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UN Company Review

by Arnie

Company Review
– Wednesday, July 10, 2002

As I live
in Hong Kong, I have not had to buy Airsoft guns online (yup, pretty darn
lucky). However, most of the time I make my purchases at the “UN
” or as they are better known here, “UN
.”. After seeing their online website, I felt the need to
try to try to tell the Airsoft community that the UN
is probably one of the most reliable, courteous airsoft
shops I know in Hong Kong. There are over a dozen or so airsoft shops all
over Hong Kong, and somehow I always make an effort to get to the UN
Store. Here is why:

Staff : The staff at the UN
are some of the nicest shop owners I know. If you have a
question, even if the store is jam packed, they will try to answer it. More
importantly, especially for an online store, they speak good English. I
have always been impressed with the honesty of the staff, as honesty is
not something that is very common in some stores in Hong Kong. I have two
examples to give showing this: the first was when I was considering to turn
my M4 into a M635 (replacing the 5.56 Mag into a 9mm Uzi one). The store
owner gave me his honest opinion, knowing that it was little more than a
novelty mod and told me that it was really expensive to do and that it was
not really worth it. He said that I was better off just shortening my barrel
down to ten inches. I took his advice, and I am pleased that he gave it
to me! Looking back, the store owner could have ripped me off with a mod
that probably made my weapon less useful than it is now. But he did not
and I’m thankful for that.

The second example was when I was trying to purchase a WA M1911a1 a couple
of months back. They big problem back then was that there were very few
M1911A1s left, so I opted to get a M1991a1 instead. But when I decided to
make the purchase, the store owner, knowing that I wanted a m1911a1, told
me there was a shipment coming in and said that if i would wait for a week,
I could get my hands on the gun I wanted. In Hong Kong, less honest shop
keepers would have let me but the M1991a1, as it is a less popular pistol
here and many people are trying to clear their inventory. Again, thankfully,
the staff did their best to make sure what was in my best interest and not
in theirs.

The last thing about the staff is that they will do everything in their
power to accommodate you. If they don’t have something, they’ll find it
for you. If you give them enough time, they’ll have that back ordered item
that was meant to be lost forever in your hands. They’ll try their best
and always make sure they help you out in a honest kind way.

Store: I must say that the UN
store is probably one of the most well stocked stores in
Hong Kong. It is well stocked and has a lot of high quality dear. You will
see Eagle Vests (not the cheap knocks offs you see throughout HK), real
steel Trigicon Reflex sights, the latest and greatest AEGs as well as some
of their own customized guns. The pricing of all their items are very reasonable,
probably some of the lowest in Hong Kong. Whether it be a pistol or a sniper
rifle, they have it all (i always stop and drool over their M249s hehe)
and again, if they do not have something, they’ll find it for you.

Workmanship: I have always been impressed by the modifications
made by the UN Company
on their AEGs. My friend purchased a M16A3 from them around two years ago
and was very happy with its quality. He got it modified by the UN Company
to shoot at around 1.6 Joules and so far it has not missed a beat. A lot
of other stores in HK had rather shoddy mods and I have numerous friends
with broken aegs because of poor workmanship (one actually started smoking
up in his hands). UN
takes skirmishing very seriously, and I believe for that
reason, that is why their aegs are always a sure, safe buy. I have never
been dissatisfied with them once. Weapons I have so far purchased from them
include, M16A2, M4a1 with ten inch barrel, Marui Beretta m92f with full
metal body (able to take green gas), Marui G26 (two actually), an AK, SP
203 and shells, just about all my gear and not to mention I fix all my stuff
at their place cause I know they’ll do a good job – and in less than a day!

In all, I consider UN
to be one of the top stores in Hong Kong (on par with DEN) .
UN Co has
always been my first choice of BB gun store, since I saw it open. Again,
I cannot comment on their online operations, but from what I have been shown,
the UN Company
have only given me top notch service. These guys (and girls) love airsoft,
they walk around in cammies all day as if they were on ops! No, I am not
affiliated with UN
in anyway, but they have made me want to return to them time
and time again. Happy hunting!















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