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    Is this how you try soldering? https://images.app.goo.gl/4oNoLJyzT8ozcKwA7
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    My current 6mm pride & joy GHK based Block I CQBR
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    I've got 350. I get actual 385 most of the time. It isn't just download, I can upload 20 which is pretty good, when you are hammering the internet I find my uploads to be the problem. Streaming 1440p or 1080p at 60fps at double speed can tap out the WiFi in my laptop but my hard wired things always work well. The other day I got a call from Virgin who were trying to up-sell me. "You can have more channels, more free calls and another box and whatever". "Nope, just want the internet. Don't watch TV, don't call people." "That can't be right, let me look at your usage statistics and - dang. OK have a nice day."
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    I've got an old Twix bar wrapper in my coat pocket I can post if that interests anyone.
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    So for anyone interested, I played again! And yes, I had a great time! Not sure I'll play regularly, but nice to dip my toes back into the gaming side of it all. Thought playing with only GBBRs would suck, but actually enjoyed it, and the short game styles didn't disadvantage me too much. Cheers, Michael
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    If you elect to get one, the little "handyman" vice stands with the alligator clip hands tend to help out immensely, at least for me. I will be the first to say I am not that good at soldering myself, but with time I've become confident enough to be able to do it regularly. I will also say a side effect of learning to do it is that now you will want to rewire all the things (such as me planning on rewiring my bizon tommorow for GATE NANOASR mosfet instead of its current inline mosfet system that taking up too much space).
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    The key is to have the iron hot. Put a very light coating of solder on the iron (tinning). Tin the deans connector. I like to do the sideways one first since it is harder to access. To hold it in place I use a heavy pair of pliers with an elastic band around the handles. Tin the end of the wires. Place the wire on the tinned deans tab and press down on the wire, not the tab with the iron. As the solder on the wire melts it will melt the solder tinned onto the deans. Melted solder seems to conduct heat better that solid solder. Make sure you are still holding the wire in the right place and remove the heat. Hold until the solder cools and goes dull. That should do it.
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    There are better and easier ways to get the attention you feel you didn't get as a child
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    That's because the Beretta 92FS and the M9 are the same pistol. M9 is just what the US military call it. Do you have boxes for anything other than crappy market place springers?
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    If a product or service is invented before you are 18 it is the most natural thing in the world and may as well have existed forever. Between 18 and 35 and it is the cool new tech and you absolutely have to have it. 35 to 65 use it if you have to, look stupid doing so. I liked my nephew's clip on TikTok but everybody responded with Egg-plant emojis, what does that mean? 65+? What was wrong with the good old days? This is needlessly complicated, why can't I just watch it on TV? What do you mean I can't call them that? There are only 2 genders, no son of mine....
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    The date is 2150. Someone brings a box of Cyberscum memorabilia to Antiques Roadshow. It is accidentally thrown in the bin.
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    The issue is this stuff is not interesting. It is not noteworthy at all. Sure it was made. It's airsoft but that doesn't really give it any significance. This isn't even box art, it's paper packaging from blister packed nasty cheap springers licensed by one of the most despised companies in airsoft (Cyberscum). A company that pretty much every airsofter wants to go under as they're so absolutely despicable. All they've done here is bought a bunch of crappy Chinese springers, probably for $1 (if that) each and muscled their way in with their greasy licensing. And lets face it, the packaging is dire too. Something a 10 year old could do with 15 mins and basic grasp of DTP software. If you want to archive this stuff, that's fair enough but it would be much more suited to something like a Wiki with tables, product numbers etc. These are not viable guns for skirmishing so I doubt anyone here would find any value to them. If you have interesting stuff from MGC, JAC, WA, Escort, Kokusai, Sheriff, Asahi, FTC, Maruzen etc we can get a bit more excited.
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    take door card off. push window up. put block of wood underneath window. 'fixed'.
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    Find and kill the UX people.
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    My "Rhodesied" VFC G3 gbb No.2: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm running a plex server, an ftp server and a p2p thingo out of my spare bedroom wardrobe. In is a NAS server to the computers in the house too. Despite that I can download GTA 5 in less than half an hour.
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    I'm not sure about different packaging, but yeah as I say there's never been like a Gen 2 or anything where the entire line changed. The AK models had a revamp specifically where they changed to having stop-on-empty and obviously they've released many more AR variants and the Minimi is interesting but that's all. We can but hope that one day they'll move over to setting the guns up with deans and mosfets etc vs the 8.4v nimh obsolescence they're still happy to sit on (obviously you can run them on 7.4 lipos, I know and I do, but they're not selling lipos or really building the guns with them in mind).
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    Cool. Knowing yourself and what works for you is the most important thing when doing anything challenging. I am currently writing up a training plan for a difficult bike ride that 3 of us are doing in June. I'm apprehensive but I know what to do.
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    That's Great! How far along are you on the Bren Ten?
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    I think Boom Arms still trade online with their hilariously ancient website, but the cafe was one of the first to go yonks ago. That unit is a Thai restaurant or hotpot place now, I can't remember exactly. Frankly I can't answer the root cause, but I remember a mass exodus from Kwong Wah about ten years ago (likely due to ridiculous rent) and a few moved to and area called Lai Chi Kok (where WGC and Redwolf now operate their online shop from, after also bouncing around a few places). Since then the handful that did go out there, eventually moved to Diamond Hill which sort of had a new cluster growing, but with the death of EhobbyAsia is also kind of dead now (Tiger11 warehouse is there, and MMC are holed up in a factory building that way still). I should probably do a write up at some point for any tourists to avoid disappointment. Michael
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    He has a restrictor disc installed to reduce the power output to UK legal levels. As for gas efficiency, have you checked the seal on the nozzle o-ring?
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    From what I remember of the first gen R36s: 100% clones of the WE Nozzle isn't great, can be a bit fragile, but the WE is a drop in replacement Stock Hop up rubber is pretty gash, would replace with a maple leaf Magazines generally good but sometimes come out of the box with leaks, in most cases simply a case of strip down, regrease, rebuild

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