting concepts that looks viable so just keeping an open mind, and one can't know if anything works until actually trying it in a game.
  18. Do you really need life or dead accuracy in a game? I can´t take myself so seriously 😅 if I end alive any game either I got lost in the woods or you are really bad (edited). I would rather get a P90 for such job... Two hands on gun? check! Cheek on gun? check! Sight in a front elevated over the barrel area? check! Stock resting on shoulder? check! No empty cases disturbing me, a blessed left handed? CHECK!
  19. I'll try to capture some footage at a CQB game next week if all goes well and see how it works. Footage might look weird though given the unusual gun position from a head cam.
  20. Auto-translate at 6:15 is suggesting that it's 0.13J or less- if it is that weak I don't think it's going to be much use for airsoft.
  21. It's got hop-up for .12g-.20g, and can be fanned implying the hammer is mechanically connected to piston release. No info on srp or release date yet, but expect it to be in between their basic GBB and other spring revolvers (my guess is around $80).
  22. I'd still get one or two for fun. Do we have any more info? Release date, expected price etc.? Sent from my ANE-LX1 using Tapatalk
  23. Had a good time at the local field on Sunday despite the heat. There are a few other shots of me in a pile of weeds or running with a RPK in the deep woods, but this one says it all that day. Won the Free for All round the event hosts ran right after the lunch period using my trusty ak105 and won a card for next game day fee. Ended up giving it to a mate who had sit out the game as his birthday is this Wednesday and he had gladly shared with me and others the pork fried rice he cooked up from scratch. Netting over my head was for the expected mosquito hordes but did not really see any till
  24. In all honesty, you might as well just go for a full LCT "zenitco" build since it probably would end up cheaper in the long run than buying the real zenitco and trying to mod it to anything. Naturally I would say the Northern Pact fb page, perhaps some of the owners groups for particular brands might be able to help out. I will say that I have seen way too many folks go for zenitco copy paste builds for their first ak platform and then end up selling it after one game because of the weight.
  25. Real sword AK receivers have the right length iirc, apparently as does the new AKM GBBR by TM. That's the only two I can think of, LCT/GHK all have the wrong receiver length so you're not going to be able to fit the top cover without doing what @GRIM! had to do with his GHK build, moving the latch point forward creating a visible "tail".
  26. I recently decided to actually take a bit of time to understand the zenitco handguards and now all that stuff makes sense to me I think it's time to get my first ever AK. The parts should be relatively easy to source I think but good base guns seem in short supply and prices are climbing sharpish so I want to lock that bit down. I want to put a real folding stock, top cover and handguard on primarily, the other little bits I can wait to figure out down the line. Far as I can gather, the main things to worry about in these regards are the lower front of the receiver below the hop for the
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