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CAW M79/CAW M79 Sawn Off/SunPro M203 Inner Barrel set for the MosCart Grenade system.

by Arnie

Barrel Set for the Moscart Grenade system.

Mosquito Molds (Craft
Apple Works


(aka Nautilus)

Model CAW
M79/CAW M79 Sawn Off/SunPro M203 Inner Barrel set for the MosCart
Grenade system.
RRP 6,800

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Barrel Set for the Moscart Grenade system

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Manufacturer: Craft Apple Works (Mosquito Moulds)
CAW M79/CAW M79 Sawn Off/SunPro M203 Inner Barrel set for the Moscart
Grenade system
RRP: 6,800 yen.
Model: MQM-CB0001 V.1

a bit of an admission. Seems that my assessment of the Moscart
as having a fixed hop is a load of old cobblers, in as much as the
hop chambers can be rotated to set the hop pattern. It might not be
worth much as a feature, but as I missed it from my original
I thought I would have it here.

Right, the barrel
set then. First off, for 6,800 yen she’s cheap enough and made from
good, machined ally as she is, she’s light enough. But what else is
there to say…..?

Just like the
other barrel sets out there, this is effectively a number of spring
loaded barrels which engage with a grenade and increase the power
of the shot by extending the overall travel of the BBs before they
leave the weapon (I don’t understand the physics, but it seems to
work so…..). Unlike other sets though, the Moscart set has not hop
– the grenades themselves being supplied with the necessaries in that

have to put a hole in my lovely M79?

Fitting is easy enough. Simply a case of putting a 3mm hole into the
main barrel, sliding the inner barrels down and fixing the lot in
place with a small allen screw (note for M79 users – you will need
to file down the screw once it is in place as the front grip sits
flush with the barrel).

first you have to come to terms with drilling
a hole in this beauty

Word of warning though.
As you will probably have worked out, CAW
seriously advises that you don’t use grenades other than the Moscart
with this setup.

That’s it. That’s
all yer have to do…..

Gas a shell up
and blow em away………

and improved!
BTW, the second edition of the Moscart
is out now. New packaging and an improved (?!) construction (all
durally or Ally now – no brass hop chambers). A little lighter
and better cut on the main threads, the bearings in the valve
lock don’t show quite such a tendency to come out as with the
first edition. (same price – 4,980 yen).

alien approching..”
Another word of warning.
Do not fill a Moscart
grenade all the way to the top, not if you want the HOP packing
and O-rings to stay where they should be. 2 second’s worth of
gas is enough for most situations and a complete fill will, though
giving you one massively fun hit on someone and shroud the whole
field in a truly Baskervillian mist, run the risk of terminally
ruining your cart (as Fred and I did). Moreover, for the UK/US
types, CAW
gave us the following fill patterns based on ambient temp (we
have not checked these out though):

  • 30
    celcius and above 1 seconds fill

  • 25-29
    celcius 2 seconds

  • 18-24
    celcius 3 seconds

  • 17
    celcius or below put her away and take out the AEGs for a game.

So, you gas up a grenade and take her out. What can you expect. Well,
a bloomin good increase in range I can tell you. With the hops all
aimed up we found that the increased power keeps the BBs groups in
a rough 5 foot circle for about 20 metres before the hops sends them
on the up and down ride. Young Fred actually hit me at around 30 metres
(with all of about 2 BBs and the wind in his favour, but that still
counts in game^_^).

Not going to bother
with the usual list of out of 5 scores here as most don’t really apply,
but I will say this. On the way home from testing, we saw the Airsoft
Police arresting any ANGS grenades which were seen in public and even
the First High Pressure jobs were being escorted peacefully off local
shops under guard. In all seriousness though, Mr. Ito confirmed
that Sanko
will be cutting its stocks of the ANGs and First grenades from now
on, so impressed as he been with the Moscart.

I said before
that the Moscart has
pretty much rendered other grenades meaningless, IMHO (if anyone wants
any cheap First HP grenades please get in touch), and this barrel
has only confirmed the Mossy as the number one BB blaster in Softyland.

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