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  1. Ok got some time to shoot the Hk417. Was rather windy, still I got constant hits on man size figure at range 70+ meters. With M120 spring It got a little bit lower ROF but the sound now is really cool. Like 7,62 mm shooting :D. Really cool. Was using scope to check the results.



    Interesting that you mention you have an m120 in it. Is that a standard spring, or one of the shorter ones supposedly designed for recoil gearboxes? I don't profess to know anything about springs and could well be being fed lies, but product descriptions for 'recoil-specific' springs say this:


    Using a oversized aeg spring in one of these gearbox's will cause excess wear to your stock tube threads or poor cycling / reduced battery efficiency.



  2. JOYF8fTh.jpg


    Had some pouches tailored for me by Eklam (/Flimmuur Tactical) since HSGI stopped making their tacos in A-TACS FG. A small wait for materials followed by an even smaller one for them to be made up and I finally have a low[er] drag setup than my previous triple-decker tacos which were absurd.


    Four rifle tacos and four pistol tacos, slightly extended so they grip my XDM mags better (feed lips + relatively lengthy pistol mag = poor retention in the HSGI ones)


    Beautiful tailoring and none of the horrors of having to use malice clips to attach these ones!

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  3. Just as soon as WGCShop come back from their easter break I will have one of these being shipped to me. With any luck, UPS will mess me about less with customs than EMS (well, Parcelforce really) always does.


    Then comes an exercise in self-restraint to leave it the hell alone. I'll probably put a tightbore in it, someone mentioned the hop unit is a bit of a pain to disassemble without breaking it, but i'm sure its absolutely fine. 

  4. Picking up a Scar-H in the near future most likely... noticed my intended retailer has had ~14 in stock for a fair while now. Any dangers in picking up what may be old(er) stock and were there any known flaws present in earlier production models that may have been ironed out if I deliberately chose a retailer with 'new' stock?


    I'm almost tempted to order from Impulse101 so i can take the opportunity to pick up some spares at the same time.


    I hear the stock release button is brittle and shatters quite easily and earlier in this thread I saw some damage to the rear of the bolt (forgive the probably incorrect terminology) but other than that I think all is well. Just making sure before dropping £500 on something!

  5. Had someone at a game day pass me one of these to have a hold of with the medium grip on it - it felt like there was a circle pressing into the centre of my palm - quite an odd feeling. Is this just me and does the smaller grip do away with this?

  6. It is not necessarily true that all G5s shoot 350 out of the box. By in large they do, but mine consistently shot 360-370 on an xcortech last summer and just over 350 in normal weather. Thankfully, my local use god awful madbull blue chronos which put it at 345fps

  7. Pics with the stock extended?


    +1 on the flash hider though, but if you like, that's awesome.

    Sweet project!


    Yeah, pretty sure nobody who has seen this likes the compensator, but hey, i like it! 




    Stock extended. Sorry about the poor lighting.


    Having a bit of trouble with the barrel nut not tightening up enough so you can unscrew the barrel if you apply a not-that-big-amount-of pressure opposite ways on the receiver and the rail. Have just moved the t1 down slightly for extra security though.

  8. Lovely rifle I just admit, a very good idea using that combination of parts! Time to change mine! :P



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    I'm sorry, but also not sorry at all, for pinching the stock idea! You'll always win with that lovely JP Rifles receiver though :D

  9. rist47.jpg



    Pretty much finished with this one! Just gotta rewire the gearbox (front wiring, ew, but the things i do to use that stock...)


    G&P Magpul MOE Base


    VFC HK416c Stock

    PTS Emags


    Madbull PWS Diablo

    Element Surefire M300 Clone w/ TSC Gear Sector Mount Clone

    PTS MBUS Rear + a clone front MBUS

    G&P PEQ-15 Battery Box w/ Laser


    Next up is the internals revamp and trying to make as clean a front wiring job as possible.

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  10. Figured this was the best place to ask: Anyone know if the real noveske keymod rail pieces fit on the madbull nsr handguards? The madbull made 9-slot is too long for my purposes and getting in the way of an otherwise incredibly comfortable grip and noveske make a 4-slot.

  11. One of my magazine's had the same problem as Honzo, so I did the same thing - took out soaked the valve o rings for a while. Instead of fixing the problem, when i put everything back together and tightened it back up, all gas that went in through the fill valve came straight out the outlet valve. Bizarre, as thats pretty much the one thing that IS meant to work. Gave it to a tech and he said he couldn't for the life of him get it to hold gas and there was nothing for it but a new valve or a new mag. Ended up just getting a new mag.


    Odd, because tightening the base screws and siliconing the valves worked fine on the other 5.

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  12. Speaking of soaking o rings: Meant to post on here a while ago when I still had my G5. I had issues with it not being able to fire on full auto because the nozzle couldn't return fast enough and would be very tight in the bolt. This happened after a strip down and a maintain. After a couple months sitting in a case it begun working absolutely fine again. My guess is I shouldn't have put silicon anywhere near the grey o ring as it seems it had swollen enough to stop proper cycling!


    Probably a very common sense thing but any newbies out there to maintenance take heed!

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