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    Same GHK gun but with the latest W&S full travel one piece steel bolt carrier installed, it has a few updates, includes a more realistic recoil spring, and the bolt is fully captive with the spring in place so it won't "jump out" of the receiver rails causing damage to either receiver or bolt carrier. For those wondering what this monstrosity is, I've been playing too much Escape from Tarkov.
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    TM next-gen 416D converted to 416C, battery in RVG Grip (7.4v 1000 mah), VFC 416C Handguard with modded Z-Part steel barrel and gas block front sight. You did... what? Remington RAHG for VFC, full marking by RunInWorkshop, integrated TM tracer, no gas block / mock piston installed for easy battery access, can take larger batteries in handguard too. Tracer timed as such so you can turn it off / on through the bottom of the handguard.
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    My TM Recce is now a Recce again - Angry Gun MK16 13.5" RIS, DyTac 16" barrel
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    Yesterday I brought home my new NE Sten: I have to say I have not seen much better made airsoft guns. The full steel (outer) construction is of amazing quality, manual is very nice too. NE has done a superb job. Though the mag was leaking, I am seriously impressed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is something that has been very long in the making, thanks to Jim of LCs Engineering for performing the black magic. KWA ERG AK74 surgically transplanted into a E&L Steel body, everything you see externally is from the steel kit, only internals of the ERG was used, it was far from a drop in conversion but after the work, most things are now AEG standardised so parts can still be switched out, has a Tula 10000 rail fixed to the (spare) dust cover, with a PK-06 on top. This has a mild recoil sensation, I'd say similar to TM gen 1 recoil (Think TM recoil AK or G36, weaker than TM SOPMOD), has stop on empty, and requires charging of the bolt to reactivate upon putting in a fresh mag. Accompanying the AK74M is a Ghost Island full steel Makarov PMM with rs Bakelite grip.
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    Finally booked onto an Emergency First Aid at Work course to refresh myself (especially as AEDs weren't a thing last time I was qualified). It'll be a very basic course but if I get onto the SAR team I'd like to peruse becoming a team medic and I bet I'd get better deals doing it through them than striking out by myself.
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    Still needs a few finishing touches, but the world's hardest-to-holster pistol is now largely complete. Guns Modify trigger assembly, steel hop-up unit and frame pins, UAC stainless steel internal pins, Guarder steel everything else. The only remaining TM part is #G17-19, the front chassis retaining screw. Fitted with ACM Six Second mount, T1 and XC1, and Guns Modify lens protector which will soon be replaced to prevent fouling on the G17 slide's front sight. Vicious kick with APS CO2 magazines, which will be modified for liquid CO2 refill in a DevilHunter-esque manner. Apologies as usual for the horrible iPhone photos... I also have a PGC aluminium slide and outer barrel (threaded, so the extended inner doesn't stick out) for when I'm not allowed to use CO2 and need something a little less demanding.
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    ... might have to, no matter how pointless.
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    Got a Vant-VM kit from Grey Shop
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    Just hit them with a taser and shout "BREATHE". Probably works* *does not work.
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    Me using a TM next-gen M16A...something..!
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    Got to square up the medallion at any rate when I glued it back on. Then I did this.
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    Caught a thief at work on Sunday and he's having his investigation today. It's open and closed though given you see him swinging from the bottle on camera. He's been a problem employee for a while now but thanks to HR wanting everyone to play nice it's difficult to manage people sometimes. Also expecting my fancy new holdall today (mine is falling apart so wouldn't hold up on a journey) along with some new craghoppers trousers and shirts.
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    Don't forget to do CPR to the beat of "Staying Alive".
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    Better than yelling "It's alive! It's aliiiiiiive!!" after you hit he button.
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    Bit of a shameless plug here but I've got a VFC FNX sitting in my office, and I also make restrictor discs for that very purpose for the VFC MP7 and they do fit into the loading nozzle perfectly. Obviously as I've only just tested the fit I don't know what kind of FPS reduction figures they'd give but it stands to reason they will reduce the fps without reducing recoil, I found consistancy was much the same as stock in the MP7 so I'd be suprised if the FNX is any different really. Link to said restrictor discs, https://www.leesprecision.com/gbb-internal-parts/cnc-machined-power-restrictor-discs-for-vfc-umarex-elite-force-mp7
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    Changed up the TM recoil a bit with a PTS ZEV RIS Some new furniture and accessories for the GHK BCM 11.5"
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    My all-sort-of-bits Glock 17, that I use for 3-gun APSC. It has given me so much heartache, but when it works it shoots well. Started life as a twenty five quid Army R17, but nearly everything has been replaced. Ready Fighter MOS kit, real Glock RMR plate. GunsModify and Guarder everything else, inside and out. Oh, a Crazy Jet barrel too. I have an ARC Comp for posing, but it is a royal pain in the bum actually shooting with it. Looks nice with an X300, but a pain to holster. Running a Safariland 579 GLS on the UBL at the moment. Must have been through several shops fixing and replacing bits, so let''s see how long it last this time 🙄
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    Having got basically this assembled from the parts available from Guarder individually (albeit with a few Guns Modify parts) I actually quite like the idea of this product. If you're going all-in on a Glock build you're going to be using the majority of these parts anyway (unless you're going mainly Guns Modify, and only using Guarder to make up the difference). If there's a decent cost saving buying them all in one box rather than separately - especially since you otherwise end up having to hunt down parts from 10 different retailers and getting stung for shipping every time - then I think it's a useful product. The biggest saving, of course, is in never needing to buy a donor TM. I bought my Glock used with most of the upgrades already installed, so I don't know the total cost of the gun to its previous owner, but I do know it was built on a TM donor (based on the few remaining TM parts I replaced - the only remaining factory part is #G17-19, the front chassis retaining screw). I would be extremely surprised if the amount he paid for all those parts, even without including the TM donor, was less than double the cost of this complete kit. Nah, it's basically just most of their existing Glock parts catalogue preassembled - all of those parts are TM-spec. I'd also much prefer to see Guarder going forwards to Gen.5 rather than backwards to Gen.2... I reckon they figure there's just too many slide/BBU/sight combinations (even just in their own catalogue) to bother trying.
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    These things could be easily avoided by not breaking into cars, not running from police and not ignoring police commands.
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    You build it ? Or bought it as is bud ? Still looking bloody lovely which ever !

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