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by Arnie


Wolf Armouries

One of the fastest, simplest modifications that can be made to an
airsoft model is the addition of an optical device. However there
is a lack of low-priced, reliable, military-style optics available
to the airsoft skirmisher. Few of us can afford to mount military-grade
optics on our markers; let’s face it there’s no need spending £3000
on an ex-US special forces ACOG scope and mounting it on an M4 that
can only shoot 30 metres!

budget optics that do exist on the market are typically designed
for accurate competition air rifle range work, not the rough and
tumble “spray and pray” environment of the average Sunday skirmish.
Then step in the Classic Army Optic range. Priced between £39.99-59.99,
rugged, reliable, functionally all enclosed with a “special forces
look”. Remarkable value for money, in stock now at Wolf Armouries.

The Classic Army 1x30mm Red Dot and 1x40mm Red Dot Sight

The red-dot sight is one of the most over-looked optical
devices on the airsoft scene. It is perhaps the most suitable optic
for AEGs. By using a red-dot sight with both eyes open (yes, you
use red-dot sights with both eyes open!) players can “snap-shoot”
targets with lightning reflexes.

By having both
eyes open players maintain a much larger field of vision with the
red-dot reticule super-imposed onto the players vision. Players
simple have to move the reticule onto the target and pull the trigger
to chalk up another kill (assuming the safety catch is off). It
is for these reasons that red-dot optics are popular with police
firearms teams and Special Forces World-wide. Wolf staff members
regularly use red-dots (achieving plenty of kills we hasten to add),
some members even go as far as mounting them on their pistols!

The Classic
Army red-dots are available in two tube sizes 30mm (£44.99) and
40mm (£49.99). Featuring a fully adjustable reticule, scratch-resistant
lenses, 11 brightness settings and shockproof casing. The scopes includes
built-in fully adjustable weaver attachments, meaning these sights will
mount straight to an M4 or any standard 20mm weaver rail (any of the Marui
scope rails). Free batteries included!

Classic Army/Tasco 3-9x40Emm Illuminated Reticule Scope:
we all deep down harbour the ambitions of being a sniper; crawling
deep behind enemy lines and ambushing the enemy patrol from 500m+.
Well is you fancy doing that in an airsoft skirmish then this is
the scope to do it with. Priced at a mere £59.99 the scope
is remarkable good value. A year or two ago illuminated reticule
scopes were well over the £100 mark; what’s more Tasco had
a role in the production of this one! What’s more this one is even
adjustable allowing magnification between x3 (for spotting) to x9
(for those well-placed groin and head shots if your that sadistic).
The illuminated reticule is both an interesting and useful feature.
Using the same technology as the red-dot sights the cross hairs
can be actually made to “glow” red making it easier to take aim
in poor light conditions. It’s perfect feature for night-games or
simply impressing your mates safe-zone. One staff member has been
using one of these scopes for 6 months on his APS2-SV, he swears
by it and the batteries are still going strong after bi-weekly play!

lenses are scratch-resistance, the scope is fully adjustable, the
casing is shockproof, the tube is nitrogen-filled to prevent misting
in the horrible British weather and most importantly batteries are
included! The Scope also includes a cleaning cloth and lens caps.
A must buy at only £59.99 for all those wannabe snipers, sharpshooters
and simply anyone who wants a good budget scope.

The Classic Army 4x30mm Scope Very
similar to the above but without the variable magnification and
the illuminate reticule the CA 4x30mm is a good all round entry-level
scope for £39.99. Using the tried and trusted x4 magnification
the scope is equally happy on an MP5 as on an APS2. Players who
are looking for a good-spotting scope for their AEG should consider
this compact and robust as an option taking into account it’s high
build quality but low price tag. The scope includes scratch-resistant
shockproof casing, nitrogen-filled tube, a cleaning cloth and lens

the range represents a robust, functional and good looking-rage
range with a low-price tag. That fact Wolf Armouries Staff using
these scopes personally is testament to their quality. Pick
them up now from Wolf Armouries (Tel: 0870 754 9653 Fax: 0845
458 8311) before the staff buy them all!


(Special Forces looks on budget)


(Rugged and reliable, able to take all the knocks skirmishing
can offer


(Perfect for the airsoft engagement ranges but not Bisley-proof)

for Money

(Relatively new technology with an incredibly affordable price-tag)


5/5 (At Wolf we can’t stress this enough ‘blooming marvellous
bits of kits)

want to buy one!
Interested? If so you’ll need
to contact Wolf themselves – their contact details are as follows:


Tel: +44 (0) 870 7549653 Fax:+44 (0) 845 4588311
Showroom: 203 Royal College Street, Camden Town, London NW1 0SG




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