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CombatClub Commander Bipod review

by Arnie

by Arnie

Fits Any
standard M4/16 bayonet mount

may remember the news post not so long ago about the new Commander

is launching 2 types of new bipods for M16 series and Rifle.
bipod is come with a quick release adaptor. The price for each
type of
bipod is US$55. For order, please email to combatclub_net@hotmail.com…”

William, (CombatClub)

bipods are available for both standard rifles and the M16/4
series. The one that I am reviewing here is for the M16

accessory consists of two parts a swivel mount and the bipod
itself. The swivel mount fits to the rifle and in turn the bipod
fits to that. For anyone familiar with real firearms this bipod
is effectively a copy of the Harris bipod system, although the
upper mount is slightly different.

Fitting is simple really depress the clamp on the back of the
mount slide onto the bayonet lug and release.

There’s quite a lot to your average bipod…

  • Movement – The bipod can easily tilt and swivel when folded out,
    allowing for adjustments in aim once deployed.

  • Leg length – The legs are extendable in ‘notched’ adjustments.
    Simply pull the legs out to extend, and compress the latch to
    slide the leg back to it’s original length. The legs can almost
    double in length if needed.

  • Rubber feet – The feet on the bipod have some hard rubber covers
    over them. The rubber is unlikely to wear away quickly and allows
    for a secure base to aim from, particularly on hard surfaces such
    as concrete or brick.

  • Folding – The bipod can fold and lock either way, so depending
    on how you like things to look, or simply for ergonomic reasons,
    you can fold the bipod forward or backwards.


  • Detachable mount – the mount can be easily detached from the mount
    should the bipod need to be quickly stored away.

To use the bipod (from the folded position), simply grab the
legs and fold them down, as you do so the legs will spring apart.

To return
the bipod to its folded position, grip the legs together and
pull the bipod either forwards or backwards.

To extend
the legs, simply pull the down in the desired direction, each
‘click’ signifies a secure point to leave the leg at. To slide
the legs back simply press the latch down at the end away from
the legs and push the leg foot upwards.

Two minor niggles become apparent when the bipod
was taken out for field testing. One is that the bipod is rather
loose on the bayonet mount. There’s a fair bit of play both
up and down and to the left and right. I thought this might
just be down to the differences between CA and TM mounts, but
found the same problem with the bipod fitted to an M733. Fixing
the problem should be possible with some minor work if it worries

other minor niggle was the fact that the securing bolt that
runs through the main hinge of the bipod comes undone very easily.
This needs securing with some red loctite before it’s taken
out into the field, otherwise you risk loosing vital parts to
the bipod.

being dragged by me over the plains, the bipod never fell off
or deployed itself without asking. Even folded backwards the
bipod was fairly comfortable to fold over extended periods.

on the CA M15 the bipod does not get in the way of the front
sling mount as on the CA version the front mount sling is on
the side. If you have a sling mount underneath I would recommend
moving to a side mounted sling point to avoid getting your sling
tied up with the bipod.

Well I don’t tend to use the bipod myself as a platform to fire
from (that’s just my personal preference), but it does allow
me to stand the rifle down out of the mud, and it makes life
much easier if you need to keep aim in a singular direction
for an extended period of time.

bipod is well built, despite the upper mount being somewhat
wobbly, it is secure and not likely to fall off even in the
most extreme conditions. As with any Airsoft gear it needs a
bit of loctite before being taken out on exercise.

At 55USD
each it’s very cheap, and being full metal and of a decent build
quality I can’t help but recommend it.



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Wednesday, July 2, 2003 8:42 PM
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