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This is a review of ICS’s replica of the Insight
Technologies AN/PEQ-2 (and PEQ-2A) IR pointer/illuminator/aiming
laser (ITPIAL), designed to fit on any military standard rail

has been something that I (and I’m sure many other people) have
been searching for, for quite sometime. Ever since the release
of the Tokyo Marui M4RIS w/ mock AN/PAQ-4C, I’ve always wondered
“Why hasn’t there been a mock AN/PEQ-2?”

took almost 2 years, but ICS (and very soon, ANGUS) have finally
produced a viable alternative to the battery bag/Redi-mag solution
that many M4 RIS owners face. I myself have had to mill out
the insides of my Mosquito Molds RIS to fit a 9.6v 1100mAh battery.

The unit comes wrapped in noisy cellophane,
packaged in a rather plain cardboard box with a large ICS sticker
slapped across the lid. The unit itself has that cheap plasticky
feeling — it does feel like it’ll break rather easily, so I
would highly recommend taking extreme care as to placement of
the unit. This thing was not designed for abuse, so try not
to bang into any trees or rocks with it.

the unit:
It took me a minute to figure out how
to open it up, but you need to give a short counter-clockwise
twist to the illuminator cap (on the front right side) and the
two battery end caps, and then pull them off. Doing that, you’ll
need to split the entire unit in half. Careful though, or the
mock laser on the left will fall out (this is where you would
put their ICS laser). The halves are also held together with
tension clips, so don’t force it open–you may end up snapping
the clips.

The top has some fairly accurate molds of what’s
on the real AN/PEQ-2(A) unit — selector switch for pointer,
illuminate, or dual modes (none of them are functional, so don’t
try). The push buttons have also been replicated (side and top),
as well as the thumb screw for the real mount. Some minor details
notable absent are the rubber retention pieces for the pointer,
illuminator, and battery caps. This would have been extremely
useful, as I can foresee people losing the caps while trying
to swap batteries out in the field.

rear of the unit, between the battery caps, has a small cut
out. This is for trailing a wire from either your battery to
the outside, or from your AEG into the PEQ.

a little disappointed by the mount, as the meat of the rail
mount is molded as part of the PEQ unit (hence, made of plastic).
There is a removable rail bracket that is held in via three
small guide pins that are molded into the main bracket and two
metal slotted thumb screws, which screw into metal washers.
I would strongly recommend against over-tightening, as it’s
possible you may break either the bracket or the guide pins.

It’s pretty roomy inside. There is easily enough
space for a 9.6v 1100 or 1700mAh battery built “nunchuk”

10.8v and even a 12v battery will also fit, however this will
definitely require custom building a pack with AA sized cells.
I do not have the ICS MC74 laser, but I will say that the most
you’ll probably be able to fit with the laser inside is a 10.8v
1100mAh battery.

I’ve only played with a real AN/PEQ-2 once
(in conjunction with a PVS-7 NOD). I do remember not wanting
to wash my hands after handling… it was that cool.

plan on getting the ANGUS version as it does look much more
faithful to the original, plus the metal mount bracket is a
BIG PLUS in my book.

that ICS is coming out with a ARMS S.I.R. replica, the PEQ-2
replicas will be a must for anyone planning on using the S.I.R.,
Classic Army’s M4 RIS, or any mini battery-only replica with
a rail system available. I bet this will be selling like hotcakes
to future G36C owners as well.

would recommend the ICS PEQ-2 heartily, due to the fact that
it is relatively cheap (I believe the ANGUS version will be
anywhere between $90-120USD?) at $45USD from Wargamer’s Shop.

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