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Hi, we provide cutting-edge tactical accessories primarily for AK & AR platforms. These accessories have been designed for, and are used by military, special forces, and armed police worldwide and are now available to Airsoft shooters.

These high-quality accessories include buttstocks, handguards, bipods, and more to customise your rifle for better handling, accuracy & comfort. They reflect decades of design experience and improvement through successive generations of weapon accessories over 25 years. All of our accessories are field tested under extreme conditions and meet the most stringent industry standards worldwide.

Our website can be found at www.fabdefense.co.uk, keep an eye out for the redesign in the next month or so.

For transparency, these products are distributed in the UK by us at Shooting Supplies Ltd and can also be found in our Bromsgrove, Worcestershire store or on our website.

Thanks for reading!

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