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    Wedding 2 of this weekend done. Not so bad actually. They had a mead tent. So naturally, I am quite trashed.
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    Do they agree... Wait for it... With your palate? YES!
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    The problem with democracy is people. They are *suitcase*. The problem with dictatorships is one person. They might be *suitcase*. The real problem is that the only people who seem to have the means to successfully become a dictator are really, really bad. I feel like I would (as a generally good, fair, quite autistic person) be a relatively good dictator. Anyway, all the above issues are education related. While we were waiting for the educated people to make it through the system the ambulance thing would be dealt with in the short term by issuing people who make nuisance ambulance calls with an injury that would require an ambulance. You wake up in hospital and ask what happened - the nurse informs you that you got drunk, called and ambulance because you sprained your ankle and the paramedics broke both your legs with a surgical sledge hammer. That will be £5000 please.
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    I have a course on where the trainee should have been driving today. He showed up hung over/still drunk and was rather peeved to discover that instead of going for a nice relaxing drive we thought it would be a better use of his time to unroll and re-roll 30 cam nets.
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    I found myself on Arnies again after god knows how long. While I still have my plate carriers, I really got into LBVs mostly due to playing some Milsim West games from time to time. The rig is a FirstSpear Padded Patrol Harness, pouches are mostly Tactical Tailor, and the butt pack is Velocity Systems.
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    And if you don't have time for that, just bosh some cocaine and you'll be rampaging in no time
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    Pleased to say @DrAlexanderTobacco is going on a date tonight after what can only be described as a bit of a dry patch. I have it on good authority he'll be going to the gym to 'get a pump on' beforehand. So wish him the best of luck everyone!!
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    And I did. Posting this up because further changes are inbound...
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    Engraved version and NOT for the $100 more AY earlier mentioned. Still waiting for blued. https://www.kyairsoft.com/we-ct25-gbb-pistol-silver-12990.html
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    I heard that's what the Russians were actually there to see. That and the cathedral with it's world famous 123-metre spire.
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    Average isn't even particularly special. For someone to appear unusually intelligent in conversation they need to be up in the 130+ iq region. They also need to be educated (which is not the same as intelligent)[it may be more important though]. A person with an iq of 70 might as well be a clever dog. Both are the same distance from average though. Intelligence is an odd thing. And can be a curse.
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    Maybe he ages at the same rate as between TM teasers of new products until release 😛
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    "the best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversion with the average voter" Winston Churchill
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    I just bought an engine crane. The engine rebuild is getting closer! [emoji38] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    You should witness an MOT for an imported Swiss military vehicle from the '70s. You know your brakes don't work, right? Just letting you know, be careful.
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    Geologists have massively cooled off on the concept of peak oil tbh - The initial scare in the 70s was mostly down to rigs using the same extraction techniques they'd been using for the last century in the same rough locations - Since then there's been a massive boom in oil exploration initiatives, ways to extract etc. Price fluctuations for the next few decades will mostly be down to OPEC controlling supply. At the same time investment into renewables is proceeding very nicely so hopefully they'll cancel each other out over time.
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    I think by the time of properly autonomous cars, the laws will be updated to reflect the minimal input of a Human needed. I mean, these cars will probably end up not even having steering wheels. I reckon you'll be able to get smashed and have it drive you home no problem. Via the local kebab van of course.
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    Idiot work colleagues complaining about a bit of drizzle as if it's a torrential downpour. He wasn't too happy when I said there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing
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    Was lucky enough to be sent the face shield by Master Leman in Russia. Favourite paint job so far.
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