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  1. My VFC MP5K-PDW GBB v2 all dressed up
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  2. Vipertech M16A4 GBBR with an Eotech 512 HWS + some real steel accessories
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  3. LCT G3 Real parts: Flashider/ furniture / sights / pins Lonex upgraded internals VFC claw mount, vintage Bushnell Sportveiw glass
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  4. My VFC HK53 GBBR with a H&K claw mount with an Aimpoint 5000 and a Surefire torch handguard
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  5. Hey again all! I've made some changes to my rifles since the last time I posted any pictures so I though this was as good as an excuse as any to post some new ones You will see two replicas; a Viper Tech M16A2 (M703) with a real M203 heatshield/leaf sight, real A2 stock and a real A2 pistol grip combined with a G&P M203 underbarrel grenade launcher. The other one is a DNA M16A1 (M603) with a real USGI contract Aimpoint "gooseneck" scope mount, reproduction A2 handguards and a HWO Aimpoint M2 reproduction along with a real surplus M1 nylon web sling. I tried taking better p
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