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Autumn Price Drop


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With autumn just around the corner, we've made some major changes to Flecktarn.co.uk

The first is the new website colourscheme: it's lighter in colour, lighter to load, and features more products than ever!

To celebrate the first of these changes, we have dropped the price of NYCO ACU clothing by 25% !


NYCO ACU Boonie Hats are now £5.75 down from £7.66

NYCO ACU Shirts are now £13.75 down from £18.38

NYCO ACU Trousers are now £13.75 down from £18.38


There is also a link back "breadcrumb trail" through each product menu so you can easily jump backwards through the site.


Coming soon includes: shipping rates automatically added to your cart as you go, other exciting stuff I can't speak of (ooooh).

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