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Tokyo Marui Glock 26 Review – Welcome to the pocket rocket

by Arnie


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(stock fps may vary)
Length: 160mm
Weight: 0.60



15+1 Round
(Standard Mag)


Marui Glock 26

die with a seeessy gun in your hand? You want a maaan’s gun”

Well, I’ve already
got one, the Hybrid that can also
be found on the site, but I was looking for something else, something I could
carry easily, and yet give me that extra bit of punch in an urban environment
(two pistols are always better than one J).

Whilst I would have loved
a Compact Carry or 3.9 to match my IPSC-style
Infinity 5”
, I couldn’t justify the extra cost that would have
entailed. Plus I’ve always wanted a Glock, don’t ask me why, there’s
just something about them (watch carefully as Arnie
throws a filthy look in disgust).

As with many of my airsoft
purchases, which seem to be done while I was there for something else, this
was bought on a run to ZeroOne for a big ammo consignment. DolphiN1 was with
me at the time, and was also looking to spend, hence deals were done and a pair
of 26’s secured (oh yeah, we got a discount too, which helped).

So what is it?
26 is the smallest gun in the Glock range, and as such, slips easily into a
pocket if you can’t/don’t want to holster it (inside the belt is also
quite good). Normally running on 9mm, the 6mm version is a faithful copy, and
looks particularly realistic, possibly because the real version is also made
from polymer. TM have managed to avoid that shiny plastic look, while shying
away from a completely matt finish, and so have kept it as close to the original
as possible. This includes the thumb rests on the grips, and the double trigger

The sights have little dots
on them, these are supposed to represent “glow-in-the-dark” night
sights, sadly they stay firmly unglowing in the dark. Neat features include
the serial # plate, which doubles as a safety catch, an item missing on the
real thing.

Performance & Handling
no way is its size proportional to its power. This punches way harder than the
diminutive frame suggests (bit like a few women I know), sounding off with a
sharp crack at every trigger pull. The slide snaps back viciously, and it cycles
beautifully, sending rounds straight and true, surprising considering its tiny
barrel. As yet I’ve not chronoed it, that will come soon.

For such a small gun, the
handling is not bad. Big hands may struggle to reach the mag catch (as pointed
out to me by Arnie, my personal style means I don’t notice this as I move
my hand down the grip to drop the mag), and occasionally your little pinky may
drop off the bottom of the grip, but these are minor gripes in my view, as this
pistol comes secondary to my Hybrid as a sidearm. I see it purely as a compact
carry, there for those double-handed moments. Hence, its smooth frame and compact
size make it perfect as the 2nd pistol on my tac belt.

It’s very pointable,
but you need to hold on to it, otherwise the recoil will pluck it from your
grasp, and send it to the floor. (and you wouldn’t want to do that).

Stripping, Tweeking and Putting it all back
simply, this is one of the fastest guns to strip I’ve ever seen.

  • Drop the magazine
  • Rack the slide back to
    drop the internal hammer.
  • Grip the two toggles
    on the frame, and slide them downwards.
  • Hold them down, and pull
    the slide off the front.

When it comes to HOP adjustment,
the task is no more complicated. No tools required, just turn the small wheel
on the underside of the slide with your favourite digit. It must be removed
first, tho’

  • Putting it back together
    is a case of:
  • Put slide back onto rails
  • Pull back past normal
    position (ie as if you were racking it)
  • Let it forward again
  • Pull the trigger to let
    the hammer forward

Maintenance is like any
other GBB, keep it all nice and greased with silicon spray.

Points of Note

Gas choice – There is a camp that believes that TM guns should
only be run on 134a (Japanese gun = Japanese gas). I can see their point, especially
on the older models like Desert Eagles, where anything more powerful rips off
the slide.

I feel, however, that the
point concerning HFC22/GreenGas destroying the seals is a little unfounded.
Both are refrigerants, of similar chemical composition; what happened to HFC22
that suddenly made it so corrosive to the seals, yet 134a does not. Could this
be an old wives tale, conjured up to cover blowups caused by heinous lack of
maintenance? We shall see. This gun has a new design to it, different to the
old guns, I feel confident it can handle HFC22 without difficulty.

If I’m wrong, I go
searching for new seals that can take HFC22, and stand corrected.

Accidental firing
– the trigger pull is very light, and can easily be tagged backwards unintentionally.
“Use the safety” is the usual cry, but I’m used to the
real Glock design, and consequently forget it’s there. Perhaps it could
benefit from the optional “New York” trigger group of the real
steel (plastic surely?) gun. This trigger group has a heavier pull, aloowing
undercover NY cops to place it in their waistband, without fear of it goin off.

Mag Capacity – The 26 only has 15 round mags, which you blow
through pretty quick in a sustained pistol firefight. This is especially present
for me when used next to the Hybrid, whose big mags mean the 26 runs out halfway
through a two-handed blasting session. Bigger mags would up the size of the
gun though, so it’s something I’ll just have to live with.

Sights – The sights as fitted to the 26 have the appearance of
night-sights, but none of the function. I’m currently looking into replacing
them with a nice set of Trijicon’s or similar from the US. Admittedly,
this will near double the gun’s value, but I feel it makes a personal touch,
and I shall be delighted if I can make it work. Oh yeah, it’ll look damn
tasty too.

Upgrades – To my knowledge, all the standard GBB upgrades
are available for this gun; metal slides, hi-flo valves, and such. It is doubtful,
however, whether I will bother fitting any, as I’m quite happy with it
as it is, and any money could be better spent elsewhere.








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