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So here is my quick review Flimmuur Tactical's Custom gear!


I found out about Flimmuur Tactical via Arnies( I think via one of CKinnerly's posts.

I decided to investigate further while  I was doing a bit of browsing for custom gear makers based in the UK  to get some decent pouches for my MP7 magazines.


We discussed what designs would work and what material/camo pattern was needed and after sending over some measurements and Ideas we settled on the design seen below.






The primary use for this setup will be CQB, so i wanted a pouch that held the mag tight but still offered a quick magazine change.


The triple pouch is slightly bulkier than a regular pouch but it gives me the option to carry more pistol mags in a very accesible place.





Check them out ! If need you need any gear that maybe isnt a mass produced item, or just want high quality gear then look no further. You can contact Ed on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/flimmuurtactical123 or on the forum via the username eklam






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