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Guarder MOD Body Armour

by Arnie


Comega – Team

  • Made
    of 100% DuPont Cordura(R) 1000 Denier.
  • Highest
    quality ITW Nexus(R) side release buckles and Stimpson(R)
    snap fasteners.
  • Fully
    modular design. Compatible with all the M.O.D. pouches.
  • Including
    four M16 rifle magazine pouches, one M249 200 round
    pouch, one buttpack.
RRP: 135
Weight 1650g

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you are completely happy with your current static vest or not
is beside the point. Modular vests are the way forward .. or
are they ?

the ever growing range of Guarder kit I feel it might be wise
to clarify some of the names designated to the different Guarder
Vests. There seems to be a bit of confusion on the different Airsoft
forums I have been reading as to which is what when referred to
by the Guarder names.

Guarder MOD II Vest is a replica of the Us Army MOLLE II Issue
FLC (fighting load carrier) and is one of Guarder’s latest little
gems. The MOD I Vest is a copy of the Ranger RACK and the MOD
Armour is a replica of the INTERCEPTOR OTV. The Guarder MODULAR
vest is something totally different and is similar to the Omega
range of the BlackHawk Vests. Hope that clears things up a bit.

is MOLLE ?
Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment known as MOLLE is
a modular load bearing system designed to enhance the survivability
and lethality of the modern Soldier and Marine. The MOLLE is a
completely modular system that is worn, rather than carried, and
which allows for tailorability for improved mission efficiency
without compromising mobility or readiness.

Molle I v/s Molle II ?
bits that effect are us the FLC changes.

Load Carrier (FLC): The FLC replaces the Load Bearing Vest of
the original MOLLE system. The FLC rides higher on the user abdomen
and allows for a better tailor-ability of pockets to the users
specific needs.

waist belt is adjusted by removing the vertical stiffened webbing
located on the back of the vest and adjusting as needed. The FLC
also features two very convenient map pouches on the inside of
the vest.

the load-bearing vest was part of the initial MOLLE issue in 1999,
it featured a complex socket system that connected the vest to
the pack and was designed to help distribute weight to a Soldier’s
hips. That vest was quickly scrapped, as was the socket system,
and a new load–bearing vest was issued with Molle 2. The redesigned
vest no longer attaches to the pack, but is still generally disliked
by the Marines in the field as they tend to attach their pouches
directly onto the body armour.

new vest sits higher on the user abdomen allowing room for the
fixed waistbelt of the Pack Frame. Webbing Channels located on
the vest allow for positioning of all MOLLE Compatible pockets,
to the wearer’s specific needs. The incorporated waistbelt
also allow for the positioning of all MOLLE pockets. Adjustments
are made by using the 2 vertical 1-½ inch webbing’s
on the back of the vest and the 1-inch webbing’s in the
chest area of the vest.

information about the changes can be found here.

Guarder MOD II Vest is made of 100% DuPont Cordura(R) 1000 Denier
and features very highly quality side release buckles and snap
fasteners. The general build of this vest feels much better then
their original MOD I (The Rack replica..) vest, this is rather
odd as they are both made of the same material though this one
does feel a bit more stiffer and heavier when comparing the vests.

Guarder kit all nicely packaged with the cordura and Intrudershop
tags on the left.
On the right is the Guarder MOD II in one of the many different

comparing the quality of the pouches side by side with Speciality
Defense (the company which makes the Issue MOLLE kit) Guarder’s
version does visually look and feel of a higher quality.

great thing about this vest like any MOLLE system is that it can
be configured how YOU like it, people with the generic vests often
find that they usually don’t have enough pockets or have too many.
If you feel that you will only be using a pistol on the day you
can simply rip off all other pouches leaving only a couple of
pistol pouches. This can also work for dedicated grenadiers, you
can customize this vest with only grenade pouches and hence creating
your very own grenadier vest. Once you have the pouches, “your
imagination is the only limit”.

you were wondering, the woodland pattern on guarder vests is very
You can also get this and almost all other Guarder vests in Olive
Drab or black, incase you feel that the us woodland is not to
your taste.

you purchase this vest of the shelf or via the website of your
favorite retailer you will get with it the following pouches :

x M16 Magazines – $30
1 x M249 200 round pouch – Not for sale as an optional pouch at
time of writing
1 x butt pack – Not for sale as an optional pouch at time of writing

also can purchase additional pouches to add and play around with
your set-up.

