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VFC PSG-1 (Umarex licensed)

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If you're anything like me, the PSG-1 has always been a "bucket list" gun. I was fortunate enough (after about 17 years of drooling over one) to pick a TM PSG-1 up back in 2017. It was a beautiful gun, but definitely felt a little fragile...like it was meant to be more of a display piece than something to take outside and show the world. Now we fast forward to 2020 when VFC announced that it will be releasing the PSG-1...all the feelings I had during thouse young teenage nights of playing Metal Gear Solid and drooling over the TM PSG-1 came back ten-fold. I didn't know if it would be any good in GBBR form, but I did know that either way I had to get one. So I did. 

After months of trying to find one anywhere, on December 6th I noticed that Red Wolf had them back up for sale as "pre-order" restock items. I placed my order immediately. She shipped on December 9th, and was at my door on December 13th (I love you Red Wolf). Now I haven't actually got to shoot her yet, so this will all be initial thoughts, but damn she's a beauty. 

The package arrived and was as one would expect...huge. I quickly and carefully cut open the large form fitting cardboard box and was met with a nicely marked (stickered) plastic hard case. The hard case is definitely not Pelican quality or anything, but it's decent and it does it's intended job. 


Upon opening the hard case I was met with a loosely fitted thick gauge plastic bag, much like you would get covering a brand new, never issued, AK47 (minus the cosmoline bath). 


Under the first layer of foam you will also find your magazine, speed loader with attachment, and all your paperwork for the gun.


But...who cares about that stuff. I set it all aside and got right down to the nitty gritty...the gun itself. When I say it's beautiful, I mean it's...BEAUTIFUL. The upper and lower are stamped steel and feels solid as a rock. I'm talking baseball bat solid. The plastic used for the furniture is extremely high quality feeling, heavy, and dense. It feels just like (if not better than) real steel G3 furniture. The grip, though not real wood, also feels and looks very good. Now for a gun that costs as much as this, I really wish VFC would have done a real wood grip, BUT the stock plastic one is still very nice. Now my personal favorite part...the trademarks. They are very good looking and check all the right boxes in terms of looks. 


Simply put, the gun is gorgeous. The first order of business was to swap the 4x scope from my TM onto the VFC. Down the line, I might get a new dedicated optic for one of them (utilizing real steel stanag rings, not the unsightly and obnoxiously high scope rail), but for now this will do. 

(TM bottom, VFC top)
(TM bottom, VFC top)


This is all I have time to write for now...I'll come back with a pt. 2 after I actually get to shoot the gun a little. I have already broken it down and de-greased and re-lubed everything. VFC used a pretty heavy grease and it noticeably slowed down the cycling of bolt (just from hand cycling the charging handle), so I would definitely recommend a de-grease and re-lube of it before use...but we'll get into that later. Anyways, hope you all enjoy pt. 1 and stay tuned...


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