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Polycarbonate Eye Protection Glasses 2001 version

by Arnie

Protection Glasses 2001

made by Guarder/Intrudershop

by Arnie
Options: 4
coloured lenses
corrective lense holder
belt carry pouch


45 USD

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an important safety note:

It should be understood that safety glasses will obviously
not protect your face from flying BBs, goggles are safer to use,
and full face masks are safer still. Safety glasses should only
be worn on the undertanding that they cannot give 100% protection.
This is not a flaw, but more a ‘design feature’. Unless safety
specs wrap around and touch your face all the way around it will
be possible (no matter how unlikely it seems) for a BB to get
in and strike the eye.


time ago Guarder released some safety glasses (the 2000
version I believe), the 2001 version is an improvement upon this
original release. These glasses are modular in design, are optically
very clear, fog resistant, and also incredibly impact resistant
– they also include corrective inserts, which can be easily fitted
with prescription lenses. Sadly I don’t have a pair of the older
version to compare this newer release to.

Please do
note, these glasses are available in a varienty of configurations.
I chose to aquire the ‘pack’, which contains the glasses themselves
and a variety of accessories in a carry bag.

Eye Protection Glasses 2001 version

Guarder’s glasses are cheap – well that’s the first thing
that I noticed when I first came across them. I was looking for
some decent ‘shooting style’ glasses for a skirmish. I have frequently
used Oakley ‘M’ frames for both urban and woodland skirmishes,
and saw the Guarder glasses as a good cheap replacement. I wasn’t
expecting to get much for my 45USD, but how wrong could I have
been? To be fair it’s worth noting that at this point I hadn’t
bought any Guarder products before, so I didn’t know what to expect.

The glasses are made from a strong polycarbonate material, and
as with many Guarder products they have tested these to well beyond
the effects that they are expected to withstand. In the image
to the right the glasses have withstood being shot at with a 12
gauge shotgun and would have protected the eye of the human wearer
(erm but that’s if someone had been stupid enough to wear them
at the time). The blunt trauma of the glasses being smashing into
the wearer’s face would probably put him or her into deep shock
at the very least. DO NOT try this at home folks!

‘dimwit’ safety tests
Now before I trusted my eyes
to these specs it is only sensible to conduct two very simple
tests. Now please do beware that these tests may destroy your
eyewear, but to be fair if they fail the test you won’t want them,
and might as well send them back or just bin them. So what are
the dimwit tests?

  1. The
    first test is to fire a single shot from an AEG at the lenses
    from less that an inch away.

  2. The
    second test is, at a slightly longer range of about 1-2 feet,
    to let loose a volley of BBs at the specs (half a hi-cap should

Now if after
both of these tests the eyewear is intact, you can be fairly safe
in assuming it to be skirmish friendly. Do check your site limits
though, as this assumes that everyone is going to be using the
same power equipment as the rifle you conducted the test with.

So how
did the Guarder specs fare?
Well they don’t have a scratch
on them after I did the tests, infact it was impossible to spot
where they had been hit, so there was little point in taking a
photo of the lense I tested.

So what
do you get when you buy the product?

With the pack that I bought I received a selection of 4 lenses,
the frames themselves, a nose piece, a carry pack and the corrective

The legs of the glasses are adjustable, in that
they allow the legs to be changed in length. This is a very handy
feature as it allows you wear the safety specs very comfortably,
it also ensures that they will remain on your head, even through
the most energetic of skirmish feats. FYI Mine have stayed on
whilst jumping through open windows, rolling around (well you
have to do it sometimes ^_^ ), and when falling flat on my face
(I try to do this as little as possible – honest).

You get four lense different coloured lenses in
the safety spec ‘pack’. The colours are clear, yellow, blue, and
smoke. For bright light I would recommend the smoke coloured lenses,
the yellow tinted lenses are good for woodland use, as they greatly
improve contrast in such green and brown conditions. I haven’t
found a perfect use for the blue tinted lenses, if you think of
one (other than just posing) do let me know. :)

It’s a well documented fact that a much greater
percentage of our friends in the East need corrective protection.
In line with this Guarder have included a set of protective lense
frames. The corrective lense frames come as a replacement nose
piece, which can be fitted with lenses at your local opticians.

So what, it’s just a bag right? WRONG! This
isn’t just any bag, not only is there room inside for the lenses,
frames, and corrective eye piece, but the area inside the bag
for the lenses has protective pads to keep each lense separate
from each other and safe from being scratched. The bag also has
some handy belt loops on the back of it so that you can attach
it to your webbing or normal trouser belt. The bag is constructed
of a durable neoprene style material, the zip looks like it will
withstand a lot of use, although I haven’t put that much strain
or wear on mine yet.

nose piece:
When you get hit by a volley from an AEG on
the glasses you’ll be thankfull of this – a decent rubber nosepiece
is needed to stop the glasses smashing into the bridge of your
nose when they are hit by BBs. Trust me – I’ve seen someone quite
literally ‘shell shocked’ by having normal & plain safety
specs smashed into their face. The Guarder nose piece is a godsend,
remember that nothing on these specs is there by chance, Guarder
have thought every part of the design process through.

do you change lenses?

Changing the lenses over is real easy, simply carefully remove
the nose piece, bend the lenses down and away from the frame (don’t
force anything), and remove the lense. Reassembly is a direct
reversal of this process.

The Guarder specs feature everything that you could want from
a set of safety specs, they are light, strong and very comfortable
to wear. They are also fog resistant, I use the term resistant
even though I myself have been unable to get them to fog up in
use, and I’m a rather sweaty highly energetic bugger. Personally
I don’t need the use of corrective lenses, but this feature of
the Guarder glasses is one that I can appreciate as being of great
use to some people. I didn’t buy these glasses for all their features,
as I wasn’t aware of them at the time of purchase, so I was hugely
impressed with what I received.

Guarder make
these glasses for a very cheap RRP and sadly because of this the
glasses effectively portray themselves as being cheap and of poor
quality. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Guarder
Safety Glasses
are made to a quality that I have rarely seen
in such eyewear, I would even go so far as to say that these glasses
are of a quality that is equal (if not better) than that of Oakley’s
own M-Frame products (bear in mind M-Frames retail for around

The conclusion
marks reflect these comments. I cannot see any room for improvement,
as the features are impressive, and the value for money at around
40 USD a set is incredible.

Please do
remember that I am reviewing these glasses on the basis of what
they are, rather than as eyewear. As stated at the top of this
review glasses are not as safe in Airsoft skirmish scenarios as
either goggles or full face masks. This is an inherant limitation
of the product, and as such is not a derogatory comment. If you
are looking for some decent safety glasses, then look no further
– these Guarder glasses are the best I have ever used. Personally
I can’t wait until Guarder step up and decide to make a line of
goggles. Please note that these glasses were kindly provided for
review by Henry Tse of WarGamer’sShop



for Money




– Here’s to another fine Guarder product.


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the manufacturers of this fine Airsoft product.

are official dealers of the Guarder range, so we recommend
dealing with them for international orders(as do Guarder

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