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DeadChristmas69's Compendium of And Guide To Airsoft BBs, and Accessories

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Thank you for stopping by.

This thread is dedicated to preserving various information, photographs and scans about Airsoft Accessories. The scope of this thread will cover a broad range of items, including optics, targets, tools, and especially, BBs and their containers.

The purpose of this thread, is to preserve the legacies of otherwise lost to time, or relatively known information about the aforementioned items. I hope to allow readers to enjoy this information for as long as possible, and will be backing up this information to increase its longevity and possibility to survive the tests of time.

You can access my entire library on Dropbox. This link contains all the Airsoft scans, photographs, videos, and more. It's all the content I've taken so far. Latest revision dates of each folder will be marked. The link is provided below:


Additionally, it is hosted on AirsoftSociety: https://www.airsoftsociety.com/threads/deadchristmas69s-compendium-of-and-guide-to-airsoft-bbs-and-accessories.160593/#post-1815015

I hope you find this thread entertaining, and useful!

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There was a time when the BBs we know as "Ultrasonic" didn't have a special name at all.


This is an example of such pellets: The "Champion's Choice" 0.12 gram pellets, which were manufactured in Korea by ToyStar. Apparently, they were recommended by Eric Grauffel, world champion ISPC. Exactly what he himself recommended them for is unclear. That being said, the label claims that the BBs work best with "super-soft and "softairs" that fire with 0.3 J, 230 FPS, and 73 MPS. I believe that this instruction is much more agreeable than claims made by the later Ultrasonic BB labels.

Another interesting point, is that the color of the jar's lid can be used to roughly identify its region of manufacture. One should certainly find the "Made In..." text on the container or its label to confirm.

Of course, these pellets are not recommended for replicas that ascend from LPEG/springer status. Most of these BBs do have visible seams, though, comparing them to the Chinese-made ultrasonic pellets, they are indeed subjectively superior in regards to quality-control. Though, even if the seams are controlled or not present at all, they still suffer from a larger air-pocket from the production process. Fortunately, upon inspection, the air pocket does seem to be consistent enough for consistent shooting. That is to say, true to the sights after calibrating one's replica.

The pellets, like all other 0.12's I've tested, do explode or shatter after taking a strong enough blow. Please keep that in mind if you want to use them on a field, or could hit a hard surface while target shooting.

The link below contains additional photographs, tags, and notes about this item.


Latest revision: 29/MAR/20

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