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Introduction to Midas Airsoft


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Welcome to Midas Airsoft.


A new UK based shop for all your airsoft needs.

We stock a massive range of internal spares for almost every brand of AEG, as well as everyday airsoft essentials.

We only stock what we would personally use in our own airsoft rifles.


We are happy to undertake any custom build. Just drop us an email and we can discuss your needs.


Our mission for the year.


The first new and really exciting thing to be launched is Midas Innovative Airsoft Or MIA as it will become known.


We are lucky enough to be in discussion with a MAJOR airsoft manufacturer who will be creating for us what we consider to be quality custom parts. We will begin with some of the more popular gearbox modifications. High strength pistons pre-built for high rates of fire are already in the pipeline.


Production has already started on our sorbothane impact protection kits for AEG's, and bolt action rifles. Click here for more information and purchasing.


Some more of our first products are also on their way as you read this. We have some hop rubbers and buffers on route as well as some steel L96 and VSR sears, these will be offered as a kit and prices will be very competitive compared to even imported prices!


Thanks for reading and we hope you will be regular visitors.


We will be updating often, in the mean time - just drop us an email if we can help you!


Dont forget to visit our website!

Midas Airsoft

We Aim to Please



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