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KSC Glock 19 review

by Arnie

Glock 19

by Calvin R. Chau

Specs Magazine – 20rounds
Length – 185mm
Height – 132mm
Barrel Leigth – 90mm
Weight – 750g
RRP RRP- (Taiwan Ver.)
(Japan Ver.) $125.00
(FMV from UNC) $175.00

Introduction: One of the finest pistols
on the market today. The KSC Glock 19 is just a scaled down version
of its older brother, the model 17. It has become the pinnacle
of gas blowbacks for airsoft skirmishers and collectors alike.

What? Different versions? This question
has been asked many many MANY times before on various forums.
Here is what I gathered: Taiwan/Japan versions are the EXACT
same gun. Details are as follows:

1. Both versions have the gun MANUFACTURED IN TAIWAN. That’s
right, they are made in Taiwan.

2. Both versions come with the exact same box, manuals, accessories,

3. JV has a better quality check, this is because the JV is
shipped back to Japan for another QC before hitting the market.
Whereas the TV is QCed right on site in Taiwan and then shipped
to the market directly.

4. Also one note on ‘KWA’ versions, they are also made at the
exact same factory, except it is rumored that KWA has a slightly
lower QC standard than of KSC. KWA is also marketed for US/UK

I hope I cleared up some questions, there have been many rumors
and other uncomfirmed differences between the two versions, but
IMO, it’s probably all BS anyway.

What comes in the box: Gun comes with one
standard magazine, manuals, one cardboard target, 100 bb’s, hop
up adjuster tool, speedloader and it may or may NOT come with
a replacement orange barrel(depends on where you buy it from).

KSC G19 features: The KSC G19 sports a few things other KSC
glocks don’t have.

-HW Frame
-Metal Weights
-“Improved” Internals*

*I’ve read on a few forums that parts like the ramp loader on
the inner barrel is now metal instead of plastic, also a few
other parts have been reinforced. I used to own a KSC G18C and
yes I can confirm that. Also the hop up is designed differently
now instead of using a two prong key, it uses a wrench type hop
up adjuster.

Build Quality: The gun is built from the
finest quality materials there is. My gun came straight from
UNCompany for $175.00 shipped with the following:

-KSC G19 Metal Slide & Outer Barrel Installed
-Hi-Flow Valve Installed
-Strengthen Recoil Spring Installed

They also take the liberty of tuning my gun for Green Gas. This
is the best deal today on the market for a KSC G19, I advise
you take advantage of it. However, although I can’t confirm it,
due to the price, I doubt that the G19 used is the Japan version.

The stock gun sports a HW Frame and slide/barrel, which are
finished perfectly. However, the HW frame will look like drab
green under the sun. The aftermarket metal slide is HK made (possibly
G&G) with ‘authentic’ whited in markings. But as you can
see from the pics, the Glock logo is a bit off..also the finish
is a little glossy.

What is HW? HW stands for Heavyweight. This
is a process being used for higher end guns. A few companies
that use HW material for their airsoft guns are KSC, WA and KJW
(their FMV Glocks). HW material differs from regular ABS because
it actually has some metal mixed into the plastic, creating a
hybrid material that feels cold to the touch. It is also more
durable than standard ABS and of course, it is more hefty.

Trademarks, where are they? On the stock
gun, there are no trademarks to be found. This is due to the
recent lawsuits that Glock inc. has filed against airsoft manufactures
that use the Glock logo without license (It was filed mainly
against KSC) and thus to comply with Glock’s lawsuits, KSC took
off all trademarks on their newer Glock models (19, 26, 26c,
23F) and replaced them with a strange looking ‘G’ followed by
‘Mil. Spec’ and the caliber marking. On the other side of the
slide and on the outer barrel, they retain the older but authentic
Glock marking of the Eagle and ‘NPv’. Also the magazine no longer
bears the Glock logo on the bottom plate or on the magazine.
The frame does not bear the Glock logo anymore and on the other
side it has “MIL. SPEC STANDARD” and below
that “MSN 1005-66-132-7731” instead of the authentic
marking “MADE IN AUSTRIA” and below that “GLOCK.
INC. SMYRNA. GA.” Also on the bottom it has the label “US.Lot.” Instead
of “US.Pat.” Not a big deal really, but it does indicate
that this gun is a replica.

Function: The KSC Glock series function exactly
the same as the real Glocks. They have the patented Glock trigger
system. For more info on that system, please
click here
. There
are no external safties. Hop up is adjustable with the tool provided.

Magazine: The Magazine is nicely detailed with numbering but
no Glock logos. They still retain the magazine plate system where
it covers the gas valve. It has the ‘lock and load’ system, where
you can lock the bb follower at the bottom for easy loading.
This little features also allows you to draw fire your gun without
holding down that mag catch.

Firing: Very nice crisp blowback, especially on Top Gas. But
this is coming from the upgraded one with Hi Flow Valves. However
I have test fired the stock gun at a local gun store, and it
doesn’t lag behind that much. Great gun for use with HFC134a
or HFC22. Minor cool down effects if firing rapidly.

Accuracy: With hop up appropriately set there are excellent
groupings about .05-1.0 inch from 20 ft. away indoors. I was
in prone position. Sights are authenticly replicated with the “|_|” shape
for the rear sight and a standard white dot for the front. Both
sights are plastic, just like the real one.

Field Stripping: Easy, just like any glock, make
sure hammer is cocked and just pull down the disassembly
lever and the slide slides right off. All detailed in the

A minor note: Ack, looks like UNCompany really tightened that
rear screw for my Glock, I stripped the screw and had to go to
an local airsoft shop for a technician to remove it. Just a word
of caution on that. I replaced the screw with a curved top instead
of the flat top type which you’re supposed to use. It’s only
temporary, until I find a real replacement. It works though.

Aftermarket parts/Accessories: Everything under the sun almost
is available for this gun. Various custom metal slides, threaded
barrels, scope mounts, rail torches/lasers, etc.

I’m sure that real glock parts will fit such as snug plugs,
front and rear sights and that nice new little official Glock
tactical light.

Complaints: Virtually none, this gun is perfect in almost every
aspect. But make sure you get yourself a metal slide/barrel combo
if you plan to use Top Gas or skirmish with it. It’s only $175.00
shipped! Just spend yourself that extra $50 get it upgraded from
Uncompany.com. However, there is one problem, make sure when
you are setting the recoil spring back onto the inner barrel,
make sure its correctly set, otherwise if you put the slide back
on, it’ll jam and it is rather very troublesome to get the slide
back off.

Conclusion: One of the best gas blowbacks on the market today,
without that killer price tag. Undisputed, the best airsoft Glock
there is. Its a shame that the gun does not bear authentic trademarks,
but just slap a metal slide on it and all is well. Unfortuantely,
seems to be no way to get authentic trades for the frame. I highly
recommend people take advantage of the deal from UNCompany.

Comparison Pics Here you can see the KJW G26 FMV
vs. KSC G19 FMV

KSC Firing Video: A nice video of the piece
in action. (warning: 6Mb download)

Click above to download the movie

For 56k users a smaller version of the file can be found



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