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CL EOD MP5 Review

by Arnie

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MP5 Review
Jesse (aka

images/edited by Arnie
Some images are supplied by and (c) DEN Trinity 2000


413-423 fps (not UK based)
??? mm
??? g


(Hi-Cap Mag)

50-28 Rounds (low-cap)

replica was won at the Airsoft tournament ‘Savage Garden’ and
has finally ended up in the hands of Jesse, of TeamNukeProof.
The replica was originally built by ClarenceLai of DEN Trinity,
and based on the custom MP5 carried by Arnold Swarzenegger in
the film “End
of Days

You can find more
info at the DEN Trinity website, and at CL’s personal page for this
very impressive piece of Airsoft-smithing. Images from DEN
have been used with their kind permission –

There now follows
Jesse’s review of his prize from Op Savage Garden:

“…I was expecting
to come home to the new replica, so I rushed up to my room to find the box
from Airsoft Supply
sitting under my bed. I ripped it open (which was a hard task with the 4 inches
of bubble rap) and my eyes were just glued to the gun. This is one of the
coolest airsoft guns you will ever find, with there being only one of it’s
kind that alone adds to its luster, there are very few mp5s with a sun project
m203 mounted on it but none with all of its parts. I will say it is a gun
near your pants over just holding it.

The weight is around
8 or 9 pounds which is okay for a mp5. It includes a metal top receiver,
cocking tube, barrel shroud, grenade sight, m203 (of course), and everything
that’s metal on a real-steel mp5a5.

The replica is a
joy to shoot. The loud bang it makes it’s quite impressive, and the
replica’s average chrono reading is 417 fps. This is a little to high
for most games, but I’m hoping most people would except this fps, if
not oh well…it’s ROF is around 700 rpm this slower fps is due to the
upgrade I find that it has little or no effect to it’s gaming quality.

The range is quite
good using .20 grain bb’s it was tested at 200ft. with “pop can
accuracy” it was dead on hitting every it with every shot made.

Most people want
to know if it is true that the m203 is mounted poorly, unfortunately
I’m not at liberty to say, right now it moves slightly but it is not
nearly as bad as it was made out to be. The reason I’m not really at
liberty to say at this point is because the 4 screws that would secure
the m203 are missing, thus I really don’t know yet.

The replica has
a sg1 grip on it that is cut to the right size of a mp5 and has a grenade
sight on the left side, this side works out in my favor because i am
left handed, but the it really serves no purpose, I will explain the
reason why in a second…

The main and really
only problem i have with this is the battery – this is a small and easy
to fix problem but it is annoying for the time being. The battery is
only a 600mah mini 9.6v battery that has to be externally attached.

fact that the battery is fitted externally isn’t a problem because it
is very well concealed under the grenade sight (see images to the right).
The battery will run out of “juice” after about 800 rounds
or less, so with that said i will most likely buy a full stock and get
a large 9.6v in the near future.

Now on to the Sun
Project M203 – this in itself is a great and intimidating thing. I must
say it surprised me by both its sound and power, both were a big plus.
The sound it makes is a big popping sound with a crackling of gas at
the end.

You can hear 18
or 21, (in my case 18 bb’s) fly off and hit the target you aimed for.
It is true that the range is not great with it unless you arc it like
a true grenade launcher. I would say they have a range of about 50ft.
(note: this is the 18 round ANGS grenade with no hop-up) The grenade
is a fairly simple item and is very reliable from what I’ve seen. As
for gas usage….. you’d better have a lot of money, as the thing will
steal your last pennies in gas.

The ANGs shell stores
about the same amount of gas as a magazine, but keep in mind this is a single
shot item. Even with this awsome gas usage it is still a very effective item.
The shell has an effect somewhat similar to a shotgun shell, as it features
a good shot-spread

in all this is a replica that I would take over a m60 (and I did) it
has great style and looks to kill, it’s nicely weighted and very comfortable
to hold. An Airsoft replica like this with a hellish amount of fire
power makes a great all around skirmish piece.

it’s pure ‘coolness’ and destructive power it will be know as the ‘Gun
of God’ to me (aka GOG). This is my favourite Airsoft piece of
kit, and I will always think of it as one of the best.







for Money





– The official Team NukeProof website

– CL’s official page for the replica

Airsoft Supplies, who originally imported the replica.

on this review in the forums

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