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Guarder’s Glock 26/27 Optical Device Mount (B-Type / Black)

by Arnie

G19 metal barrel

Shing Yan L. (aka Guts80)

got this part today and had some mix feelings on it. Call it
ambivalence. Anyhow, on with my mini review.

The package is quite simple, consisting of a small bag
with the threaded barrel, and another smaller zip lock bag holding
the thread adapter. There was a piece of paper with G&G’s
logo printed on it and their e-mail (I suppose) printed on the
back (btw, it’s info@mil-force.com).

Outer barrel:
The first thing I noticed about the outer
barrel was, how light it was! The material and density of the
outer barrel was strikingly similar to the metal outer barrel
as found on the KJW Glock 27 Full Metal Version. It was a little
too light for my taste, and because of this, resulted in cycling
problem which I’ll mention later on. The finish is extremely
well done and is not easily scoffed or scratched off.

material of the outer barrel seems to be made of aluminum (thus
the low weight), and the paint finish seems to have this pixilation,
shinny luster to it. Yet again, is quite similar to the finish
on the KJW G27 FMV’s outer barrel. An interesting note is that
the cut for the inner barrel placement is longer than the OEM’s
outer barrel (and even the metal outer barrel for the matter).

the business end of the outer barrel there is a clock wise thread
to allow installation for the suppressor adaptor.

suppressor adapter:
This piece is made of metal and again,
quite light (probably made of aluminum). The smaller end of
the adapter screws on the threaded outer barrel, while the larger
diameter part (14mm to be specific) allows a suppressor to be
screwed on. When I first bought this at the shop, I was told
that the tread was Counter-Clockwise (aka negative). However
much to my dismay, it seems to actually be a clockwise thread
(aka positive).

At first I thought it would be a breeze, being just a matter
of swapping out my regular metal outer barrel with the threaded
outer barrel and attaching the thread adapter. However this
was not to be the case.

O-ring located on the inner barrel needs to be removed when
inserting it into the threaded barrel. Although at first it
wobbled, the thread adapter secured the inner barrel in place.
Nothing really major here.

I installed the threaded outer barrel correctly, I processed
to rack the slide, expecting everything to go alright; but this
was not to be. Pulling the slide back did require a bit more
force, but I thought this could be easily remedy with a little
filing and sanding. As I released the slide, I found that it
got stuck at the half way point, requiring me to wiggle the
barrel up and down to allow the slide to return to battery.
I repeated this test with the same results; having the slide
stuck while returning to battery.

I took out the outer barrel and filed the usual areas the causes
these ‘lock ups’. Most notable was the ‘locking ledge’ on the
outer barrel and the area which the ‘locking ledge’ contacts
on the slide when the gun is being racked. After some careful
filing, I figured everything should be fine, but the problem
still persisted. After some careful observation, I found that
due to the outer barrel being too light, the rear end of the
outer barrel rode too high, resulting in the slide not being
able to return to battery (never had this problem with my heavier,
regular metal outer barrel, or on the 3 Glock 19 which I installed
the metal slide kit).

this in mind, I realized that by adding a suppressor, I would
just be enhancing this issue. So now I have a threaded barrel
that has cycling issue even without a suppressor (kinda ironic
if you ask me). Oh and do have to say that relatively speaking,
this threaded barrel was EXPENSIVE. My metal slide kit (which
includes a metal outer barrel) was 41 USD while the threaded
barrel was 41 USD.

The outer barrel finish and make is top notch, but it doesn’t
do it’s job; which is allowing a suppressor to be mounted on
the gun. Hopefully with some more filling and fiddling around,
I’ll get this threaded barrel to work.

Shing Yan L. (aka Guts80)


Nothing Fancy. Just like how you would get most small
aftermarket parts.


Top notch. High quality finish and construction, just
as you would expect from G&G.


of right now, no. However this may change once I tinker
with it long enough.



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Saturday, August 16, 2003 5:49 PM
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