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TM M203 Pistol

by Arnie

TM Promotional Imagery

‘Tactical Launcher’

of the prototype from the Tokyo Marui 2000 expo)


TM are finally launching the M203 grenade pistol, under the name ‘Tactical
(TL). Remember folks that this is simply one of Marui’s ‘shotgun’
mechanisms built into a replica M203, but to be fair it looks like a fairly
pokey piece of kit.

From the
latest information we’ve gleaned the following new bits of information:

  • Spare shot shells
    may be stored in the pistol grip
  • Fully functional retractable
  • 3 rail mounting surfaces
    (top and both sides) for mounting all kinds of wonderful 20mm rail equipment.
  • The expected price
    is set to be around 1?,???Yen
  • Launch date is expected
    to be early 2002, but this date may falter, such is the way with these things…

One useful feature, is
that with a bit of ‘jiggery pokery’ the TL could be mounted to an AEG
via a RIS system in much the same fashion as the Predator

    post ( on January 27 2001 )

    This (the expo photo at the top) is the only image I have for this new product
    at this time. What I do know is that is built by Tokyo Marui. You can
    see from the above image that it has a sliding stock behind the pistol grip.
    My best guess from what I can make out from the links I have is that it’ll
    cost 15800Yen (I can’t speak or read Chinese).

    I pulled
    the image (with permission) and info from this page:


    There’s also
    a rather nice couple of pictures of the new FN-P90 that’s recently been launched
    there. If anyone actually speaks chinese I’d appreciate it if they could translate
    some of the more interesting bits of the above page for me.

    My only hope
    is that it fires the SunProject ANGS shell, and not the shotgun carts of the
    TM M203. I’ll update this page as and when I get new information about it.
    Any submissions about the M203 pistol will be much appreciated.

    As it is
    now, you know as much as I do about it (which to be fair ain’t a great deal,

    Niall Orr

    was kind enough to take the take to produce and send in this technical
    diagram of the ‘M203PI’, which is the real-steel designation for the
    stand alone M203 launcher as producted by R/M Equipment. You
    can find a larger version of the image to the right by clicking on it.
    Here’s what Nial had to say:

    attach a bitmap drawing of the real stand alone M203 made by R/M Equipment(Florida).

    noted on the drawing this was prepared by “tracing” over a
    scanned photocopy and should be regarded as accurate. I also cannot
    prepare a plan or end on view as I do not own an M203 replica.

    have also seen a photo of yet another version which uses the M16/M203
    foregrip with an M16 pistol grip and butt stock…”

    for the update Nial!

    Click here to see a larger image

    Photos added 19/11/2001:
    taken and submitted by


    (aka Nautilus)


    TM are finally launching this product under the name ‘Tactical
    Launcher’, and I’ve updated this article to include imagery that DJ Ashmore (aka Nautilus)
    sent over from Japan.

    18/09/2001 Nial Orr
    was kind enough to send in some more info and a technical image (see above).

    27/01/2001 Well I asked around, apparently it’s just a concept
    model, and not going into production. The real bummer is that it’s just the
    TM M203, which means it only fires rather pitiful shotgun shells….. I’m
    going to have to stick with the M79 if I want to get some decent firepower.
    I’ll put up information for the M79 grenade launcher, here in the M203’s place.

    – The original article has disappeared off the net, and
    BBGunLand can now be found at http://bbgunland.50megs.com/

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