Flecktarn TT Holster review

Thigh-Holster (Flecktarn)
by Hobbles


The holster, with no straps cut/modified yet.
Pistol in photograph is P226 Springer.

first saw the TT Leg Holster at www.flecktarn.co.uk,
and I immediately knew I had found my first holster. It
was the best priced flecktarn-matching holster on the
web. So, along with all my other kit I ordered this holster.
Jo had a great price, and my stuff arrived in perfect
shape on time.

tactical leg holster designed for the P8 and larger pistols.
Fully enclosed in semi-rigid foam and lined with nylon,
the holster has adjustment points by the trigger and barrel
end. Thumb break is re-inforced with semi-rigid plastic
sheeting and is also adjustable to the size of pistol.
Holster has one space for spare magazines. Two internally
rubberised leg straps hold this holster securely in place
on the leg and the leg extension is fully adjustable…”


Detail of the holding-belt, it is quasi-bent
after being used a few times. Note the strap piece
on the left. It is extended for easy thumb-popping.

I opened it up, the first thing I noticed was how tough
it was built. The side-walls of the holster itself are
very very strong. The belts and straps are top notch,
with extremely strong clips, and excellent velcro adhesive.
The TT badge is on the inside of the side-wall.

holding belt which goes across the hammer or back of the
slide – was extremely tough, including a thick plastic
piece between two sewn layers. This allows the strap to
spring back and out of the way quite easily.

holding belt is adjustable by means of a small plastic
slider which you slip into the holding-belt’s pouch (this
cuts the velcro connection…you slide the belt in or
out to fit your sidearm, then remove the plastic slider
– which lets the velcro-connection resume.

have not played with other modern holsters, but this seemed
like a good idea. Just don’t lose the plastic slider!

My P226 magazine stored in the
single-magazine holder.


You can see the section I had to cut.
Note that the small strap down there is velcro,
and crosses the bottom, holding it snugly

above is the magazine holder. It will hold just about
any full-size mag from what I can tell. My P226 magazine
from my light-weight springer barely filled the pouch.
The strap-over piece is very long, as seen in the picture,
and can adjust to various magazine lengths.

only downfall I had while trying to fit my P226 into the
holster was a small piece sewn across the bottom of the
holster. While this serves a small purpose, I had to remove
a chunk to allow my pistol to sink a bit further into
the holster.

This is only because my pistol is a little long in the
slide, and I didn’t want the holding-belt to snap the
very weak hammer on this pistol. The bottom gap is supported
by another small velcro strap regardless.

Unadjusted for fit, I just threw it on
for a quick picture. It can be adjusted to be amazingly

it comes to fit, this is an excellent holster. The belt-connecting
strap has a three-fold velcro connection which will NEVER
fall off of a belt. Judging by the size of the velcro
tabs, some issues may arise if trying to strap to a thick
belt like that of an LBV.

two leg straps are extremely long (I have no size-adjusted
mine) and will fit around any thigh. The inside of the
leg straps have a black rubber finish which prevents the
holster from moving much at al while moving. If strapped
in tightly, the holster barely moves at all. In the pictures
below I do not have the holster adjusted, or straps re-sized.

also don’t wear my belt like that!

I would give this a rating of 8.5 out of 10. I highly
recommend this TT Holster. It is the best priced one out
there, and for flecktarn
guys, a definite must.

Adjustment tool in use. Note the thin
black plastic strip…inserted underneath the holding-belt…once
slid in far enough, it allows the holding belt to
be adjusted…when you’re done adjusting it, simply
pull the black plastic adjuster out, and give the
belt a quick pat down to secure the velcro hold.

Picture of my gun enclosed in the holster.
Note again…how deep I have mine placed. You can
see the barrel protruding just out of the bottom
of the holster. Even though this placement for my
pistol does not allow instant-trigger-access…the
pistol is absolutely secure

The underside of the Holster showing
the black rubber lining on the inside of the leg


Close up of thumb-pop strap over the
top of my P226. I dug the pistol into the holster
fairly deep due to the weak hammer of my gun, which
would easily break, and the heavy handle-weight.





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Tuesday, February 11, 2003 11:34 PM
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