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CQB Solutions P90 High Speed Transition Sling

by Arnie

CQB Solutions P90 High Speed Transition Sling

by Silent_ScOpe



are not many realistic sling opinions for P90 owners. By ‘realistic’,
I’m talking about slings that are actually made for the real
P90. Many of us know about the Blackhawk P90 sling, but they
have stopped making it. The real Fabrique
Nationale P90
slings can cost up to 120USD, way too much
for just a sling. Not to mention that fact that FN slings are
close to impossible to find. There is one more option airsofters
have that, surprisingly, few have herd of. The P90 High Speed
Transition (HST) Sling, made by CQB
is the subject of this review.

How it works:
‘High Speed Transition’ is just fancy talk
for a what is really, a very normal sling. The P90 HST (High
Speed Transition) sling is really just like every CQB Solutions
HST sling, except for a few little things that make it work
on the P90. The sling comes with what is called a ‘soft mount.’
The soft mount goes through the back sling hole on the P90,
and the HST sling its self is strung through the soft mount-
simple really. For more information on how to install the sling-
go to http://www.cqbsolutions.com/hsts_install.htm
Using the sling is very strait forward. As shown in the below
images, all one has to do is reach for the P90 and swing it
forward- that easy.

and bad points of the sling it’s self

to Lightfighter
, the CQB Solutions HST sling is is constructed
of heavy duty 1.25″ nylon webbing which is durable, yet
incredibly soft and flexible (so as not to abrade your exposed
skin). One bad thing about the sling is that it is mounted to
the rear of the gun. This means that mounting a suppressor (silencer)
would be impossible- because every time you run or walk, the
suppressor would hit your leg. Imagine putting a sling around
the back of an M4A1 and just having it hang at your side- that
would not work out very well.

Solutions P90 High Speed Transition Sling is one of the best
sling options out there for airsofters with realism in mind.
It even comes in Black and OD. You can pick one up today at
for only 24.00 USD!

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