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Maxpedition Phone Holder Small

by Arnie

MaxPedition Phone Holder (Small)
By Arnie

RRP £10.99

Click here to visit maxpedition

MaxPedition? MaxPedition were
a relatively unknown name to me until I heard from Jack at Woodland
. Having a browse of their website when I heard from them
I came across this
range of products
that they were selling and was impressed with the
designs and pricing for the products there. Obviously you can’t appraise
actual quality until you see the product yourself, and Jack kindly offered
to send over a couple of samples for me to have a look at.

First up for me to look at is the MaxPedition Phone
Holder. I have to say I’m a bit of a fan of products that have a multitude
of uses, after all we don’t use skirmish gear everyday of the week. Sadly
I’ve been somewhat detained and distracted of late so not able to get
as much time as I’d like into writing reviews. My apologies to Jack for
not being as speedy as I’d like to be.

Design: The
design for the holder is quite simple which in turn leads to its highly
adjustable nature. The concept is simple, the small pouch can adjust
to hold just about any size of small phone both in height and width.
It can easily be mounted either horizontally or vertically and the top
strap is quick release.

This specific small phone holder is only available in black,
but the larger versions available from Maxpedition are available in OD and
pattern material.

The brief from the official MaxPedition website states:

Made with the same durable construction and materials as
our world famous backpacks and waistpacks, the small Maxpedition cellular
phone carry case is designed for small and sleek cellphones.

It can be attached to your maxpedition backpacks or be carried
on the belt upright or sideways and can be adjusted in length and diameter
to perfectly complement your choice of phone and to hold it safely and securely.

In a nutshell their advertising information is spot on.. but hey it’d be a
boring review to just leave things there.

In the field: I’ve tried the pouch myself now for the past two
months and have been very impressed with it. From a day to day point of view
having tried several different types of phone holder, they all lacked a certain
rigidity and longevity. Nearly all phone holders I tried failed with use, the
MaxPedition holder is not showing any signs of wear as of yet and is proving
to be well up to the task.

Looking at the product from a tactical deployment view, the holder
fits nicely onto most of the malice style strap systems (seen
here fitted to a Guarder pack

With the phone mounted to a belt you simply pop the black
clip on the top and your phone can slide easily in and out of the holster.

With the strap loose it did feel to me like the actual strap that feeds around the top release
buckle would slide through. This is however literally just a feeling and actually not easily

The material is stitched over meaning that it cannot be
pulled through, so even with the strap closed loosely the phone is safe
and secure.

For the smaller phone holder it’s ideally suited to something
the size of an Ericsson T36, K700 or your standard small Nokia.

Conclusion: If
you’re after a handy case to keep your phone on your belt, or want to fit a
phone to your malice clip compatible vest or pack then you really don’t need
to look much further. The material and stitching is of good quality with no
fraying or material destruction apparent after heavy usage.

There are several different sizes available for the new holder,
so should cater for nearly all devices that you might want to fit on a belt.

Our thanks go out to Woodland
for providing the sample
for review.

Update: It should be noted that Woodland
have decided to not stock MaxPedition gear
(I am unsure as to why) but will continue to supply it on a limited basis. My
advice is that if you’re interested in their products to place an order quickly
for the MaxPedition products
before they are unavailable.

Since we announced
that we were no longer going to be stocking MaxPedition gear, we have been
flooded with emails asking us to reconsider. Thank you for taking the time
and effort to let us know your thoughts!

We have
decided, because of the response that we have received, that we will continue
retailing MaxPedition products but on a limited basis. We will no longer
hold physical stock and will be operating on a pre-order system only.

by Arnie

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Thursday, August 26, 2004 5:07 PM
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