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Spetsnaz Update

Metal Gear Solid Special
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Spetsnaz Update

people have wondered what the reasoning behind the release of the Tokyo
Marui Beta Spetsnaz
has been. Why an AK of all things? At least it wasn’t
an Armalite, but is there going to be a call for a “modern” Kalashnikov
after all, the AKS and AK47 mainly sells on the fact (in Japan) that it
was in the Vietnam Conflict. But for the year 2001 – what gives?

Well, I think I’ve got
a fair idea! With the stunning release of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of
, on the Sony Playstation 2, It all becomes clear!

In the Game, Mr Unshaven
himself, Solid Snake, comes up against a large amount of what look like
Russian Special Forces. Dusting off his Mk23, and Scrabbling around for
another FA-MAS clip, we find that the Spetsnaz guys are toting a rather
familiar weapon! The AK74 Spetsnaz.

Okay, so its not exactly
the same as the Tokyo Marui one, but have a look for your self here
on these screen shots! (notice some of the rifles have the side folding

Ok, Here are
some more pictures of the AK Spetsnaz that appears in Metal Gear Solid 2:
Sons Of liberty. Note the shot, where you are looking at the Rifle from
behind the grilles of a locker.

Note that Tokyo Marui
is actually Konami‘s “Weapon” consultant, and apparently
appears in the credit sequence! Other credits include Silent Scope 1
and 2! where do you think Konami got all those PSG’s from

From the looks of these
pictures I predict that a side folding stock and a MGS russian style Silencer
will be released as accesories for the Beta Spetsnaz, If not by Tokyo
, then by our friends in Taiwan

Gear Solid Special

As mentioned before
on this news page Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty features a
lot of airsoft inspired kit. and vice versa. It’s probably going to influence
a lot of Airsoft sales in the year 2000, Which can only be a good thing!

Lets have a look at
the kit which Solid Snake gets to faff about with this time round!

First off snake is armed
with a silenced M9 that has been modified to shoot darts. and is equipped
with a laser

on, Snake picks up a USP.45. MGS fans might be a bit miffed as the
SOCOM is nowhere to be seen! however, the USP.45 also gets
a rather cool laser system to replace the Wilcox unit of old.

FA-MAS – Yeah,
snake gets to play with his old favorite the FA-MAS. 30 rounds of high
velocity NATO 5.56mm – can’t be beaten. (Update: actually
the FA-MAS is not in the game. The FA-MAS was in the demo, which is significantly
different from the final game. – from Owen

AK74u – Well
we all know what this looks like. Can anyone say AK Beta spetsnaz?

Metal Gear RAY Nuclear
Powered and Nuclear armed, Amphibious and multi legged, Metal Gear REX
is capable of deploying nuclear weapons anywhere around the world with out
a moments hesitation. also able to take on and win against older variations
of MG, specifically Metal Gear REX.

I think we have a problem….”

Tokyo Marui have already
produced the FAMAS, the AK-Beta Spetsnaz, the Mk.23, the M9, and Idoubt
that they are going to release a scale copy of Metal Gear RAY, although
having said that, the TM Godzilla….. That leaves the USP .45. Perhaps
Tokyo Marui might grace us with a GBB version? Perhaps we will get
some special editions in the same vein as the CAPCOM:BIOHAZARD guns?

In the mean time Ithink
TM are on to a winner with the NBB Mk23. its obvious Metal
connections is going to make them rather collectable when they
are finally released!

Here are some Spetznaz
armpatches found around on the net.

if you want some russian Spetsnaz kit to go with your spanking new Beta
, why not try: http://www.rusmilitary.com/

Hideo Kojima is an airsoft fan!

from the Beta Spetsnaz appearing in the game, We also discover
that Hideo Kojima is an Airsoft fan! Now we dont get to see
a piece of Airsoft gear per se. but we do get to see a helluva lot
of BB’s! I’ll let Stuka from Airsoft
fill you in on the details..

Airsoft in Metal Gear Solid 2 – spoiler 02:59 PM December
16, 2001

It was pretty funny – I was playing MGS2 last night (over and over
again) – in the part where you see Raven Toy. I shot the toy with
the M9 – it initiated Alarm mode and started shooting bb’s out of
its minigun! It was pretty funny – he was spinning around in place,
shooting little bb’s all over the floor! In about a minute or two
– the hall started to resemble my room, with white bb’s all over the
floor! Worth seeing – next time you play the tanker mission – shoot
him and run for the locker… Once the coast is clear – laugh you
a$$ off…” – Stuka!

“typical skirmish weather” or “Still raining, Still wet..
typical day out at Sopley”

MGS Links:
Get your own Vulcan Raven here from SpawnToys

– Read about MGS figures here

Also if you want to
find out what all the fuss is about, Download this trailer http://tvmedia.ign.com/media/mgs2/mgsdvdfull.MPG
its 92 megabytes in size, but boy does it kick arse! For those of you that
dont want to kill your modem we have the “petite” sized new trailer
a 9 meg download from IGN.

page for the BetaS
– it’s in Japanese,
but it’s easily translatable, you can find a translated
version here

– Hustler’s (of Team2Sexy) review of this CQB
AEG marvel


TM AK47 review – a comprehensive
AK review written by Inferno
TM AK47 Systema FTK fitting guide
– written by Arnie, a complete guide into stripping and rebuilding your
AK, right down to the little springs. :)

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