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KJW Glock 27 Full Metal Version

by Arnie

Glock 27 Full Metal Version

by Calvin
R Chau
(KJW G23 FMV pics courtesy of airsoftmarine.net, included
for reference)

Weight: 640g




Most people consider KJW and other companies that are based
outside of Japan to be ‘inferior’. Most of the time, this is
not the case. In fact, the KJW G27 FMV is the exact opposite!
I will get to comparisons later.

of all let me list out the ‘upgrades’ the KJW G27 FMV comes
straight from the factory with:

Slide & Metal Barrel
-Heavyweight frame
-Metal Magazine Release
-Reinforced Recoil Spring
-Upgraded internals

gun is designed to fire with green gas since KJW is Taiwanese
company. You can still use HFC134a, but why would you? Lets
move on.

between TM G26 and KJW G27
To clear a few things up…the
KJW G27 is an exact copy of the TM G26. They took the design
and improved upon it. So everything meant for the TM G26 should
fit. Another note- The KJW G23 is not a copy of the KSC G19,
it still uses the same TM G26 internals, they just put them
into a bigger frame. So this means you CANNOT use KSC glock
mags in the KJW glocks, or vice versa.

comes in the box
Gun comes with one standard magazine,
manuals, some targets & 100 bb’s. The manual is in
English and it has clear picture diagrams.

Well as you can see from the pictures, it
is excellent fit & finish. Take notice of the ABS
trigger and magazine finger extension, now compare the
finish of the ABS to the HW Frame.

the difference? The Metal Slide and Barrel are also top
notch. It’s almost flawless, however there is a seam line
going through the HW Frame, it’s a tad more noticable
than say a KSC Glock’s seam line, but remember- Real Steel
Glocks have seam lines as well!

small note, the TM G26 does not come with a metal magazine
release, but the KJW G27 FMV does.

It’s a glock. It has the patented trigger safety and just like
the TM G26, it has an extra safety. The serial no. plate can
be positioned to ‘safe’, and it will lock the trigger. It’s
a nice perk, but I never use it anyway, because its positioned
pretty badly. It has an adjustable hop up using a dial just
like the TM G26.

This is the single #1 reason why I love KJW guns.
KJW’s magazines leak no gas at all while filling. This is due
to a small oring on the outside of the fill valve. This really
saves you some gas and it makes filling mags with gas much more

This is the best part! With all the ‘upgrades’ this gun really
packs a punch. Using green gas it can easily go over 300FPS
using .2g bbs. Recoil is very nice for a gun this size, compared
to my WA P14 which sports the ‘magna’ blowback system, the KJW
G27 FMV comes suprisingly close (Take note that my WA P14 has
already been upgraded with metal & power upgrades already).
With one gas fill, I could unload 6 mags worth of bb’s. That
is 90 bbs on one gas fill! But take note that this was on a
really hot day (90 Degrees Farenheight). In ‘normal’ temperatures
it can still shoot out 3 mags of bb’s before having to refill.

It has a short inner barrel, but this does not limit the
range and accuracy of this piece. With the hop up appropriately
set, you can hit 1.5-2 inch groupings at about 20 ft (I
was prone shooting at a target indoors). The sights are
dotted but only the rear sight is metal unfortunately,
the front sight is ABS plastic that is secured to the
slide by a screw.

Very simple, just make sure internal hammer is cocked,
pull & hold down disassembly switch and the push the
slide forward. You can easily field strip the gun by taking
out the recoil spring first, and then the outer barrel
should slide right out. It is all demonstrated in the

Well there are a few minor complaints about this particular
replica. First the retainer pin that is to the left of
the disassembly lever gets knocked out of place sometimes
during firing, not a big deal but still annoying. Also
the magazines require a bit of ‘breaking in’ since the
metal magazine release seems a bit tight, this results
in a scratched magazine but also not a big deal.

The gun has full trademarks with no indication that it
is a replica, unlike the TM G26 and KSC G26. You can fully
see all the trademarks in the pics.

Here we go, I have the following comparisons:

G27 FMV vs. KJW G27 ABS- The KJW G27 ABS is exactly the
same as the TM G26 except with full trademarks. The KJW
G27 ABS does not offer anything over the TM G26 except
improved internals.

G27 FMV vs. TM G26- For about the same price, you get
a better gun with all these upgrades, it can handle green
gas readily and also comes with metal upgrades. Nothing
more to add here.

G27 FMV vs. KSC G26- Also for about the same price you
get a full metal gun. Also you get full trademarks on
both the frame and slide. The only thing that the KSC
G26 offers is a ‘better’ design of the trigger area, it
is more similar to the actual Real Steel Glock design.
Also the KSC G26 does not offer a HW frame.

This has got to be the best deal in airsoft today. For
only $103…you cannot believe how much of a value that
is. The best thing is, KJW did not cut any corners in
production. The gun is excellent, period.

note- the KJW G23 FMV is exactly the same as the KJW G27
FMV besides obviously being different in size, they both
offer everything I’ve noted above.

5/5 – Perfect finish
Build Quality: 5/5- Full metal + HW frame, need
I say more?
4.5/5- Great Value for money 5/5 – $103 USD!!!
Overal Potential: 5/5 – Many aftermarket parts
& accessories available (That were originally meant
for the TM G26)

shots of
the KJW G23(above)

Updates: 10/26/03 After
a few months of great fun and plinking, the gun is still going
strong, I think it has about ~1000 rounds fired through it
or so. I didn’t skirmish with it, just the occasional plinking.

I just have a few new tidbits of info for all you KJW Glock
owners. It looks like that little retaining pin that keeps
popping out can be easily solved with some loctite BLUE threadlock.
If you can’t find any of that, some good old ‘krazy/super glue’
can do the trick. However, I do warn you, it might get messy…My
advice, don’t do it, you might end up making a mess of things
for such a tiny problem.

Also I’m pretty sure many of you know this already, but the
KJW Glock series does lack in a few areas compared to their
KSC counterpart.

First, as mentioned somewhat before. The trigger. The KSC
Glocks have a virtually idenitcal trigger as the real glock
series. If there is no bullets (in this case, no gas) and the
trigger is pulled, the hammer would be let down and the trigger
would be locked to the rear. This does not happen with the
KJW Glocks, so if the hammer is down, the trigger doesn’t lock
back, not a real big problem but that trigger system is a good
indenticator of the glock being cocked and ready to fire. Also
the KJW glock trigger doesn’t look like the real one with the
little lined grooves…

Second- The Serial No. plate is very ugly as compared to the
real/KSC series glock serial no. plates, very minor detail
again, but it is a bit annoying if you compare them head to

Third- Real glocks have plastic mag catches, heh. Kinda defeats
the purpose of having a metal one…but I think real glock
mags are plastic too.

Fourth- Glossy ugly finish on the magazines, not a big deal
since you can’t even see the magazine in the gun. But the Matte
black finish on the KSC Glock’s mags are much more pleasing
to the eye.

And probably the most important part, it seems like the KJW
Glocks are off just a bit versus the real Glock in scale. Very
very minor, but this means you can’t use glock accessories
such as snug plugs for the rear. However this doesn’t mean
you can’t use the accessories meant for the KJW G23 rail, that’s
still the same. Also you can’t use real Glock sights on KJW
Glocks, because of a diferent design.

I just recently got a KSC G19, and it seems like the G19 is
much better in terms of realism, but for the money, the KJW
Glock FMV’s still can’t be beat, and they have the full trademarks…


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