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  1. Citizen beware! I am Experimental Modular WeaponSystem, Codename Lard Lad the great Shooty wobbler. My blubber will stop a BMG round.



    I am the next evolution in modern Warfare.

  2. I love this thing;its so powerful they will call the hit- esp if theyre close enough to see youve got a follow up shot lined up...good job with the silencer- Im thinking of getting the carbine barrel. (Evike do one and claim significant range over the standard) Id love some wood grips for it but every us site will not ship to uk.

  3. Really nice weathering mate; how did you do it?


    Ivw s0ent months tryin to get that look inc sandpaper, beltgrinder, strip reblue then beat up...its not right though.


    I love your romanaian kalash (or was that hungarian?)- clearly a quality aeg.

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