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KWA Ronin T10, questions, experiences requested.

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The moment life gets a tad more normal I'd like to give airsoft another go.
Having owned a KM4 SR10 I was quite fond of, I'd like to but both a Ronin T10 and a QRF Mod.1.

Now, the T10 was presented as having a mag cutoff, which I like. Yet many reviews don't mention it and answers on Reddit state that KWA did away with it some time ago.
Can we mod it back, is it back, how does it work?
What's the general feel here on Arnies about KWA M4's?

About the QRF Mod1: what side mag and thus magpouches could I use? Same as ASG Scorpion Evo i'd wager?
General feel of the QRF's?


Ps. I'm well aware of the youtube 'reviews', but I've found the to be in-depth as a puddle, most of the times.

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