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    How old is he? I know what it's like to see your dog like that, ours suffered from it a lot due to a prostate inflammation, I know it's truly horrible to watch. Having him castrated cured it, although I get that may not help here. Also, please don't look at his pain as an excuse to do something. It's not worth it, it really isn't. I say this as a dog owner too, so I know they are more than just pets - they are a sibling or a child - but to end it all over this is not the way. I cannot stress enough for you to reach out if you are thinking like this, call a doctor, or even a helpline specialising in this. Do you have the Samaritans over there? If not, do you have a non-emergency number for the police? They will be able to put you in touch with someone who could help. I have experienced suicide first hand with a close family member, and while I cannot even pretend to understand how you feel, I have some insight into how you think it may be an option. It's not, really it isn't. You would be missed by those close to you even if you think you wouldn't. You have thought about it before, and got past that. That isn't weakness at not being able to go through with it, it is having the strength to persevere. You can find that strength again, and you don't always have to find it alone bud.
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    Does anyone else get amused in films/TV, when someone is shooting and they run out of ammo, they look at their gun in a quizzical manner. Like it's just turned into a kitten or something. Like it's a totally unexpected occurrence that they couldn't possibly have conceived happening. Always makes me laugh.
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    If you need anything mate, let us all know - someone will be able to help even if it's a lift to an appointment or a cat/bag of airsoft kit/woman to take care of!
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    Apparently Bear Paw has a working prototype of the MP-443 Grach and will be releasing it in 2019: I certainly hope it's better than their OTs-03 SVU.
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    I can't understand why TM is so obsessed with type 3 AKs and not making AKM instead
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    I'll echo Shmook. I've lost good people to suicide and it hurts so much. I've also been there myself, several times. Fortunately I came round and occasionally still have those thoughts but more fleeting as opposed to actually going through the motions. I couldn't do that to my family. If you ever need to talk you are welcome to inbox me and I'll get back to you ASAP. I'm not a professional but I'm happy to just shoot the breeze.
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    Gunmane - your dog loves you. He loves you more than he loves himself - this is true of few other creatures on earth. He would fight to the death for you if he had to, while there's breath left in his body he would stand between you and harm. You do him a disservice by considering harming yourself - your dog can't protect you from yourself. It's heartbreaking to see a dog get old or suffer. All you can do is make things as good as possible in the time he has left and know that you have him a good life. I hope things improve. Let us know if there's anything we can do.
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    More Cold War goodness. Full credit for this photo goes to Wyvern Photography.
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    If they so much as pick up a rifle it makes a whole load of metal-on-metal rattling sounds, as if it's full of loose bolts.
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    Ha yeah. Or they're just waving around a prop gun and the post guys don't put in any effects so it just looks like someone is waving around a toy in the middle of a firefight. Another one is cocking a gun for intimidation. The film 'Headshot' is bad for this. I lost count of the number of times you see an AK racked. Storm into a room, oh, there's a guy, better rack it. Mexican stand off? Time to rack the bolt.
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    When they're firing and then it just goes click despite not being locked back. Or, even better, when it locks back so it's obviously empty but they try to fire anyway and the sound effects guy puts that 'click' in even though it shouldn't make any noise at all.
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    Good ideas. Love a bit of galaxy myself. Also I heard back from the local SAR unit about next intake which I have a date for in March and my Manager said I can have it off (amazing especially as I'm away on leave the next week). Here's to prepping myself by losing as much weight as possible (min requirements are 5 mile "hike" in 2 hours but I think that includes some activities). Obviously they're going to pick the most suitable candidates so should do everything I can.
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    Unfortunately the radiologist found a few cysts in both kidneys and ten in my liver. However, he did say that doesn't mean I do have PKD and that I'll need to work with my GP and potentially specialists to work out what they are. He also said a bunch of people who lead healthy normal lives show cysts so not to panic yet. Still can't help but be a little nervous though. Fear of the unknown is a powerful thing. I'm not gonna go down without a fight though, medical science is making massive leaps.
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    Have to take my rear sight block off among other things, but it looks like this only with the forward hole/screw done (in M4 size). There's a lot of material on the trunnion so doubt the hole makes any difference.
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    VFC 416A5 AEG VFC Mk17 Mod0 AEG KWA MP7
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    Well, Disney are doing their damnedest to get content in one place... Namely by buying up everyone else...
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    I am so excited for this. I have already started allocating funds.
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    You think it's bad now, things are going to get massively worse soon. Streaming services are going to fracture with Disney pulling all their stuff for their own streaming service and others wanting their own service. Things were going well and now piracy is going to skyrocket as people decide they don't want to subscribe to a million streaming services.
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    I have Netflix. My wife has Amazon Prime. Neither have the film I want to watch. And the industry wonders why people use torrents...
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    Yes I would like to take some mall with my ninja please thank you very much. Full steel for both the FNX45 and RWA 1911, the GRP has the recent Ace1Arms Chip McCormick Power 10 style extended mag and Volante Stratos BBU, which makes the gun cycle nicely even with green gas!

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