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King Arms X47 Folding Stock Review

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King Arms X47 Folding Stock Review

With all the different types of AK on the market I decide I wanted a tactical AK 47. So I started looking around for a base AEG to use, finally I settled on the King Arms X47. This review will walk as though the King Arms X47, its build quality, performance, pros, cons and finally what upgrades it needed to be a tactical AK. In the end this is just one possible version of what a tactical AK could look like.


Table of Contents

First Impressions

Real Steel History

Appearance/Feel/Build Quality



Pros & Cons

Personal Opinion



First Impression

This being my first purchase from King Arms I was not sure what to expect from them. So when I received my package in the mail it was nice colorful box with their logo and a picture of their company’s coat of ARM’s on the cover. After opening the box I was pleased to see a very well packaged product.



King Arm’s included the following items with their AEG: the Ak47X with folding stock, front hand grip, 5 small rail covers, a plastic HI cap mag (600 rounds) and basic owner’s manual. No cleaning rod or take down manual was provided.


Other items purchased for this build were: Madbull Noveske Flash Amplifier, G&P Marine Battery Stock, EA Green Laser Sight, Element Mini Scout Light, LCT Grip Adapter, King Arms Stock Adopter, Magpul Beta Project AK Mid Cap Mag’s, Red Dot and 3X Magnifier.



Real Steel History

The Real Steel History of the AK Assault Rifle is a long and distinguished one, AK’s can be found being made in part or whole in back shops of Afghanistan to major countries as the U.S.A, Russia and many others. Here is a link to the history of this Assault Weapon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AK-47


Appearance/Feel/Build Quality

After unfolding the rear stock on the X47 the two things you will notice will be the rail system (more than enough rails to make anyone happy) and the rear stock. The rails on the X47 are made out of Aluminum and are fasten to the AEG at different points. There is no movement of this system and extremely well made. X47 has a full metal receiver that is stamped and pressed. For the rear stock on the other hand is made out of nylon fiber and its seams to take away from the look of the X47. Now the mag is a 600round hicap, but made out of plastic and looks/feels like plastic.


When moving the selection lever from safe to semi or auto, reveals a gap between the top cover and the bolt carrier.



The only markings on this AEG are the fire select, the rail system, serial number and other marks. There are no weapon magnification trades what so ever on the AK X47 AEG.






Over all the build quality is well done in the choosing of material, the only real drawback is in the mag that was provided and the mag well. The mags I have tried are Magpul Beta Project AK Mid Cap Mag’s, Real Sword Mid Cap and King Arm’s Hicap. All mags fit loosely and wobble while inserted.


Battery Installation:

1. First remove the X47 top rail removing the follow screws (see pic), do not remove the screw on your rear site, and only loosen it!

2. After removing those four screws and loosening the other, move the lock pin up wards and the rear site.

3. Remove the top rail but be careful you don’t scratch your receiver cover it’s a close fit.

4. Remove the receiver cover and install your battery. The battery is an AK stick battery for AK 47 8.4 volt 1400mAh or the AK 47S.







Over all taken down takes a little time due to the X47 rail system, caution should be used with the rail due to it being made out of aluminum, threads will strip easier do to the nature of the soft alloy.


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For the removal of the hopup and mechbox, you are required to disassemble the whole barrel assembly to remove the lower rail. Then it is possible for you to remove these screws and split the AEG in half. One half hopup assemble and the other half mechbox assembly.








The barrel and hopup system is that of regular AK AEG and nothing special about it, many aftermarket parts can be found for it. The inner barrel stock length is 455mm long. I replaced the barrel with a Guarder tight bore 6.04mm and the hopup packing and nub with a Prometheus Soft Type.




With the mechbox wiring for the battery I was surprise to see that no inline fuse was provided/attached to the wiring harness. The mechboxs it’s self in a stander 7mm bearing one, don’t know why they didn’t use their 8mm bearing one.





• Internals are pretty basic parts stuff, gears are steel

• Sector gear clip on the steel gear set

• Very basic spring guide, plastic with a washer for the spring

• Basic air nozzle (no o-ring)

• Piston and head are good to go along with the included 1joule spring, a cut out allows the spring some breathing room

• Basic shimming was provided

• Motor has a decent magnet to it, good for basic toque and speed








Rate of fire with the following batteries:

NIMH 8.4 Volt = 14rps

Lipo 7.4 volt 2200 mah 20C = 14rps

Lipo 11.1 volt 1300mah 20C = 23rps




The range I tested at was at 25 meters and every shot had a decent grouping, BB’s used was SIIS .2 grams.




My chrono died while I was making this review



• X47 rail system

• Metal receiver

• Basic ver. 3 mechbox with 7mm bushings

• Nice over all paint finish

• Expandable/upgrade for players needs



• No fuse for the mechbox/battery

• Spring guide is plastic with a washer for the spring

• Gap between the top cover and the bolt carrier

• Magazine and Mag Well


Personal Opinion


King Arm’s AK X47 is a decent AEG for the price I paid for it and it is a good plat form for future upgrades and mods. Yes it does have some draw backs with the look of the rear stock, hicap mag, mag well and spring guide. When designing the X47 a little bit more thought should have gone into the design of this AEG and still leaving the customer wonting to buy extras/improvements. Let’s be honest that is where the money is for the company.




• Installing a extreme-fire SW-CHEETAH-2N Mosfest

• Wiring upgrade to 16 AWG Silicone Wire

• Tight bore barrel

• Rear Stock


To Be Continued

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Well i have rewired the mechbox for a SW-CHEETAH-2N mosefet http://extreme-fire.com/SW-CHEETAH-2N.html and installed the King Arm's adapter for a M4 stock. Some filling was required on the adapter so it would fit the X47 rear part of the receiver. Depending on which stock you choice will depend if you need to cut down the rear adapter. For my self i was required to make this cut so my stock would fit. Here is a link to what is required if you choice this stock. http://airsoft-club.com/shop/external-upgrade/grip-stock/stock/gmarine-battery-stock-for-m4-m16-aeg-black-gp774b also i changed the screw to a short length so it would not enter fear with the wiring.





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First of all i need to thank Golgo 13 for installing one of his AB mosfets for me, currently was uable to pickup the SW-CHEETAH-2N mosefet. Other upgrades were done to the mechboxs:


Guarder Ball Bearings Spring Guide

Guarder Air Nozzle with o-ring

Guarder Tappet Plate

16AWG Silver Silicon Wire for motor

20AWG wire for trigger switch/gate wires

Dens plugs


After all was done the rate of fire stayed the same, telling me that the stock motor is working at its max and any improvement would require a new motor (may be a g&p 160).



Here is the final product of what i think makes a nice tactical AK, trigger response is outstanding.



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As i said in a different thread we had are first game of the season and i brought out my rs 97b and my X47. I have to say X47 shoots extremely well and the length was like using a DMR in a match. The only real draw back is the weight, but that is something that does not real matter that much to me.


This pic was taken during a snow shoe hike in the Hokkodas.



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i recently bought this gun and skirmished it at combat south last sunday. it performed like an absolute dream. chrono'd at an average of 335 fps with excel .2. stock range, rof and grouping is very good. the balance and build quality. first king arms aeg I've bought and I am hugely impressed.

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yep :( 2nd skirmish the stock fell apart and the fire selector jammed !! never had that happen in 14 years of skirmishing ! ive sent it back to the retailer under warranty so hopefully it'll be up and running again soon. the performance is that good (chuck a 4x acog on, the amount of kills i got was stunning) that i won't be parting with it even after that mishap !

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