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(English isn’t my first language, so please bear with me..)
When I recieved a G36c for my 21 birthday from my fellow clubmembers
(imagine my suprise), I wasn’t quite sure what to use it for.
I’m more the carbine-type player and since we play in woodland-areas
most of the time, I’m not so fond of SMG-sized weapons. So I
decided to mod it for CQB uses. I added a reddot, a surefire
and a laser. Then I saw the newspost about the G36k-kit from
Dragon Arms on Arnies website. With this kit I would be able
to use this fabulous weapon in woodland-games too. So I pre-orderd
it right away. I payed a bit more than 150 US$ including the
express-shipping to Switzerland and another 30 US$ taxes when
it arrived. Quite pricy I thought, but since airsoftclub seems
to make high-quality customguns, I thought the kit would be
well worth the money.

The whole thing came in a cardboard-box that seemed to have
taken a beating on the way (even though shipped with EMS). Also
it had a swiss-customs stickytape over the lid. I guess, they
looked into it to find out what it was worth… But even if
EMS would have handled it properly and customs wouldn’t have
looked into it, the box wouldn’t look very promising. It’s a
plain brown box with a piece of paper glued to the top stating
“G36KE front-grip kit” and “high precision airsoft
toy-gun accessory”….. but you know the saying: “never
charge a book by it’s cover”

The kit consists of the foregrip, the carryinghandle with built-in
scope (acctually it dosnt magnify, but that was a known fact),
a barrel-extender, the flashhider and a few screws. When I picked
up the foregrip to give it a closer look, I was quite disappointed.
The material isn’t as high-grade as TM’s ABS. I’m not even sure
if it is ABS at all. I gave it a few squeezes to see how sturdy
it was, and *crack*, the bottom seam broke. It looks like it
wasn’t glued properly. I’m going to have to find a way to reinforce
that place on the foregrip because it’s the most likely place
it will break. Apart from the disappointment of the quality
of the material, the grip is quite ok. It slides onto the gun
nicely like the marui foregrip and is secured by the same pin.

Next I inspected the carryinghandle with the built-in scope.
It seems like it’s made of a different material than the foregrip.
More ABS like. It feels much more sturdy. Why Dragon Arms didn’t
use the same material on the foregrip beats me. There, where
there would be a 1,5x magnifying scope one the real G36, theres
only some clear plastic to resemble a sight. As mentioned, that
was a well known fact, so I’m not really unhappy. After removing
the original handle the new fits very well. It’s secured in
the same way the original handle is and when the screws are
tightend it really feels rock solid.

Another part necessary to install the kit is the barrel extender.
It’s acctually a metall pipe with a male thread on the one end
and a female one on the other. They’re both counter-clockwise.
The extender is supposed to screw onto the original barrel but
the thread is just a bit too tight. I really had to force it
on, damaging the original thread in the process. I had expected
that to happen but I did it anyway because it has to be done
to install the kit properly.

The new flashhider fits onto the barrel-extender but strangly
dosn’t have a thread, its only secured with two grub-screws.
That is very unsatisfying because in order to remove the foregip,
you have to take off the flashhider first. Luckily the C-flashhider
fits the thread so you can choose which one you like better.

Conclusion: What you get for your money dosn’t really
convince me. I would have
liked to see a few things done differently:

  • The foregrip is definitely too weak. Dragon Arms should have taken
    the TM foregrip as a reference.

  • The thread on the barrel-extender is too tight. Choosing the right
    diameter shouldn’t be a problem. I guess it was just a sloppy

  • The flashhider needs a thread. Also a very simple improvement.

So if you really
want a G36k and are prepared to live with some drawbacks, this
kit isn’t a bad start. But if you’re used to high quality kits
like DTP for instance, you’ll be quite disappointed.


5/5 -looks much better than the C but
thats only my opinion


3/5 – This could have been a 5/5 if the foregrip
would be more sturdy

for Money

– I think you don’t get enough for your money





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