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by Arnie

Permaseal Glass Treatment

Well as you should know from reading my reviews I’m on somewhat of a quest
to find the “unmistable eye protection”. As of yet, well I’ve not found this
product yet, although I’ve come close.

Permaseal is a new idea, it’s not eyewear rather it’s a waxy stuck that you
apply to a surface and polish on which reduces the ability of the surface to
fog. You can use Permaseal on just about any surface, anything from ski goggles
to bathroom mirrors really. In the packaging you’ll find two sticks, one red
and one blue.

How does it work?

“Permaseal interior (pink) Glass Treatment can be used on
all types of glass and plastic and is particularly effective in reducing
glare and eyestrain, preventing fog on eyeglasses, cameras, TV & computer
screens, bathroom mirrors and compact disks.

Permaseal Exterior Glass Treatment (blue) is particularly effective
on automotive windscreens, motorcycle helmets, ski goggles and scuba masks.
Permaseal’s unique formula creates a sheeting action that reduces misting and
improves vision.

Directions for use on Small Lenses: Place small amount of
Permaseal Glass Treatment on lens by drawing an “X” and
polishing with a soft cloth until clear. Use this method to clean and polish
CD’s. Improves fidelity and removes most skips.

Directions for use on Large Objects: Impregnate soft cloth
with Permaseal Glass Treatment (pink or blue) by rubbing small amount onto
cloth. Use cloth to polish surface to be treated. Permaseal Glass Treatment
(blue) can be added to windscreen fluid reservoir to dissolve bug stains
and road film It improves the performance of your windscreen wipers.”

The product does not work as well
in very cold temperatures, however it does make an improvementcompared to using
nothing at all. The product should work for about 3-4 days in normal
temperatures, but obviously in very cold or damp conditions this can reduce
the time to maybe 1-2 days.





(some images Copyright Permaseal Ltd UK)

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