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by Arnie

Equipment (Parts, Electric, Gas, BBs)

3PSA CO2 adapter by Arnie
Abbey Supply Ltd – Airsoft gas and lubricant products – by Arnie
Airsoft Elite BBs
Airsoft Elite M16/4 300rnds Hi-cap Magazine
Airsoft Innovations Propane Adapter by Arnie
ANGS replica AN/PEQ-2A by Specwarguy Will
Combatclub C33 Handguard
Classic Army scope range by WolfArmouries
Commander Bi-pod by Arnie
Copia Finder by Arnie
Copia M90 Rattlesnake by Wibb
Samurai Eclan Sight by Arnie
EOTech 552 by Scott
First Factory Front 14mm Rail System by DJ Ashmore
Firefly 2×20 Reddot
G&P midcap by Blondie
G&P PAQ Comparison photos by J Chen
Guarder AKM Kit by
Guarder G26/7 scope mount by Guts80
Guarder LTH Handguard by Arnie
GuayGuay Glock 19 threaded barrel by Guts80
HotCan by Arnie
ICS AN/PEQ2 review by TheEdge
ICS AN/PEQ2 review by DumboRAT
ICS AN/PEQ2 review by Arnie
SureFire M900 WeaponLight by Arnie
SureFire L72 Laser by Arnie
Aimpoint Comp ML2 by Arnie
MP5 Tactical Handguards by Guarder
PBS-1 Silencer Replica by Arnie
PDL Simulation Grenades by Arnie
(no longer available as far as we know)
Right Large Foregrip by HardCoil
Smokies Flip-up Front Sight by DJ Ashmore
Thermold M4 Hi-Cap by Arnie
TM Loading Tool by Cyberman
VLTOR Modstock by DumboRAT


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