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WGC Review

by Arnie

Wednesday, September 30, 2002

I have purchased many airsoft guns and accessories
from Hong Kong and locally here in California.  I have been
very fortunate to have met an dealt with some great people and purchased
some great airsoft products and services.  In most cases
Japan will not ship airsoft directly to the U.S. and precautions have to
be made for Hong Kong retailers to sell to the U.S. because of U.S. Gun
Control Laws and Manufacturer Copyrights.
Location: Hong Kong
I have purchased 1 aeg from Wargame
Club and many accessories:
Marui G3/SG1
I ordered this gun from Wargame Club (WGC)
and had them add; 450fps spring and gearbox upgrade.  The upgrade
they installed was wonderful and this gun has great accuracy and distance
plus full auto capabilities.  I added a Marui scope mount, HK Sling
and Rubber Armored X40 Scope.
From the time I sent them funds via Paypal
this rig arrived at my door in 5 working days.  Very efficient
Currently this is how the rig looks
I have lost count of how many orders I have
placed for accessories from WGC, but there have been many and each
one gets to me in 2 to 3 days after sending them money.  I now seem
to place all my orders for airsoft accessories and replacement parts to
Their website is simple but easy to navigate
for the amount of items they list, their shipping costs are very reasonable
and have a very good selection of parts.  They may not be the first
to carry custom parts from Japan, but when they get them you can be sure
they have them in stock.  I have been able to repair many AEG’s and
Gas Guns due to the fact WGC offers all the spare parts needed.
Their email replies are prompt and pleasant and
both pre and post service communication are good.  They are also
the most patient and reasonable of airsoft retailers.  There has been
more then 1 occasion where I needed to change an item in an order after
I sent money and right before they shipped the product, but they were happy
to help in all situations.
WGC offers alot of Custom Rigs with some interesting
variants of Marui AEGs.  They also offer a great selection of
beginners packages.  I have referred at least 10 of my friend to purchase
directly from WGC.  They seem to be very sensitive to what people who
play airsoft need.  Although they don’t offer the high ticket items
like Den Trinity does, they seem to have a good mix of offerings to cover
the beginner to the advanced airsoft player. 


– Simple layout and easy to navigate and search


– Stellar service


– Great Communications


– Many custom configs available


– Great place to consider buying airsoft from. Great for beginners

Wargame Club

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