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First Impressions:

by Arnie

MC51 Review

images by Arnie


(stock fps may vary)
Length: ???
Weight: ???



500 rounds

70 Round (Standard

First Impressions:
Well, it’s
not going to win any beauty contests, is it?  The bastard child of two of H&K’s
finest weapons, it combines the power of the G3 with the handling of the MP5
family.  Cooked up in the US by Bill Fleming, a Level II weapons dealer of ‘Fleming
Firearms’, it fulfils Special Forces’ desire for “an MP5 with more stopping
power”.  This desire was fuelled by the fact that more and more terrorists are
wearing body armour, that the standard 9mm round can’t penetrate.  It feels
well screwed together, and fairly hefty too.  A nice comfortable size to carry
around all day.

The firing selector showing, all 3 settingsThe adjustable backsiteMag release catch

Why the MC51?
I bought
this just over 2 years ago, as my first AEG purchase.  It basically came down
to cost and power.  The family already had an AK47, and I didn’t really want
something from the M16 family (something to do with spindly receiver units). 
That left Heckler & Koch.  I couldn’t afford a G3, at over £300, and the
MP5 only had small mags. 

Make sure this pin is well secure - This is this models 2nd pin, after the first fell outEveryone needs a heap of mags =)Lovely detail on the moulding, here you can see the welds on what would be the breach

The MC seemed perfect. 
It uses 500rd Hicap mags, as opposed to the MP5’s 200rd.  And it was £250 including
a battery, which sort of swayed me.  It is also fairly rare, I personally have
only seen a couple of others, probably because it is SO ugly!  At nearly a foot
shorter than a G3, it can be wielded with ease, especially with one hand.  It
also came with an EG700 motor as standard, better than came as standard in the
MP5’s available at that time.

Of two sorts. 
The firepower of this weapon is pretty good, better than any standard MP5 I’ve
used.  It chews through ammo rapidly, making good use of its 500rd magazine capacity. 
While the RoF is quite high (for a standard weapon), the range is fairly poor
(see “After 10,000 rounds”).  The short barrel does not give huge accuracy either,
with a tendency to spray rounds in a wider spread than desirable.  The grouping
is not too bad though.

The real problem is electrical
power.  The battery compartment is in the foregrip, and it is hard to get a
decent size battery to fit (it came with a 600mAh battery), plus the foregrip
is quite tricky to remove and replace. 

Cocking handleNote the size difference detween the 2 batteriesYup, that is a big badass battery

However, all is not lost,
as the fixed butt from the G3 series slots straight on, and the weapon is prewired
to take batteries here too.  This solves the electricity problem, as 3000mAh
batteries will fit no problem, it also improves accuracy slightly, making the
weapon more solid in your shoulder.  It does compromise the handling slightly,
it doesn’t point round corners as easily as it used to with the stock locked
fully in. Alternatively, you can use FIRST’s foregrip, which allows the retention
of the sliding stock, it is quite ugly and boxy however (would you really notice
on this gun though?)

Fully 'Drew' ifiedThis is how you buy it as 'stock'

After 10,000
had this weapon for a year now, and while I still love it, I have discovered the
shortcomings.  It is a bit short on range, especially for woodland work, which
I tried to use it for first.  You really need the bigger stock, to stop constant
battery changes, especially if modified, even if it does compromise its “round-the-corner”
ability.  The larger mag sizes are a godsend, you can keep on going long after
MP5 users have had to change twice.  It is, nevertheless, a good, strong upgrade

Don’t buy it
– if you are fashion conscious, it looks really ugly!

Don’t buy it
– for woodland combat, unless you intend serious mods to improve range

Do buy it – if
you want a near perfect urban/CQB weapon

I tried to use it in the
woods at Combat South, and became frustrated at its inability to hit long range
targets.  I gave up and bought an HK21 LSW from a friend, and have loved and
used that instead.  Fortunately, all the kit from the HK21 is compatible with
the MC, so it is well stocked for mags and a scope.  It has been retired to
my CQB/Urban weapon, for which it is undoubtedly much better suited.  Unfortunately,
until recently, I haven’t had much time to do CQB/Urban, so it has remained
relatively unused. Shame on me…








for Money

limited ability


in the right situation

copyright 2001

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