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Ciao (Hi) to everyone


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Hi Guys

I'm Cpt Kaos and my battle nickname is "Animal" (from Full Metal Jacket),

I start to play softair so far ago, it was running the year 1986... Yes 20 years with a gun replica (and not only replica) in my hand, at that time it was something not known and not organized but We kept going and so here we are now, faraway from home for work but with my team-mate always with me in my mind, I play with "The Big One S.A.T." in Genoa Italy , in my best period I had a quite good armoury: Glock 17, AK47 Marui, M4A1 Marui, M249 Top, Mossberg 800, spring Uzi, Steyr TMP , Sig 551 Marui with scope, Sig 552 Marui , MP5K Marui also before I got my own M249 , I was the "user" of the team owned M60 ,but then I'd to sell almost everything for some problem. :(

I'm a militaria collector especially of what is from Israel and former Rhodesia, I sped the first hours of my days in the gym hitting the weight trying to stay fit for when I'm going home and my team buddy will kick my *** (got the idea) just for welcome me home and tease me.... hihihihiihhi :P

Ok ,I'm done as I don't want bother Ya with my biography... :Zzz:


Ciao Cpt Kaos


PS If someone is coming on a cruise ,let me know ,may be I'm on your ship... working grrrrrrrrrrr

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