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Guns N Guys Review

by Arnie

N Guys Review
by Mark Saxby (aka
– Friday, April 5, 2002

bought a few UHC, KWC and similar springers of off eBay, I discovered
the delights of Arnies Airsoft and, through that, of Gas guns.
In my wanderings one day, I came across my favourite ever handgun,
the Mauser 1896 Broomhandle. The replica was actually a M712,
made by Marushin in non-Blowback form – I had to have it!

I checked the usual suspects (Den Trinity, Wargame Club, Red Wolf)
and also Guns
N Guys
. The latter had the best price, by quite a way, but
didn’t accept Paypal or any other Credit Card payment. As I didn’t
have a Paypal account at the time, that wasn’t a big problem,
but I was a bit concerned about sending money to someone in Hong
Kong, who I knew little about, but I put in an order for the Mauser
and also for Maruzen Micro Uzi – full auto for little money, sounded
good. I actually got quotes for various combinations and Peter
Chen was very patient in sending replies to all my requests and

The quote came back and was much cheaper than the competition,
so I contacted my bank to see what it would cost to wire money
to them. The good news is that GnG have a HSBC account and so
do I, so it was a flat £10 to transfer the money – even
with this added to the cost, they were the cheapest, so I bit
the bullet and sent the money.

Peter e-mailed me promptly back to say the money’d arrived and
the order was coming and I could check it through Hong Kong Post’s
excellent website. Two days later, a well packed box arrived (with
lots of intriguing Hong Kong newspapers shredded inside) containing
the Mauser and the Uzi. The whole package was in good condition
and the boxes for the guns themselves were absolutely pristine.

I opened up the boxes, fitted the mags, and dry fired the guns.
To my surprise, they both operated. Obviously GnG had taken the
time to gas them up a little and test fire them, which seems a
sensible precaution given the distance much of their market is
and the potential for serious dissatisfaction. Both guns were
100% fine and continue to be, 6 months+ later, albeit with mild

Even better, an e-mail arrived about the same time to say that
the postage worked out a little cheaper than their first estimate
and I had 40HK$ credit. Possibly a clever ploy to attract me back,
but a nice touch, I felt and it worked…

A couple of months later, I decided I really needed a Glock (having
bought a springer on a whim from eBay and finding I really liked
the feel of the gun in my hand). Contrary to all the advice, I
also decided it had to be a Glock 18C. Once again, GnG’s price
was the best of the sites I visited, by over £10 (even with
the £10 cost of wiring money), so I sent off an order (claimed
my $40HK credit) and, once again, received the item, safely packaged,
within two days.

The only downsides I can see with GnG are, firstly, not taking
Paypal (edit: GnG do now accept PayPal – Arnie 2004). This adds
cost to each purchase and does mean you have to take a leap of
faith when first dealing with them, although I would have to
say, I found them 100% trustworthy and reliable and their prices
(for the items I’ve been after) have always been, at least, competitive,
even with the additional £10
for wiring the money. Secondly, their range seems quite limited.
I recently wanted a Taurus Raging Bull, but GnG don’t stock
any of the Marushin 8mm revolvers (or anyway list them on their
site), so I had to go elsewhere.

Conclusion: Overall, I’ve
found Guns N Guys helpful, patient and 100% reliable. Mails are
responded to quickly (and in clear English – not always the case,
even with the better known suppliers) and politely and the delivery
of goods seems fast, safe and reliable.

If you want to deal with them, a HSBC account is a good idea,
but it’s only been their limited range (and occasional special
offers elsewhere) that has stopped me making them my only stop
when buying airsoft.



(Easy to use, but not too informative)


(Fast turnaround on orders, but no CC/Paypal options)


(Nothing’s ever been too much trouble, guns tested before
shipping, fast turnaround)


(All the regular stuff is here, but some odd exceptions)


(As close to 5/5 as I’ll ever give – Helpful, easy to deal
with, great prices, fast shipment, good QA)

by Mark Saxby (aka

N Guys



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