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Pocket Power Pistol Glock 26

by Arnie

Power Pistol


carry, back up pistol

Tokyo Marui Gas
blow black Pistol

The Glock
26 in real life is Glocks attempt to out pocket the likes of the Walther PPK/s
and other pocket rocket pistols, designed for concealed carry, where compactness
and comfort hold sway.

The Real
Glock 26 is chambered for 9mm parrabellum in a 10 + 1 format. In real terms
this was an absolute revolution when this was first announced as no other
pocket gun had such a high payload of hard hitting ammo! the Glock 27 is the
.40 s&w version and loads out at 9+1, All in all a much better bet then
a .25 pocket pistol!

The TM Glock 26 is chambered for 6mm 0.25g BB’s in a 15 + 1 format, with 15
rounds in the magazine and one loaded in the chamber. Compared to something
like the TM Berreta 92f – M9 which loads out in a 25+1 this is a loss of 10

Is this
loss in firepower made up for by the compactness of the poket pistol? we shall


performance from the Glock does not dissapoint. One full fill of the magazine,
a 20 second gas squirt of TOP gas, usually gets you around 55 shots

Glock 26





per fill


This and
its muzzle velocity figures show that it is on par with any other TM Blowback,
The Blowback action is also extremely quick, being a country mile faster then
the TM DE!

In rapid
fire, the Glock trigger is faster then the TM Berreta too, added to the faster
blowback, this means you can get your shots off, much faster

at long ranges should suffer from the shortened barrel length, However, at
combat ranges, this is not apparent.

On a 6
metre range the Glock handled superbly, Keyhole groups being easy to acheive
with aimed shots. The Blowback being powerful and load, but at the same time
not so excessive. Rapid fire groupings at 6m are still fairly tight (1″) Of
course, They probably could have been tighter :)

The Combat
sights, which differ from the old Glock 17 style sites, are one front white
dot, and two white dots on the rear sight, as opposed to the White “U” On
the Glock 17. These are easy to use and easy to line up.

Combat Effectiveness

In a combat
situation, the Glock is great! Used as a back up weapon it can easily be slotted
into a pocket and forgotten about, until your AEG explodes or you hear the
shreiking of the magazine spring indicating that you are now firing blanks!

With its
rounded muzzle and smoothed off edges, as well as low profile sights, it can
be pulled out of whatever crevice you left it with minimum fuss and snags.
The same cannot be said of a hand cannon like the TM Desert Eagle.

In its
concealed row, the Magazines for the Glock come with 2 different base plates.
The primay base plate is “heeled” which allows you to put your little finger
on the front of it, making the Glock more comfortable to shoot. A Secondary,

Used as a primary weapon , the Lightness of the Glock and its compactness
is a real boon. It has a lot better “pointability” then a full size Glock
(Glock 17). This is because the centre of Gravity is shifted further toward
the back of the hand. General handling is also very fast. Unholstering the
Glock is also very fast and fuss free, due to its “snag free” design as discussed

its not all good news.

On the
range, 15 rounds + 1 is fine. However in a skirmish this can be a disadvantage.
As a back up, this is fine, the high rate of fire and ease of carry comes
in useful in a do or die situation where RoF is more important. However, when
used as a primary, The Glock is at a mild disadvantage.

Upgraded Magazine

handling does not make up for this lack of ammo capacity, and it would seem
that Tokyo Marui know this, As such they will be releasing a full size magazine
for the Glock 26, which will stick out of the bottom of the mag well. This
will up the mag cap to around 25+1. Happy happy joy joy!


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