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Hey guys!


im new to airsofting, I have been to my first match and loved it i think i have the bug! hoping to get my ukara membership sometime after christmas and my dad is getting one to because he liked it aswell...


im saving up for a good gun thinking of an Ares Tar-21 but im thinking by the time i have the money will it still be in stock on most websites. some of the guns go out of stock quickly then don't come back in! :( be cool if you guys could help me out because i dont want to get my hopes up and it goes out of stock :(



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Could you not set up some sort of payback scheme with your dad? I assume hes going to be able to afford one much faster than you, but then im sure he'd get much more enjoyment if you were properly enjoying yourself with your own gun too. So why not ask if he can pay for the gun, and then have your main christmas present as a down payment on the gun? that should take away a chunk of it, then work out a payment plan of maybe £20 a month? or £50 a month? depending on your budget.



Sound like a plan? when I was younger I used to use this method to get things that I could only afford slowly!

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