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APEX Crane Stock review

by Arnie

APEX Airsoft
Crane Stock

By Arnie

Features Can fit
2000mAh 9.6v
2x butt plates

APEX Airsoft

Well the lads at APEX Airsoft are new on the scene
and coinciding with their launch (their website is expected to
be finished in the second week of October) offered to send in
one of their new stocks for perusal.

So what do you get? Well the crane stock itself
comes with a rubber band around it, two battery pipes and two
size different buttplates.

What was sent

Now why the rubber band?

First looks:

Fitment is dead simple, simply pull up the pin in the centre
of the sliding stock lever, and slide the old stock right off.
Now depress the new crane stock’s lever and slide that one on.

The difficult bit comes when you want to have a battery inside
the stock. Handily APEX sent me the correct battery


Batteyr specs:

The battery module that I’d sent along with our Enhanced Battery
Stock for your review is a Ni-MH one. Ni-MH battery can handle
m170 springs but won’t do a good job with m190 or higher ones.
So please use standard springs with the Ni-MH battery.

Although Ni-MH has the advantage of memory-less, it is more
suitable for low-drain, high-speed operations such as CD player.
Since our primary market is in Japan where airsoft is restricted
to less than 1.0 J. Hence it is speed that they are going after.
Upgraded springs demand more torque from the motor; in that case,
our SANYO 9.6V Ni-Cd 1700mAh battery module is more suitable.


Crash test

Test Setup:

•  Use a brand new bare bone TM M733
•  Use
APEX EBS-02, Enhanced Battery Stock made of ABS material
•  Without
•  The stock is fully extended
•  Drop height:
4 feet between the lowest point of the Stock and the landing surface
•  Landing
surface: hard concrete warehouse floor
•  Landing angle:
perpendicular down, stock land first.
•  Drop count: 2

Drop Procedure:
•  Rise and hold the M733
at the drop height, Stock pointing downward
•  Release
and allow the M733 to free fall crashing down to the landing surface

•  After the first drop:
•  Both pieces of
the M733 hand guard flew apart
•  The impact momentum
forced the Stock to retract to the shortest position on the butt
•  Very minor scratches on the stock
•  No
other apparent damage to both the M733 and the Stock
•  After
the second drop:
•  The impact momentum again forced
the Stock to retract to the shortest position on the butt tube
•  The
fixing ring and its components for the hand guards flew apart
•  The
gas tube flew away
•  Very minor scratches on the Stock
•  The
M733 is not as rigid; something is loose inside
•  No
other apparent damages to both the M733 and the Stock
•  Close
•  Both rear fixing pin hinges of the M733
upper body are broken
•  No visible cracks on the front
fixing pin hole; however the pin fall out freely
•  The
last release stop position of the M733 butt tube is damaged
•  The
stop pin inside the Stock is bent.



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Wednesday, October 22, 2003 8:14 PM
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