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So I read a review of the HFC G17 in the review database and want to find more info on it.


I go to the forum search function. Neither HFC nor G17 return results, because they're both three letters. So I try using the * as a wildcard, which was suggested in another thread., but this only shows results which have 4+ characters, all of which are about HFC134a gas. Nothing seems to work. Any help, please?


Edit: I tried ordering all the topics in general discussion alphabetically and found that that gave me a decent amount of info, once I found where "HFC G" started, but still, it'd be nice if the search function could perform a little better.

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This is an inherant problem of a hobby that uses three letter acronyms. If we set the forums to cache everything as a key that is three letters in size the key file gets huge. Bear in mind that the data for the forum text alone goes into several Gb now. It's just not something that's possible right now. If I can sort it in the future so that it functions stably I will.

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