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  2. Or, frankly, just get one milled out of aluminum tubing, or even sleeve it together yourself. The Mafioso one isn't accurate to the real prop, doesn't hold the laser securely (which, itself, is about a two-dollar Aliexpress probably-not-eye-safe laser), and uses a toggle switch to turn the laser on and off which is about as useless as it gets. So, there's not a lot of value there. The Weaver ring is cheaply made and not actually Weaver spec, so it can't be replaced without also replacing or modifying the mount. Which is a good idea anyways, because instead of the mount and grip being
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  4. don't suppose you have the madbull personal mine and 2S thunder Land mines left? if so what would you want for them?
  5. oh man thas gorgeous... so 3d print the laser instead then?
  6. Molded a carry handle onto an ICS split upper and picked up an element m500 handguard for a quasi old school SWAT style build. The upper is still in semi-rough form (as you can see towards the rear of the upper receiver). She still needs more smoothing out and finishing, I just ran out of free time and coarse grit sandpaper lol.
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  8. Oh yeah, forgot to post my last project here. Mafioso Hardballer Longslide (refinished with aluminum oxide blasting + polishing slide flats), Mafioso laser, real Weaver ring, real NPC mount, DIY pressure switch. Don't buy the Mafioso kit or laser, it's worth maybe a quarter of what they charge. I had to fix a bunch of stupid little things with this gun to make it usable, and the use of real mounts are solely because the Mafioso parts were hot garbage. On the bright side, since I've now reworked the laser to hold zero and mount with real-steel hardware, I was able to do
  9. You're about half an hour from Gunman Eversley, one of the best woodland sites in the UK.
  10. this is really cheeky but God please can I have that file for the cap? I want something FIERCE and have dreamed of doing this to my wa frankenpita for ages. seriously you could are a.mint.selling those. especially its modded handguards. thanks for all the details! Gives me a build list.
  11. Hey guys/girls I'm looking to sell all my kit as I don't have the time and being short on money. I'm selling 1x G&G Armament Combat Machine CM16 Raider-S with 4x acog and mini red dot, flashlight, sling and suppressor12x stanag mid cap mags1x WE Europe P08 Luger Gas Blowback Pistol with 2 extra mags1x VORSK Hi Capa 5.1 with 3 extra mags2x pistol holsters- Lots of bb’s mix of 0.2 or 0.25 and cans of green gas-Lipo charger and safety bag1x NUPROL MP PMC Deluxe Soft Rifle Bag1x lens protector and loads of other bits and bobs. Looking to get rid all at once
  12. need some work but.. its almost there.
  13. OK this thread is amazing. I have qI sterling but no pics yet and I'm working on a cyma grenade launcher to very pistol style thing. slowly so here's my partially done RAF 1911 project. it needs engraving but that's it really.
  14. right... £60 on a discord and I now have a Well/CCCP/Lancer Tactical m82 spring rifle. I know they have issues, I know they need a LOT of work. I know that it doesn't take standard pars and uses their SVD hop but if you mod the Inner barrel a better hop COULD work. current plan is look at a cow bolt conversion (60$l a 12g to asa adaptor and a line to a regulated co2 setup (either with my current reg for my law and mortar project or a smaller one to go Iside the gun) and a lot of externL work to make some sort of Anti Tank Rifle type thing for ww2 setpiece stuff. so anyon
  15. man a colt 4x20 would look amazing g on a carry handle moint there. I need to get my frankenWA running. mqybe after I print your vortex block.
  16. So otherwise, I think I have all the non-VT parts I need to complete the build, minus tubing of appropriate size to fabricate the front sight. Now it's just a matter of actually getting the M16A1 and barrel parts from Viper Tech, which likely will not be until next month, but in the interim I can perform the needed modifications to the upper and start on painting once the Moly Resin arrives.
  17. Time for another build, this time the polar opposite of last year's. I'm looking to replicate a LaFrance Specialties M16K, a weird ultra-compact AR variant designed in the 1980s. Tim LaFrance intended for it to be used by combat vehicle crews or for shooting through the windows of a police cruiser, but the only success it ever saw was showing up in a couple of movies and shows (including Naked Gun 33 1/3, Miami Vice, and Escape From LA). Basically, it's what today we would call an AR pistol, using an 8-3/8" barrel. However, there are two funky things about it. First, it use
  18. Suppose you coul dbuy it and sel the uly *albartroth* pointless stock to some tastles M4 wannabee and put a proper one on. Then you'd have a cheap cheap MP5.
  19. Best Bang For Your Buck Airsoft Rifle. This is what I asked myself when I picked up this Cyma CM.041G Airsoft MP5 . When it comes to airsoft MP5 AEGs.There are plenty to choose from. So what is the Cyma CM.041G Airsoft MP5 actually like. Take a look at my review and find out. https://youtu.be/PcpSSpFCVK8
  20. Build and paintjob for a team member's 10 year old Kalash.
  21. Team Wendy Exfil MS2000 Ops Core Amp arms w/adaptors, AXL RAC link and Sordins Princeton Tec light TNVC Mowhawk MK 2 A&A tactical helmet cover Bullet Club, obviously, 4 life
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  23. Rebuilt my mk18 mod 1 (previously an ICS base) onto my WE GBBR base. Now I have a mod 0 and mod 1 upper to swap back and forth as I please!
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