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  3. Here my latest Ali Express gadget, in my collection “Tacticool Gear Accesories” a Replica of the Leatherman Raptor Rescue, a Trauma Shear / Rescue Multi-Tool. 1.0 Leatherman Raptor Rescue Is designed specifically for rescuers, it is a foldable Trauma Shear with some additional tools such as a: Belt Cutter, Glass Breaker, Ring Cutter, O2 Tank Wrench, and Ruler. The original Leatherman Raptor also comes with a hard Molle Case with allows the Raptor worn in several ways. The original Leatherman Raptor costs € 80 a € 100, depending on your wallet, and what you need the Raptor for, i
  4. I like what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and reporting! Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve included you guys to blogroll. SEO company in Pune
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  6. Make: TM Gun/Model: HK416 Delta Accessories: See description Condition: Used, very good FPS: 336 with 0.2g BB's Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £650 inc postage and fees Pictures: Modifications: Gate Titan NGRS Advance Mosfet Prommy gears Prommy bearings Prommy 275.5mm 6.03 inner barrel Prommy hop rubber Prommy hop nub Magpul trigger guard Laylax flat trigger Deans connection Replica Magpul CTR stock and butt pad for lipo battery All work done by Wolf Armouries, Jan 2019. See picture for proof and details. Comes with ori
  7. Make: TM Gun/Model: Recce/AR15 Accessories: see description Condition: used FPS: 336 with 0.2g BB's Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £400 inc postage and fee Fully working, custom TM AR15 NGRS, all you need is a CTR stock. Used but not abused. Comes with original box. Started of as TM Recce rifle in tan (this is not painted). Modifications: Prommy - gears, shims, piston head, 300mm 6.03 inner barrel BTC FET V2 for TM NGRS Firefly hop bucking and nub Nomad Arms TM flat trigger in bronze Dytac 12" outer barrel Airsoft Artisan S
  8. My guess is they wanted to use the same hop-up unit the AR's typically have so they chose to put the magazine right up to the hop-up. My model should be showing up within the next week or two, I'll try and post a breakdown. Looks like these have a unique lower, though I'm wondering how hard it would be to print an extension for the standard lowers to move the magazine back.
  9. There are some proprietary parts, but nothing that I would consider high-wear or failure-prone. The gearbox itself is literally a Cyma AK V3, which can be had for $60 all in.
  10. For Right Handed Shooter Belt Paddle System Lightweight A retention holster designed to fit snugly WE Europe 1911 Airsoft Pistols and can be attached to the users belt, designed to allow the user to quickly and effectively draw their Airsoft pistol during combat at maximum speed, whilst still remaining safe. Still in bag, opened but never skirmished. Just in case - gun obviously not included. £10 + postage Second Class - £3 First Class - £3.68 Extra £1 for Signed For or Tracked 48
  11. Guarder TRP chrome kit. £110 all in. Guarder SFA GI kit. £95 all in. Will do pics soon.
  12. Thank you sandstorm, Ill be sure to check out that old thread. And thank you Wingman, that's my favorite garandthumb video. unfortunately he doesn't go into great detail on anything other than the helmet, which I already know the set up of. And as for NonEx, you should look up Randy Shughart and Gary Gordon, you could also just watch Blackhwak Down, which i recommend. that movies awesome.
  13. I go to my usual sports shop and check for "weiglifting" fingerless gloves, the added support on the wrist has always felt good for me. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Leather-Lifting-Exercise-Fitness-Strengthen/dp/B01MG8878M a sample just googled.
  14. Hi there! I saw this vid, and realised that I wanted to look Zaslon even before I know they exist. That sage green color with minor black and tan looks great. I have this already. They mostly use more tactical aimed uniforms, than BDU, but as I see, they use(ed) it too... Sadly I cannot use 104 with drum (airsoft regulations ). So I thin I will have RPK. https://www.greydynamics.com/zaslon-russias-most-secretive-unit/?fbclid=IwAR3-HiBzt7n-MaqHl1QaTHlcpRqzXSatO4CaH15PZcDLiOOXTSdWCrIMXSA It's a great decription about them. Fort Goplit rare as hell. So I t
  15. Check out Garand Thumb on Youtube..he did a homage to the rifle he was using and built a real-steel copy of the rifle. I believe he also did a small bit on the equipment they were using at the time. It's listed as "Black Hawk Down M14".
  16. It cycles fine by hand. Sears, trigger and hammer work. It doesn’t seem to cycle fully when fired. Could be seals in the GBB mech? The GBB is structurally sound with nothing looking loose or out of place to my eyes. This might be any easy fix but I don’t have the time to look into this. I’m happy for the buyer to come and look/check it over in person if you are nearby. Bristol, BS16. Price: £30 +P&P
  17. NonEx, Gary Gordon was a Delta who died in Black Hawk Down incident in Mogadishu. Got a Posthumous Medla of Honour for it. wardaddy, there's an old, long thread where people were indeed doing the research on what kit was used there and by whom.
  18. The mag placement is noticeably off for a 633/635 but that can probably be tweaked. I am very impressed with that magazine.
  19. I'm looking to make a recreation of Gary Gordon's load out preferably as accurate as possible. I know only the basics (his base rifle but not any attachments he might have had, the DCU's and helmet, I also know the vest but that is the extent om my knowledge.) and have done a fair bit of research, but I don't want to anymore. Any (constructive) contribution will be greatly appreciated.
  20. Everything that guy makes is pure art.
  21. Might you be interested in a Gas shotgun M870 as a trade?
  22. Thank you very much for your answer! Yes it is super old One more question: Would it be easy to fix the gun if an internal piece is broken? Is there something unique in terms of parts that I may not be able to replace for this gun?
  23. Hoo boy, this is a helluva necropost. I absolutely still recommend this gun, even though I sold it off nearly a decade ago. It's a solid piece of kit.
  24. Quite a difficult task to source the parts. I was not expecting to even get some of them. Luckily and by coincidence I was able to get the most unique once at military show in Germany before covid has closed everything. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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