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  1. Bankz, go lay down and count to ten before posting next time. Every reply from you on this page makes you sound rude; ask your mom if you can post on the internet first the next time you decide to act like a child.


    jkpics, post pictures of the carnage next time!

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  2. Is this stippled using a tool? Looks very uniformed yet not if you know what i mean?


    Yes, it's created typically by using a wood burning tool with a multi-pin head. There are all sorts but it's usually something shaped like the head of a nail with a texture on it. 


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  3. Great first post, I was wondering how it would perform. Wasn't going to buy one myself, but it's great to see new technologies. If you have time to post some good pictures, I'm sure we would all appreciate admiring it from afar.



    Still, I've been thinking about letting it go to a new home, but perhaps not. 


    Split it, sell me the rail and barrel. I've already bought like half the stuff you've sold, so why not more?  :D


    Also, I used to love 1-pt slings, but I kept getting smacked in the nuts whenever I transitioned. I stick with 2-pt now, but to each his own!

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