Round M249 Pouch – $24 / £14
Medic/Utility Pouch – $24 / £14
40mm Double Grenade Pouch – $24 / £14
9mm Pistol Magazine Pouch/Knife Pouch – $ 15 / £9
Grenade Pouch – $24 / £14
Saber Radio Pouch – $30 / £18
Leg Bag – $45 / £27
Canteen Pouch – $30 / £18

One thing to remember is that all new modular pockets on the SPEAR
System, AIRSAVE aviators survival vest, Marine MOLLE, and Army
Modular System (MLS) are compatible with this vest. Which means
that you can often buy spare pouches from your surplus stores
/ ebay / online retailers which might work out cheaper then buying
the official guarder accessory pouches. It can even take the old
ALICE webbing with the alice clips though it will not feel as
secure. You can also attach the pouches you get with vest directly
onto your MOD Body Armor and not use the FLC at all !

has also released a few new pouches with the launch of this vest
so those of you who invested in the Guarder MOD I and felt that
the optional accessories were a bit less you now can also have
the option of buying all the existing MOLLE Issue pouches made
by guarder.

Magazine Pouch – Takes 2 m16 hicaps, has a dual closing function.
Velcro and a snap fastener. Usually you will end up using just
the velcro to keep your mag pouches closed but its good to know
there is another option. Also worth pointing out is the little
piece of cordura that has been put on the top of the magazine
pouch lid, to make it a bit harder wearing.

/ Utility pouch – Useful for storing bb’s, batteries, small sized
tools that you don’t want flying around as it closed via a zipper.

Double Grenade pouches – Fits the Moscart BB shower / 24 round
or the CAW grenades – do note that they are open (although tapered)
at the bottom don’t put in anything that might slip thru. This
also features the velcro and snap fastener dual closing system.

Pistol magazine pouch / knife pouch – Takes pretty much any standard
GBB pistol mag, not sure about the some more exotic ones such
as the infinity ones. These feature only the snap fastener closing

pouch – Fits the Enola Gaye / PDL BB Grenades without the problem.
Not quite sure which closing system these pouches have as I don’t
have one handy at the moment.

Pouch – takes the standard US issue canteen without any problems.
This features a fastex buckle release system.

pack – The Guarder Butt pack is actually the MOLLE II Waist pack
and has a strip of velcro on the outside of the cover for some
reason. I haven’t been able to figure out as of yet what exactly
that is for.. suggestions on a postcard ? This features a dual
fastex buckle release system along with a draw string cover –
good for keeping things dry.


Radio Pouch – Can either be used as a pistol holster for the medium
sized pistols (Beretta 92f, CZ 75 etc) or for a .. full size radio
– you could use it for a smaller radio but it wont hold it very
well for obvious reasons. Features a snap and a fastex buckle
release system.

Leg Bag – Even though this was designed for the original MOD I
Vest I feel it has a very important role to play. It is the perfect
magazine dump bag – after a few customizations. You can use it
how it is for various items like a gas mask or large smokes but
what I have done with mine is put a slight slit on the top of
it and use it to dump used magazine’s into. Its deep enough to
not throw them back out while running and is a worth while investment.
Features a velcro and fastex buckle release system.

/ 200 round M249 Magazine pouches – The 100 round mag pouch takes
5 M16 hicaps all stacked up without any movement and holds them
well. The large can be either used for a M249 box mag if you have
one or for just general storage of slightly larger items. These
feature a velcro and a fastex buckle release system.

Conclusion While the quality of MOLLE kit might
have a bad reputation / disliked in the real steel environment
due to its failings in one thing or another you must remember
that these are real steel operators, their mags are a lot heavier
and so is the kit they carry, no matter how dedicated a Airsofter
you are, your needs (in terms of durability and quality) will
not likely match those of a real steel operator. Airsofters have
not been using the MOLLE kit for very long those who I have spoken
too at various game sites across the UK seem to have nothing but
praise for the kit. I have performed most of the general weight
/ rain / heat tests I could think off to my Guarder kit and it
has come out on top of the Speciality Defense kit every time –
I am more then happy to welcome suggestions of tests to perform
to test the true capability of the guarder kit.

have always liked the ability to customise the placement of my
pouches because what might work well with you might not work with
me at all. With the recent popularity of modular vests which can
be literally tailored and laid out as to how the wearer prefers,
guarder have stepped up once again and have presented us airsofters
with another brilliant and cost effective option – The MOD II.

No review is complete without the customary posed pictures of
the kit

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Monday, July 7, 2003 10:01 PM
Copyright 2003 ArniesAirsoft

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