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  4. Accessory/Make: G&P / specna arms Condition: used Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/NPrice/Payment: £30Pictures: belowClear out of my parts box, G&P outer CQBR barrel with Specna arms front-sight, delta ring, gas tube and grips (as new), please bear in mind barrel has CW thread but I will endeavour to find an appropriate flash hider, simply not needed so up for sale
  5. Make: CymaGun/Model: M14 EBRAccessories: 2 hi caps, 1 mid cap, scope mount, moe vert gripCondition: usedFPS: 425Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/Maybe/NoPrice/Payment: £220Pictures: belowPicked this up and decided to DMR it up, I haven’t went full hog and it’s only restricted mechanically By removal of the selector arm, internally it has been full stripped, cleaned, reshimmed, Airlab sorbo pad fitted, new full cylinder, AOE corrected, Guarder M130 spring, ZCI high torque motor (22 tpa) ZCI 407mm 6.02 tightbore, full new wiring loom using Airlab 16 AEG MPPE wire. All other parts are standard cym
  6. Furniturizing. Too bad the AIMS stock I got won't fit this body.
  7. Found a recent pic of a full rack of S&T Lee-Enfields on Reddit today. After I got to S&T's Facebook page where it originated, I found a video of the SMLE being tested. https://www.facebook.com/smartteamhk/posts/4014138622014877 https://www.facebook.com/smartteamhk/photos/a.3890812301014177/4003303039765102/ Also, they're apparently making a full-size M1887 gas shotgun (Marushin copy, just with bigger bells and whistles): https://www.facebook.com/smartteamhk/posts/3925672670861473
  8. Amaazing, thanks ED-SKaR - I think I get it now! Makes perfect sense
  9. Hi Skarclaw, Thanks so much for the response. It might be quiet on here but far from dead given these responses . Ill look through the links and yes, a chrono seems a great place to start, and trigger tuning. Cheers for the links.
  10. Not looking anymore, topic can be deleted, thanks!
  11. Not looking anymore, topic can be deleted, thanks!
  12. I'm not sure, as it hasn't been hit yet (famous last words).
  13. This AK RIF has been used a few times but is in a good condition still. It has been well maintained and all the original external parts are present and all of the internal parts are stock original LCT parts. It shoots well for an AEG in both range and accuracy. Included is: • Dovetail Rail Adapter • 4 LCT Mid Cap Magazines • 5KU Buffer Tube Adapter (original triangle stock pictured) • Magpul MOE Replica • CYMA Saw Pistol grip (original pistol grip is pictured) • Nuprol 7.4v 1200mah Stick Battery (Not pictured) • Original Box (Not Pictured) I'm open to sensible offers,
  14. " I still literally have no idea whatsoever what a MOSFET really is despite googling " A mosfet is an electronic component that acts as a bypass to the physical switch. A normal AEG circuit is battery, switch, motor A FET can be imagined as two circuits, battery, fet, motor and then fet, switch. Your control circuit has the physical switch so when you pull the trigger, the fet is connected and the main circuit is activated. The reason for the bypass is that physical switches are pretty fragile, arcing burns them out, especially when you dump higher voltages and currents
  15. Hi welcome back. Arnies is pretty dead now unfortunately, though this isn't a reflection on UK airsoft as a whole, which covid and lockdown aside does seem pretty healthy. In terms of international airsoft communities there is reddit but otherwise it does seem a bit more fragmented with various facebook groups and discord servers and so forth. In terms of skirmishing take a look here: https://playairsoft.uk/ https://airsoftranch.com/uk-airsoft-map/ https://app.airtac.me/#/home (ignore the sign in and click "map only") Things have changed with airsoft tech, but no
  16. Hi All Member long time back. Briefly searched, can see reddit etc is popular, but Arnies is where and what I remember, old login and old password worked a dream. Discovered my airsoft collection again in the loft of my family home in unfortunate circumstances. Pre RIF. Pre UKARA. I feel the itch again, but don't know where to start, so reaching out. Ref the guns, many were in parts at the time of storage, but these were stored as is CA B&T MP5 SD3 Full Metal TM AK47 Beta Spetnaz I'm guessing I wasn't savvy enough to ensure they weren't mid-cycle and springs
  17. Classic Army M15A4 full metal body with with the Armalite stamp. Includes 2 300bb hicap mags and hard case. Battle tested down at Dragon Vally Airsoft with 47 confirmed kills! Comes with battery and charger but battery will not hold its charge, maybe one of you guys knows how to revive it. Ejection port/hop up cover has a hole in it as shown. It was like this when I bought it, it seems that the original magnet is missing so the owner before me replaced it with another magnet. Battery coneection is a large Tamiya as shown in photos. This is a stock gun fir
  18. I am selling an MP5 Custom from Japan. (Mag light attachment etc) 340FPS electric with two batteries and a fast charger . ( with 5 mags) and a Gas powered Glock 19 with half cylinder of red gas (And a normal mag plus double sized full auto mag) Also chucking in an electric CA5 (this weapon has not been tested for life or power) 1 small mag BUT shares the MP5 mags too! The MP5 comes with a solid flight case. I am also chucking in the leg mag holster (2 large and 2 small capacity) and a some chest armour selling it all for £475 Email if interested (based in
  19. £350.00 O.N.O These are sold new for £459.99. Only been used for 2 months, selling as I want something shorter. Full Metal except Stock, Has a strong realistic recoil, Tamiya connection, Over Barrell Suppressor included. All 100% working, few cosmetic scratches but runs great. Chrono'd with 0.25's @ 340fps Comes with Metal, Nuprol Hicap Mag but can take Standard M4 Mags NO BOX Call 07368480709 HAND GUN IN PIC NOT INCLUDED
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  21. Yeah, either that or MCBK. Too bad TMC didn't do more of these.
  22. I would kill for nightcap in mandrake black camo.
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