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  2. Those Glock-like mags just ruin it IMO. I'd be seriously considering one if it weren't for that.
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  4. Hmm. Anyone would think you were posting commercial spam...
  5. The rise in popularity of the AR-15 spawned an entire generation of precision optics to update the trusty yet antiquated iron sight set up, and with their flexibility and ease of use, red dot sight have become a must-have accessory for rifle owners. The first part of the sight selection process is to determine your needs in terms of your use and vision requirements. Are you using the Rifles or shotguns for competition, recreation? Each usage profile has a different set of needs which should be examined. First of all, you have to know that red dot sights are usually small, and ele
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  7. chas

    WE New SMG ?

  8. Doesn't seem to be selling through the site, but thanks!
  9. Pre-order back on Bang Bang for $500 (it popped up a while ago and was deleted). No release date though. https://www.bangbang.com.hk/products/ghk-glock-17-gen3-gbbp?_pos=1&_sid=85856eba2&_ss=r
  10. My pair of steel two-tone Glocks (Zev magwell has been turned silver digitally as I was deciding between black / silver, think I'm going with silver)
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  12. Arnie

    WE New SMG ?

    Added it to the news tonight as photos of it have finally come out, there's the RIS version there. Open bolt, GBB, custom 50 rnd magazine etc.
  13. Am not on FB, but if any kind soul could please enquire for me, I would be indebted. Ta!
  14. Looks like this will be released soon as mags are now available for "WE PCC" https://shop.jkarmy.com/we-pcc-gbb-gas-magazine-50-rds-black.html
  15. TK is on Facebook himself these days. Not sure if he has any stock though if the old VP. It was a lovely pistol though.
  16. That’s good news. I have run a serious amount of software updates so I hope it works well for everyone. I soooooo should have done this a year ago.
  17. One observation, condensed view finally works again.
  18. Hi I've been Googling 553's and this add popped up do you still have it up for sale?
  19. I am still about...still trying to find those retro guns I should have bought 15 years ago when it was so much easier...and cheaper! TK VP-70 WA M1934 Those were the ones that got away!
  20. I can help you troubleshoot the source of the leak, if you like. I haven’t had to fix any leaks of my own, but I’m intimately familiar with the potential sources.
  21. Just logged in out of the blue to check in, hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.
  22. Tapatalk has now ben updated and upgraded (if you use it) and the news page link has been added back top left.
  23. WE M&P 50rnd extended gas mag leak free they works perfectly. £15.00 each collected from Birmingham or £19.20 posted These retail at £40.00 each before post so a great price. My number is 07746673219 feel free to contact me directly
  24. It is getting there Just added to the front page... I've been meaning to start getting all the old articles back online and the mirrors running. I believe I have a couple of other websites backed up that went down as well, but I do have permission from both of those authors to host them.
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