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    Finally finished the OA93. Woo. I even did another video to show it working.
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    I am now a marshal at Imperium Battlegrounds Airsoft Site near Faversham. First day, 40+ players in a long form, strategic resource capture and management style game. Pam was on the field delivering supplied. So much off-roading. Before I went home I had to wipe clay off the speedo, fuel gauge and steering wheel. Should be in the happy thread, it was an awesome day.
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    Not going to lie, upon reading the field name I imagined a 40k Commissar bellowing at a menagerie of players to push forward/get the hell out of the way if hit.
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    Was at the garage this morning implementing velcro in Pam's roof. My bodged back window fell off. Had a haircut, now in bath, then dinner, then off to new job for meet and greet. New job starts tomorrow.
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    Same here. I never make a stock order for Saturday mornings. In my opinion, we're not here to do any actual work on a saturday, we're here so we can say we're open.
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    A moderator never faffs. He involves himself in high visibility community policing.
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    @renegadecow are you single
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    Wowsers. This thread is still going? Just popping my head through to say hello. Sadly not active in airsoft anymore (but in contact with some people irl / online outside of here). Glad to see some of the old crowd are still here!
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    yeah I can get a 7.4v 1300mah in there without problem.
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    Thanks again. I'm trying to think of it that he's no longer in any pain. Lone bullet, while it certainly puts things into perspective, feel free to have a good rant. Afterall it can be therapeutic
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    I'm so sorry to hear that, buddy. I was about to complain that I feel bad and tired, but now I just don't see the use. Remember him kindly en take your time mourning, it's some thing we overlook, nowadays. My thoughts are with you and his family. Verstuurd vanaf mijn H8324 met Tapatalk
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    We're all old now, boys.
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    Yeah. I'm thinking of my original join before the forum went out and we had to re-register. I seem to recall it was down for quite a while.
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    Stunt joined in 2006. I joined in 2004. Shmook, you were late 2007, Hitman you were 2005. However, I vaguely remember the forum updating/changing and having to re-register or something.
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    And then spent the next 3 years trying to make it usable! Good to see a lot of the old names are still around.
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    The most annoying thing is that there is literally NO option for appeal or even to ask someone to take a look. It's totally unaccountable.
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    I would like to but in Cuba right now.. I might stick them on shapeways so people can order them direct
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    I have an Anker Soundcore for use at work.. water/oil resistant so fits all my needs sound is pretty good also! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Been doing "all metal" builds since I made my Krag. Receiver was just modified: ejection port enlarged, stripper clip guide cut out, all with an angle grinder and dremel. Barrel bands are aluminum: cut out sheets, bent and brazed together. It's not all metal though hence the quotation marks like for example the trigger guard. The outer and inner surfaces of the trigger guard are flat sheets brazed to the bottom metal but the space in between is filled with marine epoxy. The bolt handle is fiberglass and marine epoxy with a steel bolt running through it.
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    There's no button in the current setup just because we only have the one theme, and it's only the standard one shipped with the forums and our logo applied. I can have a hunt around and create a custom forum skin and a dark one if required? After that the button will reappear when there's a skin to switch to.

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