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  2. Hey guys, I've been a while out of the airsoft world, but I've decided to make an intro video of a project I've working on for long time. They are aluminium CNC lips for the V1 GHK M4 mags, since they have a design problem and now are discontinued. I did the first CNC ones this summer, but my machine was giving me some problems and I decided improve it before making a batch. Today I milled the first one since and it was all flawlessly. Since I was making the video I introduced other projects I have going on right now too: -Tanaka M870 repair and buckshot conversión -Masterkey kit for M870 -Buckshot shells -3D printed grips and WE Mp5 handguard -WE M14 trigger group -WE M14 CO2 magazine -CO2 valves -DEVILHUNTER mod for pistols and other GBBRs -GHK AKM CO2 drum So that's all, I will keep working and showing the progress on the projects. Any question or idea feel free to coment!


    Wrong place mistake, please delete!
  4. garry

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    Who cares? The forum is dead as a doornail anyway ffs.
  5. LJ.NL

    Volante airsoft

    Sorry to hear about the issues. It doesn't sound like my experience. I sent a KWA MK23 BBU for some repair/upgrades and it took a while to get back but that was to be expected as (if I'm not mistaken) it's just the one guy doing the work and he has multiple projects going. There was good communication via Facebook about every step so that's something that's different in this case.. It sounds like he's busy/distracted at the moment :/ Try putting some extra pressure on it by requesting status updates. No response for 7 days? Send a message via PayPal, that should get things going Hope everything works out!
  6. Gunnman

    Cybergun Airsoft Catalog (2004) Scans

    I had this catalog from my KWC Desert eagle. Hammer blew apart on C02 lol. God, I miss those days. I could pick up a full metal WA used pistol for less than $200 in any variations. Now I have to wait for Nova or someone to release a kit to make it look right because Marui has little differences from each 1911 models to model, and buying the correct aftermarket parts are very expensive.
  7. slaf4u

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Just another ASAR15. Before and after
  8. Wild_XIII

    Volante airsoft

    Here's my pretty terrible review for Volante Airsoft. So I ordered a Stratos BBU for my 1911 directly for Volante Airsoft's website. The order was made on the 14th of January and weirdly there was no kind of communication whatsoever. No email to say my order has been confirmed/shipped etc, just zero communication. I gave it a while, I know things can take time and I was in no rush. Come the 31st of January I'd still had nothing and deceided to ping a message to them on Facebook. After 3 days I got a response saying that the address they had for me was different to the address on my paypal account. Fair enough I thought, pretty crappy that they couldn't actually let me know that at the time but I confirmed my address and left it at that. We're now over a month since the order was made and still absolutely nothing! I've messaged Kim at Volante again to find out what's going on but I'm seriously thinking this is going to be a paypal dispute. Just a friendly warning for those thinking about getting a Stratos BBU, don't.
  9. falconfour4

    Gas M4

    Bump £100
  10. Last week
  11. HamletV

    Glock Picture Thread

    Look at the results!: Sorry about the quality of the photos xD The third photo is a comparsion with the original front sight
  12. Murdoc

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Recce 2: Now with beret & MP5SD instead of AKM (sorry for incorrect optic)
  13. shmook

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Yeah... Judging by the price of food here, I'm not in Iceland the shop. It's extortionate.
  14. Dentonboy

    MGC Ingram M11 PFC

    Sadly not, sorry. I literally picked it up at a stall at the W&P Show circa 1996 or so. Never knew exactly what it was until this weekend.
  15. Got Wood?

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    “Skirmished once” In an absolute state beyond redemption.
  16. hitmanNo2

    MGC Ingram M11 PFC

    Are any cartridges included?
  17. Dentonboy

    MGC Ingram M11 PFC

    Also including the hand strap.
  18. hitmanNo2

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Moron ebay sellers. When you're looking for something new so you filter by new. "Only two months old, took it on holiday". Well it's not *fruitcage* new then is it you prat.
  19. hitmanNo2

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    I'm more of a Tesco man myself.
  20. ED-SKaR

    Loft clear out-guns and kit going cheap

    Sending PM.
  21. I have recently found my MGC PFC Ingram M11 replica prop gun - purchased from The War and Peace Show circa 1996 - and residing in a loft until this weekend. Never used to fire PFC rounds so absolutely no idea if it works properly. The semi-automatic seems to cycle well. The magazine has a little external rust which will be cleaned ASAP. The rear sight panel has been glued after coming loose following a knock, but overall condition for a replica which has been in a loft for two decades is not too bad; there are body work scratches and such. Suppressor included. Offers considered. Thanks Greg
  22. DiscoBiscuit

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    Ok, I officially release this thread and throw myself on the mercy of anyone from whom I should be seeking mercy (please identify yourselves). But just look at that Bren...
  23. Gunnman

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    Why is it fine in any other thread? Lol I understand hijacking is frowned upon. But, WE has listened to us before. If they see it within their profit margin, they will do it.
  24. NonEx

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    If that's the only reason you need to hijack/derail a thread then a thread based forum is pretty pointless, don't ya think? "Ooh, look at this thread about product X. I am not interested in that so I will just write about product Y that doesn't exist but I want, and write about that instead in this thread". Yeh, nah.
  25. shmook

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    I'm currently in Iceland. It's one of the most amazing places I have ever been, and I'm a lucky bugger for coming here. Surprise birthday gift from the wife. It's bucket list stuff.
  26. Gunnman

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    Maybe they will get to making an AEG M4 with a V2 gearbox. Can't seem to find them in stock anywhere.
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