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    Made a clone of the KAC short rail without spending $100 and having to get around ITAR
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    Had to visit the wife's friends on in Hastings today. Went for a walk on the "beach", the weather turned. Went to a charity shop, bought a fleece, wore it all day and stuck it in a charity clothes drop off bin. Fleece rental - Β£6. I feel all ethical and *suitcase*.
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    Finally got round to watching "The Expanse" and I'm hooked...
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    Open for criticism on my new loadout. 12/10 would operate with.
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    Meanwhile I feel like a sneaky *bramston pickle* finding a Splav m23 chest rig for 75$ shipped stateside just now. Appears to not be the current models being sold for silly prices elsewhere too. Does it make sense to have one having just bought another vest? No, but I got "super overtime" hours starting Tuesday and I feel like burning money out of spite. I believe it falls under the "ooh, shiny thing!" motive, but more like "ooh, old condura thing!"
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    It was there but disappeared a couple of years ago and was replaced by an Alvis Stalwart and some sort of jet fighter just parked next to the paintball site. I started the thread asking about the Stargate many years ago and now drive past that area a few times a week. Jim.
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    Hmm, I'm pretty sure that Stargate on M6 was mentioned in this very thread years back, because I recall seeing the discussion about it.
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    Long time no see. While im still here i might aswell post something. One of my latest build, a Zastava M70AB2. Base out of a LCT AEG and added real parts from a real gun i shopped down to a legal parts kit to bring back home. A nunchuck battery is hidden and custom fited in the lower handguard. So that the real bolt carrier can be racked. Instead of listing whats real and airsoft i made a pic, simply showing how much it is. All real parts are genuine Zastava, used in the balkan war. For more posts, check out my page Real Fake Guns FB, Youtube and Instagram
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    Most recent things acquired. Awaiting on a few other things over the next week or so (gotta burn overtime money on something right). Set of Bytek cobra side zip boots and a 2006 Splav M22 vest. Sadly said vest will not work for bizon magazines (pouches are too loose), so it will either be RPK dedicated vest or backup vest when I feel too lazy to reload mags and just take off my main vest to throw this one on with mags already loaded in it.
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    The Warminster one is in the middle of the woods. You can't see it from the road.. DBS cert printing means you'll be fine through the checks, they'll take an age to post it though.
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    TRMR or dynatex would be better than either of those
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    Super nice, ever considered getting the new slimline motors and stuffing it into a milled real steel pistol grip?
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    Paint it like this ! And then just sit back and watch all the β€˜pureistes’ have a total meltdown followed by a stroke ! 😈😈😈😈😈 🀣🀣🀣🀣 PS , looks bloody good bud ! πŸ‘
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    With regards to the 416 grip on a WE AR, I suggest you boy the real thing: http://www.zib-militaria.de/epages/61431412.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61431412/Products/100223
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    Sprayed the upper on my mk18 build. Can't wait to wear it in some..

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