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Punisher - Shoot and scoot Lee Enfield purchase

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Hi guys, I will paste the emails that have been sent here. Basically I received the gun however it was not all in "full working order" as he guaranteed me, it is without a working magazine (the 1 I received has broken) and what I now realize is the guns magazine feeder (referred to it as black plastic unit) was broken in the gun. Also the other magazine sold with the gun has not arrived.




Here is the email I sent today, with the other emails I sent inside it.







Hi, I have sent you several emails which you have not responded to, despite being online, I shall send them to you through another email, in case you are not receiving them or something.


Sent 20 July 2011 - 05:09 PM


"Hi, it has arrived, I am happy with the gun although there are a few problems / issues that I would like you to explain.


Firstly, you sold the gun with two magazines however I have only received one. When I began firing the gun - within the first 20 shots - the gun double fed and at one point didn't feed at all (it even fed once wedging a bb in between the cylinder nozzle and the hop up unit meaning I had to recock and remove the bb). I believe that these feeding problems were the result of a faulty magazine, although it could be another part that is broken as I will mention later. In addition to this on further firing the magazine ceased feeding all together, I believe it is a problem with the spring as it is no longer visible from the top and when inserting bb's they simply drop down. Therefore the sole magazine I have received does not operate and the only way in which I can load the gun with bb's is through manually cocking the gun half way, dropping a bb in the cylinder and completing the cocking handle motion, I have quite obviously been given a faulty magazine although I don't believe you are a scammer and am not accusing you of that, hence sending this email to receive an explanation and resolution. Why were these problems not mentioned when I bought the gun and where is the other magazine advertised in the sale?


Secondly there was a black plastic unit that was stuck in the chamber blocking the magazine from being inserted, I cannot explain it but I hope a picture will help you recognize what it is, to view click the links.






I removed this part which was loosely trapped between the cylinder and the brass part which the cylinder nozzle enters. Whilst removing this the plastic tore in two hence why it is in two pieces


It seems as if it is an important part and it not being there could possibly be the cause of the misfeeding problems, although I am not technically minded so am not sure, and in past experience it is the magazine which causes the feeding problems I am experiencing. I don't know why this part was trapped, needing force to remove so that the gun could be operated (by loading the magazine and even cocking the gun - which it blocked), maybe you can explain, and could you explain its significance as a part?


Overall I like the gun - especially the externals, however in its current state it is unusuable with a magazine that does not work (and with no spare magazine like advertised) and when it did work it (or the piece that came broken and trapped in the gun as mentioned in my second point)caused feeding issues that were not mentioned in the advert, the gun is not in "all working order" as you claimed. I am sure there is an understandable reason for this and hope we can quickly resolve this.





Sent Today, 01:35 PM


"Hi, you have been online several times since I sent my last email and I am starting to become concerned that you deliberately sent this gun knowing it had the faulty magazine and without the other magazine as advertised. I didn't want to have to pursue this course of action but if you do not respond within the next few days I will be forced to start a paypal dispute and get refunded enough money to buy two magazines (I do not know what to do about the broken plastic part that I was forced to remove from the gun - it has become obvious that this was the magazine feeder built into the brass hop unit, thus it is causing feeding problems)


Please respond.






Here's a link to the sale page:



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After 8 days of waiting I have not recieved the additional magazine that the seller said he had posted on the 22nd. He is no longer in contact with me. This issue is still unsettled - I have sent him additional emaails and commented on his profile page - I hope that he will get back in contact with me otherwise I will start a paypal dispute and claim in refund the amount of an additional aps-2 magazine from wherever I can find one.


Here is the email he sent me on the 22nd confirming it was "on its way"

Sent 22 July 2011 - 03:34 PM

hello just got online the 2mag is on its way to you as didnt have time to send alltogether as was in a rush sent out in full working order a got the rifle of here last year a used it at a couple of event games eg ww2 the mag some times sticks as cos of the mod to them by sac just use a bit of lube to free up the spring any onther probs let me no

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